Venue & Flashback!

WOOHOO! It’s Saturday, but really kind of Friday since there is no work on Monday! YESS!

I’ll tell ya, my eats/ workouts have been the usual- not gonna bore you with that information. You know, for breakfast: the typical- protein shake, egg whites & toast. Lunch has been yogurt messes 🙂

Last night Craig & I had date night at home-I really LOVE date nights at the house!! We both were thinking we would go out to dinner- maybe Friday’s- but then we just can of sat around for a bit & neither of us felt like moving- haha! So, we just made drinks & then had dinner.

Craig LOVES martinis- like the old fashioned, original kind of martinis with gin & dry vermouth. So, I figured I’d give a go at making him one…. little did I know that you don’t fill up a martini glass to the top! Whenever I have gotten a martini at a restaurant, it is always to the top- but it is NOT an original, straight up, pure liquor kind of martini- it’s a girlie, fruity one with some kind of fruit juice mixed in. So, I made him this:

filled to the BRIM!

I told Craig that his martini was ready & he walked over & said ‘Oh my goodness H, that thing is HUGE!’ LOL! Oops- I didn’t realize that you typically only fill it up to about half of the glass! Haha 😀 BUT, on a good note, he said that I made it perfectly..just a bit large.

We enjoyed our night, caught up on shows & went to bed around 10pm- we were both pretty tired.

This morning we woke up & had breakfast- Sandwich thin with peanut butter & half a banana. (sorry, re-used picture)

I had this, minus the egg whites

My workout was AWESOME!! I did triceps/ biceps today

Exercise Reps Weight
Alternating Barbell Curls 4 x 12 20lb. each hand, then 15lb. each hand 
Bench Dips 4 x 12 body wt
RUN ON TREADMILL .3 MILES- I did it @ 6.8
Cable Hammer Curls (use rope)
4 x 12 40lb. 
Tricep Push Downs (use v-bar) 4 x 12 50lb. 
RUN ON TREADMILL .3 MILES- I did it @ 6.8

Close Grip EZ Bar Curl

4 x 12 20lb. 
 Tricep Extensions 4 x 12 20lb. Wt
RUN ON TREADMILL .3 MILES- I did it @ 6.8

Preacher Curls (one-handed)

4 x 12 10lb. per hand 
Barbell Skull Crushers (use EZ bar) 4x 12 20lb. 
RUN ON TREADMILL .3 MILES- I did it @ 6.8

Cross Body Hammer Curls

4 x 12 (each arm) 15lb. Each
Tricep Kickbacks 4x 12 7.5lb. Each
RUN ON TREADMILL .3 MILES- I did it @ 6.8    
Lift From Sides Dumbbell Curls 3 x 12 (each arm) 7.5lb. Each
Tricep Push Downs (using rope this time) 3 x12 35lb. 

RUN ON TREADMILL .3 MILES- I did it @ 6.8

I LOVED this workout- nice combination of upper body and lower body (well, running) For my upper body I lifted more that I ever have for bicep curls- I did 20lbs. each arm!!! And for triceps I did 50lbs. on the pushdowns! WOOP WOOP!! I LOVE the feeling of getting STRONGER!

After our workouts, we headed home to get showers and then head to OUR VENUE!! 😀 This was one of the last weekends that we were both kind of free- well, by free I mean less emphasis on football 🙂 Since it was only the first weekend of college football starting, it wasn’t AS important for us to be home to watch the games…as compared to the rest of the year. Next weekend it will be CRAZY around this house. NFL is starting and we CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! And the Ravens are playing next MONDAY NIGHT! OMG! It’s going to be awesome! Ravens v. Jets baby! GO RAVENS 😀 😀 (I know Courtney will have to disagree with me on this one 😉 )

So after our showers, I made both of us protein shakes to go & then we were off to our venue- which is one of the resorts at Disney 🙂

These pictures are especially for Jenna 🙂 We were bbm-ing on my drive there & she asked me for pictures- so here they are 🙂 She really is awesome, you should read her blog- she’ll make you laugh- I PROMISE! 🙂

We decided to not get married in a church- neither of us are regular church go-ers (but I definitely DO want to get back in to going to church regularly, I think it’s important) …and we do not have a church that we call our own, so we just kept it all in one place- it also makes it easier for all of our out of town guests.

the drive into the resort

more of the drive

main drive up/ entrance

some of the outside

 Here are some of the pictures of where our actual ceremony will take place, and the reception. We have the whole ball room rented, and are using 1/2 for the ceremony & 1/2 for the reception. We will also have a place for cocktail hour after the ceremony. The pictures really don’t do it justice, the ball room is HUGE! We both think it will work perfectly for the wedding 🙂

over view of the ball room

table set up (IGNORE the colors- my sashes will be purple, not this color)

more of the room

more of the chairs/ reception set up- again, ignore the colors- as mine will be royal purple

Where the cocktail hour will take place

one of the sitting areas/ lobby area of the resort

outside view from one of the patios

Another view

We both LOVED the place & are SO glad we booked our wedding here!!! We both cannot WAIT until May 27th, 2011!!! Another good thing is that because it is located in downtown Disney, people can make a vacation out of the whole event & go to Disney, and any of the other surrounding parks. Some of the people have kids, and this will be perfect 🙂

We have been getting a lot of feed back from people & they all seem really excited to come! I’m so glad 🙂

Once we got home we both had a bit of lunch and then just relaxed and watched college football.

For dinner I was supposed to go out for my friend Cori’s birthday, but it did not end up working out- she had to cancel it- so Craig & I stayed in. He had some leftover pizza & I made roasted squash, zucchini & broccoli and then mixed it with a veggie burger and tomato sauce.

it looks disgusting, but it's SO good!

This was REALLY good! I love all of the veggies in it & the veggie burger added the necessary protein 🙂 SO GOOD!

Tomorrow we will be celebrating our LAST anniversary as a non-married couple! I can’t believe it!!! It is technically September 6th, but we are going to celebrate tomorrow..and then I will be cooking all day on Monday for our actual anniversary.

It’s only been 2 years, which may not seem long to some people, but I knew after only a very short time of being with Craig that he was the one for me. I STILL to this day get butterflies in my tummy every time I see him, I NEVER get bored just sitting on the couch with him, I look forward to seeing him each & every day after work, and I just LOVE everything about him. (even his addiction to sports 😉 )

I really can’t tell you how much he means to me. I cannot see my life without him. I really CANNOT wait to marry him!!! 🙂 🙂

I leave you with a FLASHBACK of pictures from when we first met, which was in July of 2008.

UCF (GO KNIGHTS!) Tailgate- one of our first pictures- shot gunning beers together, how classy, huh!?! 😉

one night out in downtown Orlando- October 2008

Halloween 2008 (he was a pimp, I was a flight attendant)

December 2008- my 22nd birthday party weekend- in Fort Lauderdale with my best friend

FIRST time meeting Craig's whole family- NYE 2009

Wildwood July 2009

FL Keys- August 2009- with Brian & Kerri (Brian is Craig's cousin, Kerri is Brian's wife- LOVE her!)

Orioles Spring Training- March 2010

goofy picture of us- July 4th 2010

Wildwood 2010

RIGHT before the proposal 🙂



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  1. Hey sweetie – love love date nights at home. I mean, going out is nice, but there can be something special about date nights in! Oh your wedding is going to be just fantastic! Hope you’re having a great evening.

  2. i love that place for your wedding. how exciting!! loooove the recap of you guys in pics!! so cute.

  3. Gorgeous venue!!!!! Love the pics too!

  4. The place looks amazing!!!!!!! I love it! The chairs + the colors + the your sash will look breathe taking. I am living vicariously through you 🙂 haha.

    I hope your cake turns out perfect tonight (even though I am sure it will) and for the record – I gave up drinking more than one drink in a night back in college. Haha we are so in the same sober boat now.

    Can’t wait to read your post tonight!!!!! 🙂 Let me see that baller dinner!

  5. What great pics! I think you should frame em’! 🙂

  6. The venue looks so great, Holls. And your pictures are super adorable. I’m so happy for you 🙂

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