Today has been a GREAT day so far- I had a great workout this morning, got a lot accomplished at work, and am DYING for 7pm to come- RAVENS v. Jets!!!!!!!!

But more on THAT later 😉

First things first- my 10 mile run yesterday- I DID IT! I conquered 10 miles!!!! I’m not going to say it was easy, because by no means was it- but I’m super happy with my time & I was able to keep all of my miles under 9 minutes!!! When I got done I CHUGGED water like there was no tomorrow, and then I stretched for a good 30 minutes. I’ve learned my lesson with NOT stretching = NO GOOD = INJURIES. Today I have only been feeling the run a LITTLE bit- my knee was bothering me, but I iced it & it seems to be fine now…and then I had a TINY hip pain while I was running yesterday, but it has not bothered me since I stretched it.

I’ll probably be doing one long run each week- in order to prepare for my half marathon in November. I might do a longer run- like 10- 12 miles every other Sunday…and keep the other Sundays to about 5-6 miles. I’m thinking that’s a pretty good plan 😉 (@ least hopefully!)

After my run, I was honestly NOT hungry at all. My big breakfast kept me full until like around 3pm- even then I wasn’t hungry, but I knew I HAD to eat something. I’m sure my body was needing something after that run. Now I can’t be the only one, but after I run- especially LONG run- I am not hungry for a while. It takes my body time to adjust- like recover from the heat- in order to get my hunger back. Are you similar, or are you starving after a long run?

So around 3pm I had some toast with jelly…and then 2 slices of turkey. Now I know what you’re thinking- that’s not much at all. Well, let me get to dinner!

Around 6pm/ 7pm, my hunger was in FULL force again & ready for some EATS asap! I figured I would make some enchiladas with La Tortilla torillas,  some chicken that I had cooked in the crock pot with salsa, reduced fat cheddar cheese & black beans.

straight outta the oven!

my dinner- BIG ol' enchilada!

served with some corn muffins- my favorite 🙂

After dinner of course it was time for MORE football! Did you see that Dallas/ Redskins game??? Crazy! I feel REALLY bad for the Lions- Calvin Johnson should of gotten that touchdown, I CANNOT believe that ruled it on the field as incomplete…I just felt so bad for him.

Alright, enough football talk…for now 😉 This morning I got up & was ready for my workout at 5am- you know how you just have those days when you are super excited about your morning workout? This was definitely one of those mornings- love that. I knew I would NOT be doing any running or leg work- needed to give my legs a break today. I figured I would do an odd combination- biceps & shoulders & LOTS of ab work. It was a great workout & my abs were really feeling it- which is GRRRRR-EAT!

When I got home, I was NOT hungry, so I figured I would just go with it- so I headed upstairs to take a shower, without having a protein shake first. So, when I got to work I made a nice, filling breakfast- OIAJ! I LOVE these things, so glad I tried them…and have decided to continue to buy small jars of peanut butter 😉

This morning I did a new combination- I added some pumpkin to the mix! Gotta love fall & all of this pumpkin talk…well, at least I did 😀

old fashioned oats, a bit of pumpkin, LOTS of cinnamon, about 1 tbsp. peanut butter & some water

I really think my hunger has been off because of all of my stomach problems lately 😦 The Crohn’s has REALLY been acting up. But, GOOD NEWS- I’m going in for a colonoscopy next Monday! I mean, it’s not really ‘good news’ for me because I will be suffering hard core the night before, but it IS good news because my doctor can find out what’s going on & what kind of new medication I might need.

Now on to lunch- it WAS the usual, but I did switch some things up—

peaches & kiwi!!

Yes, I DID have my usual yogurt mess with greek yogurt, but I DID change it with the peaches & kiwi addition 🙂 Honestly, strawberries & blueberries have gotten SO expensive lately- probably since they are not really in season any longer- so I decided to grab some new fruit at the store. Both of these were SO good!! Normally I’m not a big peach person, but these were PERFECT peaches- nice & juicy & sweet! YUM YUM YUM!

& with Fiber One & Special K blueberry cereal mixed in 🙂

Now for dinner- we were going to have leftovers tonight, but I really figured we should have a nice football meal! So, it included:

Jennie-O Turkey Kielbasa

diced up

peppers, onions, mushrooms & some cajun seasoning

cubed red potatos & minced garlic

First I roasted the potatos first- @ 375 degrees for 15 minutes, then I added the turkey kielbasa, peppers mix, and a bit more seasoning and roasted all of it (including the potatos) at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

ready for eatin'

my dinner plate- DELISH!

PERFECT football meal! NOW we are READY- 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course I leave you with this:


I LOVE THESE BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Liz @ Blog is the New Black

     /  September 13, 2010

    Haha, I don’t even know you in “real” life but now I just think of you when I see the Ravens!!! 😉

  2. oh please send me some corn muffins my way. Ive been craving those for weeks!

  3. I am so with you on the no hunger after a longer run. Not sure what that’s about. Sometimes I just have to make myself eat something and then my hunger will kick in. Hope you have a great night!

  4. La Tortilla tortillas made an appearance in my dinner tonight too. I LOVE them.

    Hope your Ravens are doing well.

  5. All that food looks so good! I love love love corn muffins and ESPECIALLY oats with pumpkin! I eat it like twice a day!

  6. Laura

     /  September 14, 2010

    I don’t get hungry for a while after running either. I always think its strange when I finish a race, and people are chowing down at the finish line! I just feel kind of nauseous after running. All wired up, thought of food kind of ick.
    then an hour or so later I get hungry. Once the hunger kicks in, tis serious! I get ravenous. Especially if it was a long run.

    Enchiladas are yummy !

  7. Congrats on your 10 mile run!

    I’ve been meaning to make enchiladas and I am seeing them everywhere!


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