Wedding Friday- Part II

Good FRIDAY Morning!! 

Happy Friday dance going on RIGHT here, RIGHT now 😀 

Quick re-cap of Thursday-
Breakfast: I had OIAJ. But, not only were they OIAJ, they were PUMPKIN OIAJ! Woohoo! 

OIAJ- 1/2 cup oats, 1/4 cup pumpkin, lots of cinnamon & some Splenda. Mixed with water

These were quite tasty. I love the addition of pumpkin to them..makes it an extra special treat. 

Lunch was something new! I was not feeling the usual lunch of greek yogurt, fruit & cereal, so I decided to go to Panera. It is pretty close to my work, and I had not been there in a I figured I would do something new 🙂 I don’t know if it is just me, but their portions have sure gotten REALLY small! I ordered the ‘you pick two’ with chicken noodle soup & the Asian chicken salad. 

The soup was in like a 4oz container!! Really?!!? 4oz?! It was like 3 bites & gone! Thank goodness it came with the bread. 

tiny soup + YUMMY bread!

The picture really doesn’t do it justice- the soup was REALLY small. The bread though was DELICIOUS…as it always has been. 

For my salad- I was pretty impressed at how much chicken they put in a side salad. It was a decent amount. The only thing was that I was surprised that the salad only consisted of lettuce + chicken + a few wonton chips. I remember it consisting of a lot more- like tomatos, carrots, etc. 

side salad

I do really like the light dressing that comes with it. And the chicken was really good. I probably should of just gotten a big salad instead of the you pick two. But I wonder if you get the big salad, if more comes in it besides the 3 ingredients?? 

One GOOD thing I can say about Panera is that they now list the nutrition information on the menu boards. That is a nice addition. Almost everything looked pretty good, from a nutrition stand point. It was nice to see that added. 

After my somewhat small lunch, I knew that I would not have to worry about having a delicious dinner. I figured out what I was going to make Thursday morning-  a nice re-visit from one of our favorite meals- courtesy of Ms. JulieBuffalo Pulled Chicken! This stuff is the BEST! Not only is it quick & easy, but it’s oh so tasty. 

I put the chicken into the crock pot on low before I left for work at 8am. I added 4 chicken breasts to the pot & then added enough chicken broth to cover them all- about 4 cups. When I walked in from work, the house smelled SO good! The crock pot is quite the air freshner- haha 😀 

The meal took only about 20 minutes to put together- I’d say that’s pretty awesome for a week night meal 🙂 

pulled chicken

Add the BEST hot sauce ever- Franks! 

The BEST hot sauce...EVER

chicken + hot sauce- used about 1/2 the joke!

a few sprinkles of these

And TA-DA, dinner is served: 

good to go! Served with some mashed potatos & green beans

Now I have to say, these mashed potatos were not that great. I decided to go the quick route, and picked these up- they were the kind that you heat & serve. They were already made- NOT the flakes- and I just threw them on the stove for a few minutes. But, I have to say, I think I’m spoiled by my own homemade mashed potatos- so worth the extra 30 minutes to make them 😉 

LOVE this dinner. I think I could seriously eat this once a week and not get sick of it- it’s just so stinkin’ good!! If you still haven’t tried it, you really should. I PROMISE you will not be let down..and you MIGHT just become as addicted as me 😉 

This morning was a GREAT start- we hit the gym nice & early to get our workouts on. I tried a new workout from Janetha- Shoulders, biceps & back. I changed a few things- just added more cardio & a few tricep moves. But this was AWESOME. I loved it, and it seemed like the workout flew by! 

5 minute treadmill warm up @ 6.5 MPH pace 

straight set: 

wide grip pull down: 

  • 12 @ 40#
  • 10 @ 50#
  • 8 @ 60#
  • 10 @ 50#
  • 12 @ 40#

i did .3 miles on the treadmill @ 6.7 pace 

superset: (3 sets of each) 

  • standing overhead dumbbell shoulder press @ 10# x 12 reps (I did 15# for the first set, then 10# for the second & third ones)
  • standing dumbbell biceps curl @ 10# x 12 reps (I did 15# for the first set, then 10# for the second & third ones)

Ran for .3 miles on the treadmill @ 6.7 pace 

superset: (3 sets of each) 

  • bent over dumbbell row @ 15# x 12 reps
  • dumbbell front raise @ 5# x 12 reps

I ran .3 miles on the treadmill @ 6.7 pace 

superset: (3 sets of each) 

  • dumbbell shrugs @ 20# x 20 reps
  • bench dips @ body weight- 12 reps

I ran .3 miles on the treadmill @ 6.7 pace 

superset: (3 sets of each) 

  • single arm dumbbell row @ 15# x 12 reps (each arm)
  • dumbbell hammer curls @ 10# x 12 reps

superset: (3 sets of each) 

  • dumbbell side raises @ 7.5# x 12 reps
  • 21s- 3 reps, using 20lb. barbell

This was GREAT!! I highly recommend it! I was there for about an hour & burned 400 calories- woop woop! Not only is it a great weight workout, but there is also some great cardio in there too. 

For breakfast this morning I had about 3/4 of a protein shake. 

1 scoop protein powder, 1 cup USVAM, & 1/2 banana with lots of ice

I have to tell you one thing about this morning- it started off with a great workout, and then when I was getting ready for work, I had a mild little breakdown. It really sucked..and it was complete with a few tears- boo! But this Crohn’s disease is really doing a number on my brain! It makes me feel SO disgusting both inside & outside. I work my butt off in the gym day in & day out, but I still just feel SO gross sometimes because of what the disease does to your body. You just feel SO bloated all of the time- imagine period bloating (actually it’s worse than that, but I’ll just use that as an example) 24/7. It feels like NON stop bloat. It’s awful. When I look in the mirror, that is all I see, despite what anyone wants to tell me. I feel really bad too because I talk about it alot on here, but also a lot at home. Craig is SO ready for me to start feeling better..and to stop talking about how much pain I’m in. TRUST ME, I AM TOO!! 

***GOOD NEWS though: I am going to a NEW doctor today!! Remember how I told you about how great my doctor is that I was going to? Well, the doctor is GREAT, I really really liked him…but the office staff is HORRIBLE!! Guess what happened? I was supposed to have a re-scheduled colonoscopy for THIS Monday…well, I called on Tuesday to see about my benefits, like how much they would pay, what the deductable was, etc.- because the girl at the office told me I could find all of that out on Tuesday…well, guess what?! They didn’t even have the procedure SCHEDULED!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that?!?!?! I actually already had some problems with them before- with scheduling & such..and NEVER returning phone calls, but I like the doctor so much that I was able to look over that. That was the LAST straw. 

Oh, and on top of that, when I called the office to see why it wasn’t scheduled, the girl proceeded to tell me ‘that I needed to realize that I wasn’t the only patient in the office!!!!!!!’ REALLY!?!? Because I had NO idea, thank you so much for telling me that. I was FURIOUS to say the least. She told me that the girl that was supposed to call in the procedures had not been in the office on Monday or Tuesday, so it was never scheduled. So, since she was not there, it is MY fault?! And now I will not have the procedure done?!?! OH NO! That was not happening. She was just really rude & seemed to not realize how important it is for my to get this done ASAP. There is something wrong internally with my body & I need to find out as soon as possible. But obviously she could of cared less.

I also had a Lavash wrap when I got to work around 10am- with a bit of peanut butter & jelly with a 1/2 of a banana sliced in it. I LOVE how these big ol’ wraps are only 100 calories!!

Since it is Friday & I missed last weeks post- I wanted to share with you some WEDDING FRIDAY stuff :DI picked out my shoes for my wedding! YAY! I actually ordered them online- thru the website- PiperLime. Have you ever heard of it?? It is AWESOME for great deals on shoes, and REALLY super cute shoes. Steph told me about it a while ago & I was hooked!

I happened to be browsing on there one day & happened to spot these:

Badgley Mischka Shoes– Randee Style.

I thought they were super cute!!
The only thing I was not 100% sure about was the height that they were- 5 1/2 inches. It’s not like I could try them on, since they were online..but I read all of the reviews. Everyone was raving about I figured why not?! Even if I didn’t like them, I could send them back for free! Nice, huh?! See, you’ll be addicted to PiperLime too 😉

from the side

It’s a good thing I’m so short- ALMOST 5′ 3″- because I tried them on next to Craig just to make sure I wasn’t too tall..and I’m not 😀 YAY! And, honestly the height really isn’t too tall- I’m used to wearing high heels everyday- usually around 4″- 5″ I’m not concerned about that. They also have a nice platform on them, which makes them even more comfortable.


What do ya think?

I can’t wait to try them on with my dress & veil! Everything came in last week- my Mom is supposed to pick up everything this weekend. (I think 😉 )

It feels like May is FOREVER away…but  I know it will get here quicker than I think!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Friday- I think we are going to meet up with some friends after work for some cocktails & dinner. We shall see 😀

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  1. THOSE SHOES ARE GORGEOUS! i really love them.
    i’m sorry you are still not feeling well but i’m glad you’re going to a new doctor! i hope he’s awesome! 🙂 and i agree, frank’s hot sauce is the best! 🙂 have a great weekend!

  2. Ok, that’s really the sign of a bad doc office if you ask me. Love those shoes! I’m only 5’2″ and my hubby is 6’2″ – I pretty much always wear heels 😉 Happy Friday jig going on right here too.

  3. glad you tried and liked the workout! i love the addition of cardio. i was too lazy for that 😉 but my biceps have DOMS today and it is hard for me to get those sore! i agree, that wing sauce is the BEST EVER. you are daring to wear heels at your wedding, i wore flip flops and my feet STILL hurt at the end. haha. i am so not a high heel wearer. they are cute, though! have a great weekend!

  4. Liz @ Blog is the New Black

     /  September 24, 2010

    Those shoes are awesome and I also love Piperlime!

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