Do You Really Need THAT?!

Happy Friday Eve! πŸ™‚

Sorry for the lack of posting lately- just have been super busy & honestly NOT too much exciting stuff has been going on in my life…and sometimes, well, that’s fine by me πŸ™‚

Last night Craig was out of town- he flew out to Dallas- just for one night/ two days…so he will be back tonight! YAY! I hate when he’s not home. So dinner was kind of boring- I just roasted yellow squash, fresh mushroom, & zucchini for a bit & then topped it with tomato sauce & parmesan cheese. I had some bread with it to…to make it more filling. It was quite tasty, even if it was kind of boring πŸ™‚

I also got caught up on Bachelor Pad last night- I had a few episodes DVR-ed, so I made it a Bachelor Pad marathon kind of night. I have to say, I’m glad I didn’t watch them when they were actually on, it’s SO nice to fast forward through all of the boring parts- i.e- some of the dates, and all of the other stuff. I just wanted to see who won πŸ™‚ I was really thinking that Tenley was going to win…I was surprised Natalie was chosen over her. If you watched it, who did you want to win?

Anyways, this morning got off to a good start- got a 6 mile run in- woo hoo! I kept all of the miles are 8:30- not too shabby, if I do say so myself πŸ˜‰ Now for my half marathon I’d like to keep the time around 7:45/ 8:00 minutes per mile, but I guess I’ll just kind of play it by ear.

When I got done with my shower, my tummy was for something quick, I heated up a Golden Corn VitaTop & topped it with some low sugar grape jelly.

it looks rather disgusting...but it tasted delicious

While driving to work I decided to stop for some Starbucks- I kind of have a new tradition of getting Starbucks on Thursdays…it’s kind of like the week is almost over celebration- haha πŸ˜€

grande iced coffee (no ice- add the ice when I get to work so it doesn't get all watery) & 2 pumps of pumpkin spice flavor πŸ™‚

When I got to work, I had breakfast: Egg whites & a sandwich thin with peanut butter & 1/2 of a banana.

the usual breakfast

Lunch was also the usual:

Chobani greek yogurt, peaches, kiwi, Fiber One cereal & Special K

Have you tried to Cinnamon/ Pecan Special K? OMG- it is SO good.

I could sit down & eat the WHOLE box…easily. LOVE the stuff.
If you eat Special K, what’s your favorite flavor?

So, I was browsing the internet today, and came across this article on 14 Health Products You Probably Don’t Need. Of course I had to read it & find out if I was guilty of purchasing any. See if you are too- and let me know πŸ™‚
1. The INFAMOUS Shake Weight

JUST 6 minutes a convinent πŸ˜‰

This just made me laugh! πŸ˜€ These commercials are always HILARIOUS!

2. Antioxidant Supplements

You should be getting enough of these with your need to spend extra money on something unnecessary.

3. Vitamin Water

This stuff can get REALLY expensive, especially if you drink it everyday. And it is FULL of sugar! (well, the regular kind, not the diet) The diet one is full of artificial sugars.

4. RepHresh tampons

I have not even heard about these, so I definitely don’t buy them. I just buy those ‘pearl’ kind of tampons.

5. Barefoot RunningΒ Shoes

I have seen these, but never thought about buying them. Actually, I don’t think my feet would work in them, since my baby toes over lap each other.

sorry that my feet don't look that pretty..wasn't planning to take a picture of them today!

Don’t worry, I was born that way πŸ™‚ They never bother me, and the doctor said I would only need to worry about ‘fixing’ them if they started to bother me. And the way the ‘fix’ them is awful- they actually have to BREAK them, and then they put the bone in place with metal rods- YIKES! I like my toesΒ just the way they are, thanks πŸ˜‰

6. Colon Cleansers

I have never used one of these products. It is TOTALLY unnecessary though because your body does a great job on it’s own of cleaning out the toxins- no need to throw other stuff into it.
**On a side note, I am getting a colonoscopy done on Monday- YUCK! I have had like 7 before, so it’s no big deal…the worst part is the prep. If you’ve never had a colonoscopy- lucky you, I’m jealous :D- but for the prep you have to drink this fluid that COMPLETELY cleans you out. It’s disgusting & tastes like salt water…BLAH! But, I need to have one done to see what’s going on with my Crohn’s disease situation. I am thinking though, that if these ‘colon cleanse’ products work like the stuff they give you for the colonoscopy prep, then that is AWFUL!! & why in the world would you EVER want to put yourself through that- which is sitting on the toilet ALL day, pretty much. (Sorry to be so detailed- lol!)

7. Moisturizing clothes (<—–WHAT?!?!?!? HAHA- I’ve NEVER heard of these!!)

Oh, I have heard of something similar- I guess they are supposed to help block cellulite. Hmmmmm…definitely don’t believe that one! Cellulite is hereditary..and if your Mom has it, you probably will too…even if you work out non-stop to get rid of it. We all need to embrace it instead πŸ™‚

8. Airborne

Ok, now I might have to disagree a LITTLE bit here. I’m a big Airborne user…I really do think it helps. Although, it could just be in my brain πŸ˜‰

9. Cool Shapes apparel

I’ve never used these either, but they seem to be like the ‘moisturizing’ clothes from above. Fight fat with ice?! Huh?!

10. Anti- Wrinkle Creams

I’m not sure about this one either. I USED to use this special lotion before bed for wrinkles, not that I have any right now but I wanted to help stop them, but I just use regular lotion now. I’ve heard mixed things about these creams. I guess we won’t if they actually work until we are older!

11. Thermal Suits

Nope, can’t say I wear these either πŸ˜‰

12. Shoes With a Workout

I KNEW these things didn’t work, even when they first came out. It’s kind of funny because the commercial acts like all you need to do is wear these shoes and you will instantly have an AWESOME need to even workout- HA!

13. Fast Abs

Vibrations make PERFECT, cut abs?! I WISH it was that easy πŸ˜‰

14. Ear Candles

EW! This picture creeps me OUT! What the heck is going on here???
Supposidly they are supposed to help draw wax out of your ears. That just seems SO strange to me- putting a candle MADE of wax into your ear to help take OUT the wax?!

Thanks for a fun article to read πŸ˜€

Ok, now SPILL! Tell me what ad has convinced you that you HAVE to have that certain product!!

As for these products, I’m ALL about the Airborne.

I’m looking forward to watching Big Brother this weekend. I haven’t watched it yet because Craig wasn’t home last night & we like to watch it together, so I DVR-ed it for this weekend! (so, please don’t tell me who won πŸ™‚ )

Hope you all have a GREAT night!!

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  1. Too funny – I just got back from Dallas last night. I was there for training for work. Nicely done with that run girl.

  2. lol I saw happy friday eve and I thought it said happy friday…I had to rethink my days for a split second.

    Okay funny story about those ear things – When I lived in DC, my big sister in my sorority came to visit. She wanted to try those so we bought one and brought it back to my apartment place. Well as soon as we lite it smoke went every where and we thought we were going to set off the fire alarm! lol I had to crawl up on the bed and jump/wave paper to fan off the alarm.

    Thank you for posting that because thinking back to that incident just made me laugh so hard!

  3. Wish you couldve come to Dallas! I would have driven to see you!!

    I loved seeing your toes! Such a fun quirk you have.

  4. HEY BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    love your toe color first of all- im obsessed with COLORS on feet! I dk why.. i just cant ever really paint my toenails a normal color! so boring!!! i LOVEEE that special K cereal! soo good- def one of my favs! whoop its friday! love you girl! have an amazing weekend!

  5. omg the cinnamon special k is SO GOOD!!

  6. OK I have tried the ear candling! And, it didn’t work. Basically I just laid terrified that my mom would accidentally let the hot wax drip on my head. It was hilarious. After that I went to the doctor and had them clean out my ears with this water wooshing thing. It was awesome!

    And my husband wears Vibram 5 Fingers every day: to work, to exercise, everywhere. EVERYWHERE and people stop him all the time to ask him about them. I wish he got paid a commission for talking about them πŸ™‚

  7. peanutbutterfingers

     /  September 17, 2010

    okay NO lie – we tried that ear candle wax thing on my dad! it was RIDICULOUS!!! he said it was really uncomfortable though. so strange!

  8. This was such a fun post, Holls! I miss you and summer when I was able to just read blogs and blog 8 hours a day. lol. Stupid school.

    So I have heard that airborne just contains so much vitamin c that you’re body can’t even absorb it and you just pee it all out. My family swears by this stuff but I just like to let my body heal itself. Probably why I’ve been sick for almost a week now, though.

    Also, I wish ear candles worked. Unfortunately, if the suction they created was strong enough to pull the wax out of your ear, it would also pull out your ear drum. And a lot of people get injured trying to use these as well.

    Question, does Special K still have HFCS in it?


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