Goodbye to Water

Happy Friday Eve 😀 (makes Thursday sound better, huh!?) 

Sometimes I get so side tracked….yesterday amidst my discussions of cardio, I totally forgot to tell you about my AWESOME breakfast- OIAJ(oats in a jar)!!! I always think of Katie whenever I have them – she is the QUEEN of OIAJ. I really don’t have them that often because whenever I buy peanut butter, I get it at BJ’s and it’s the GINOURMOUS size jars- and I can’t make OIAJ with that, unless I had a super long spoon 😀 Lately though, I have actually been getting the ‘normal’ sized jars of peanut butter….just so that I will have them to make OIAJ. It really is tasty..and worth the extra dollar I might pay for peanut butter- instead of getting the MONSTER size at BJ’s.
Anyways, back to my breakfast yesterday: 



in the mix: old fashioned oats, cinnamon & a sprinkle of vanilla protein powder


So, there is a reason that I left the red JIF top in the first picture…..there is absolutely NO WAY that you would of known what the heck it was- my poor jar was all funk-i-fied. I guess maybe it might melt a bit in the microwave….I totally need to get the inside scoop on how to prevent this….or maybe the only way to prevent it is to use only glass jars? Anyone know? My poor JIF doesn’t come in glass jars, so I’m prepared to sacrifice all of the containers for OIAJ! 

The rest of yesterday’s eats were not that exciting, so I’ll spare ya the boredom 😉 

On to today! This morning was a biceps/ chest workout. I actually used on of those Muscle & Fitness Hers workout. Remember when I told you a while back about it, and the CRAZY diet plan that I decided NOT to do- 1600 calories a day?!?!?! BAHHHA! NO freakin’ way! But, I did want to try the workouts- they actually looked really good. They also had some new moves that I had never tried too- so I liked that about them! 

I typically do biceps/ triceps and back/ chest/ shoulders workouts- but they discussed the push/ pull muscles & how you should work them together for an even better workout. So, what the heck!? Mine as well try it, huh? I gotta say, I was impressed & they gave me the muscle BURN that I wanted. All of the exercises are done in sets of 3 with rep counts of 15, 12, 10. (typically I do 3 sets of 12 reps for all of my weight workouts, but I have been trying to switch that up too) I really like the idea of starting out with 15 reps..and working your way to 10- TRUST me, by that 10 rep, you are totally FEELIN’ IT! 

I have to give these workouts (so far) a thumbs up! I will be trying the rest of them eventually, but today was the biceps/ chest one. I also did abs & a bit of cardio as well- just because I felt like it 🙂 

When I got home- it was the usual- I made a protein shake, but this one was YUCKY! I think I drank like 5 sips that said goodbye to that thing. I decided I would try something new this morning- by mixing 1/2 cup USVAM with 1/2 cup water (typically I just use a cup of USVAM)…well, this protein powder definitely needs the cup of USVAM, NOT water. It tasted so gross! I was trying to convince myself to drink it anyways, but it just was not happening. 

The reason I wanted to try something new was because I know you CAN just mix some protein powders with water and they taste DELICIOUS- like this one:

But, not the powder I have now. Oh well- lesson learned- sticking with only USVAM. 

On to my actual breakfast: 

egg whites, toast with peanut butter & half a banana


My lunch was the usual, but let me show you something NEW about it: 

look at that baby- a nice big raspberry 🙂


Yes, yes, I had my usual Greek yogurt mess for lunch….I know, I’m predictable. 🙂 

Have you guys tried the banana-strawberry Chobani yet?? Seriously, if you haven’t you need to hunt it down- it’s SO good!!! 

deliciousness in a cup


 Along with my lunch, I had a few of these: 

cheddar puffs


Baby food, you ask? Yes, it is definitely baby food- it’s Gerber Graduates Lil’ Crunchies.  

These things are so good! They remind me of Cheetos!

 I was a HUGE lover of Cheetos..and I still am…but I know they aren’t the best snack for you. So, I wanted to try to find a healthier alternative..and these little snacks do just that! For 18 pieces they are only 35 calories, and 2g of fat! Not bad, huh? They satisfy my Cheeto craving…and I don’t have to feel guilty about eating them 🙂 

see, they kind of even look like them too- just smaller


Do you have any snack that you absolutely loved as a child, but now feel guilty about eating too many of them? Have you found an alternative? 

Here are some interesting articles I found today- about dieting/ weightloss/ etc.
40/40/20 Weight Loss Secret
Cardio Queens- The Gym Mistake That All Girls Make 

Well, I’m off 🙂 Suppose I should get some work done! I really cannot WAIT for the KICK OFF of NFL tonight!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else with me on this?!?!?! 😀 

And, even though it’s not until Monday night…I’ll just throw it out there: GO RAVENS!!!!!!!

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  1. OMG – I was totally a cheese puff kid. I could eat an entire bag (still could). Love changing up and doing push vs pull then push/pull. I did that about a month ago. It’s easy to fall into the same patterns and it’s amazing what just small changes can do. And drop sets are so deceiving aren’t they? Have you tried pyramids? With those you either increase or decrease weights as you increase or decrease reps. Yowzers.

  2. oooh i love dymatize protein powder! i’m just finishing off one of the vanilla containers and it tastes so good in green monsters. i don’t drink it much with just water but it’s definitely good enough for that!

    • A friend @ work let me try hers & it was SO good!! All she did was mix it with water, and I would swear it was actually with milk- so good!! 🙂 She recommends the rich chocolate fudge, I think. But I’ve had a hard time finding a good vanilla powder, so I might just have to take your advice too- maybe I’ll just get both 🙂

  3. Ah cheetos and cheese puffs! all SO good.

    I havent seen the new strawberry banana around here! it bet its delish.

  4. I used to love Chewy granola bars and Kudos as a kid, but I’m never satisifed after just one! I haven’t really found an alternative unless you count the occasional Zone Perfect bar.


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