Please Understand

Hey Guys:

Just an FYI- I might be MIA from the blog for a few days- just dealing with some issues, and they are pretty big…so I am just focusing on those & will be back soon.

Not to worry, they are just some health issues- just being thrown all over the place with some different doctor appointments, & trying to figure out a few things.

Hope all is well! I will still try to keep my blog reading up- but if I don’t comment, please know I still LOVE all of you πŸ˜€


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  1. I’ll be thinking about you. I hope all is well. Feel free to email me of course!!

  2. Hey beautiful!
    Wow- def praying for you girl. Please email me if you need to vent or just chat with someone who is far away! (but close in the heart!) I think that is so awesome you are wanting to read the bible girl..I would def start in the NEW testament .. starting with John, because it talks about Jesus’ life! and you learn SO much about Him! After you finish that.. let me know! I would love to talk to you more about it. And buying a devotional book would help a lot too!! I LOVE Jesus Calling.. its a little book that you read a paragraph from every am.. its AWEEEESOME!! love you girl! Keep up the faith! God is in control!

  3. What a great article. Although I’m not guilty of having of the items, there is a girl on my varsity college cross country team who insists in running in the reebok step and tones. Last weekend she ended up triping on a root and rolling her ankle and can’t run for a while…it just seems those shoes make more of a problem then they do workout… ha. πŸ™‚

  4. Hope everything is ok. I’m mailing you something on Monday, hopefully it might cheer you up!

  5. I’m sorry, hon…I hope things are OK and you’re able to come back to blogging soon! Until then, be well.

  6. Your honesty is inspiring Holly.

    I had horrible tummy issues most of my life that included much of what you described so I’m very aware how much it interferes with your life and health. I hope that find a med that works for you and you are on the mend soon πŸ™‚


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