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  • October 2010
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First things first- look what my Mom gave me when I saw her on Saturday:

A BIG sunflower!!

I hung it in our kitchen above the window. I LOVE it 😀
I think I’m going to make our kitchen sunflower themed, since the color of our kitchen walls kind of work perfect for it. (the color is something like “apple spice cake” I do believe) I can’t wait to hang up the picture that Lisa sent me too! It’s going to be PERFECT! Thanks again Lisa, love ya girl! 🙂

Now on to more serious stuff- I’m sure that many of you have already heard about the controversial blog article from Marie Claire magazine, but I would like to give my two cents as well. I am personally offended by this article and feel that pretty much all of it was embellished.

Honestly it really upset me because many of these ladies I look up to. I think they have the ideal balance between eating healthy, working out, BUT ALSO enjoying life & eating for fuel. They know how to achieve the balance that I still long to achieve. Of course I am getting there, but these ladies have helped me along the way.

As a person who has gone thru treatment for an eating disorder- for four long years- I found that it was helpful to see blogs like this. They showed me that I could truly ENJOY eating food, and not see it as the enemy.

The other thing that really impacted me about them is that they eat REAL food. It’s not Lean Cuisine microwave meals, or non-stop salads..but it’s delicious meals with chicken, pasta & BREAD. They do have a balance of these foods with vegetables & fruit, but they know how to indulge a little bit as well, which is SO nice to see.

Tina’s was one of the very first blogs that I ever read. Not only did I enjoy reading about her everyday life, but I also liked getting new ideas for recipes & workouts. I definitely have tried some of her recipes, and still use some of her workouts. But one of the main things that I loved (& still love) about Tina’s blog is that she ENJOYS a glass of wine, she eats dessert when she wants to- but she balances it all with exercise & lots of walks with Murphy 🙂 She doesn’t restrict herself. This is HUGE. So many women think that it is all about restricting food.

Honestly, until reading these blogs, I never really ate breakfast. OF COURSE I always heard that ‘breakfast was the most important meal of the day,’ but I really just believed that it would help me lose more weight since I was eating less calories. (Mind you, in no way, shape or form did I need to lose weight.) This is sooooooooooooo WRONG. It is the OPPOSITE. Your poor body can’t even ‘get going’ without a nice, filling breakfast. When I saw what these ladies would eat for breakfast, I was like “wow, and they still stay in such awesome shape!” Then I learned of all of the AWESOME mix-in’s you can put in oatmeal!! Pretty much oatmeal can be made into a dessert for breakfast 😀

Another thing that healthy living blogs have taught me is the importance of a rest day. Sometimes it is still hard for me to take a day off each week from working out, but I really have come to VALUE the importance of taking a rest day. Your body NEEDS it to recover & build muscle…and I also know I’m not going to suddenly gain 10lbs. in one day.

I guess this whole post is just about how WRONG this article really is. I HATE how they twisted the words of these ladies blogs to make them sound like they were actually living an unhealthy life. I also hate that they decided to bring in some MEDICAL DIRECTOR (not even a DOCTOR-seriously, what does a medical director know about any of this?!!?) to give his opinion. That is just stupid in itself. I mean, really Marie Claire…really?!

I want to give my FULL support & appreciation to these ladies! You all are amazing writers & I ONLY wish you all the BEST!!

Anyways, on to this morning- today was bi’s/ tri’s day-
I did a combination of biceps & triceps exercises, and then finished up with a little over 15 minutes on the elliptical. I actually have realized that I think I really like using the elliptical after a really hard leg day, or if my legs are really sore. My legs ares STILL really sore! Seriously, if you want to FEEL IT in your legs for a few days, try this workout!!

Today at work I was SOOOOO busy all day- I actually FORGOT to even check my Google Reader all day! Usually I get a few minutes during the day to just look over it & read my favorite blogs, but today I didn’t even realize I had not checked them until I was on my drive home from work. I’m not complaining though, I love busy days- my day FLIES by 🙂

Breakfast & lunch was nothing too special, but dinner STOLE the show 😀

I came home & was kind of like ehh about making dinner. I didn’t really know what I wanted to make, but when I figured out what I wanted to make, I didn’t have one of the key ingredients. So I figured I would take Craig out to dinner…well, kind of. You see we have this delivery service that delivers a bunch of food from various restaurants around town. It is called Grub Taxi. It’s NO WHERE near just a pizza delivery service, actually they don’t even deliver typical pizza- like Pizza Hut, Dominos or Papa Johns. NO, this company delivers food like California Pizza Kitchen, Chili’s, Olive Garden, and various other places.

Whenever I don’t cook dinner, I like to get something that I cannot make at the house. Tonight I figured I would surprise Craig with one of his favorite meals- VEAL. He LOVES veal. I tried to think of a good place to get veal, and then it hit me- Goodfella’s! For his meal, I got veal picatta- for my meal I got a Ceasar Salad (with the dressing on the side) and I added some sliced turkey to it.

Craig's dinner- veal picatta

my dinner- Ceasar salad with turkey

NOW for the BEST part of dinner- GARLIC KNOTS! OMG these are TO DIE FOR. WARNING though: INTENSE garlic breath after eating!!

can you see the CHUNKS of garlic on there???

Dinner was soooooo delicious & Craig was COMPLETELY surprised! YAY! It was a great way to end a Monday, with a yummy meal 🙂

Craig surprised ME today too- look what he WON at work today:


He happened to win this trivia thing at work that they do weekly & the prize was two disney tickets! So cool!! He emailed me at work to let me know, and I was BEYOND excited for the rest of the day 😀 I felt like a little girl all over again- telling everyone that we are going to DISNEY!! lol!  The EVER better part about this whole thing is that they are THREE day park hoppers!! So we are going to use them on Saturday & go to the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot! I’ll definitely be bringing my camera for this event 🙂

We are going to go on Saturday- maybe start at Disney & then end up at Epcot later in the day. I can’t wait- I wish it was Friday already!

Here’s some more random things I did today- I got Craig a frame for his office- he wanted a picture of the two of us. He actually didn’t have one- and the girls at work were bugging him to get one- haha 😀

I also got a bunch of stuff for my pet fish, Flacco (yes, yes, that’s the Ravens quarterback 🙂 ). He needed a new light bulb for his tank & some water cleaning stuff. Oh, he’s a beta fish by the way 🙂

Craig & I also worked on our ‘Raven wall’ this weekend too- I’ll show you some pictures. The wall is the hallway that goes upstairs. We decided to make it strictly for all things Ravens– I know, I know, you are in TOTAL shock 😀 (jk!)

the pictures going up the wall

Some of the pictures include our engagements, LOTS of Ray Lewis (including his ‘doo rag’ —ooooo ya! & it really was his- he wore it at one of the games!) , and various other pictures.

Here is the start of the wall- it’s the wall closest to the bottom of the stairs:

That would be Ray Lewis on the left, and Ed Reed on the right. They are both signed & authentic. Mike & Steph got them for Craig when he was the best man at their wedding, which was ALMOST two years ago!! Their anniversary is October 10th. I cannot believe it’s almost been two years, it’s crazy to think about because that is also when Craig & I became a ‘serious’ couple. <–lol! I hate all of the couple terms- like when you go from stage to stage.

Mike, Steph, Craig & me

Anyways, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my night with my hunny bunny 😀

I would love to hear your opinions on that Marie Claire article- please do share.

Hope you enjoy your

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  1. Liz @ Blog is the New Black

     /  October 4, 2010

    Aw, Disney tix! How fun! I’m with you on the article. I think people with eating disorders are already struggling and the blog doesn’t create the problems. Those bloggers are just showing us what THEY do and what works for them! They aren’t telling us to starve ourselves or to run 20 miles!

  2. Couldn’t agree more with your thoughts. I had an eating disorder in high school and I never ate the wholesome food they ate during it – instead I was eating empty calories like jello and jelly sandwiches on light bread. And I definitely agree about the breakfast part – the blogging community has encouraged me to up my intake in the morning!

    Have fun at Disney – you’re lucky to live so close by!

  3. How cool on the ticket win! I have not read that article, but have seen some of the posts around blogger land today referencing it. I think there can be pros/cons for sure, but I would think mostly pros. I agree – most of the healthy blogs you read, they’re eating real foods, taking the time to cook, to prepare healthy dishes, often with locally grown foods. There is so much to learn and so much sharing that happens. The inspiration is really overwhelming.

  4. I agree completely. i just read the article today and was floored that they would generalize the entire blogging community. While yes, it is impossible for every single person to blog for the healthiest reasons, they choose the most unlikely candidates to make their points.

    Your food looks great today. I love garlic knots and would really enjoy to have some right now ha.

  5. oh my goodness! I love garlicky bread of any sort!!

  6. Kelly

     /  October 5, 2010

    I am so glad that these blogs have helped you recover from your ED. For that I am thankful. I think the article WAS one sided and was very mean. But I can’t say that I 100% disagreed with it. I think that even healthy food bloggers (me included) have a relationship with their food that is not completely normal. My husband who is in AMAZING shape doesn’t think about food the way I (we) do. He simply eats to fuel and then moves on. The idea that I (we) put so much thought into every single thing that we eat it baffling to him. One of the reasons I did end my blog was simply to get out of that mindset. The idea that food should be thought about to that extent. I still eat the same but I don’t think about it as much. I think that even people who have recovered from ED these blogs still keep them in a world completely consumed by food. For some people (like you) that IS healthy but for others it isn’t. I think the article was wrong in the way it was written by personally trashing true healthy blogs but I do it’s point.

  7. Holls-balls. I love your perspective on this since you have had experience with disordered eating. Coming from someone who used to eat too much (me, lol), food blogs have taught me that I can still eat A LOT and be healthy. And not shitty diet food either.

    Other than that, I want garlic knots. I think we should figure out how to make them ourselves. LOVE GARLIC.

    I miss you so, I hate that school comes between me and blogging. LOL. When I graduate, I want to sit in my pajamas and blog for a living. Oh and work out sometimes. Maybe I’ll get a leash for Margaret Thatcher and walk him every day. Hahahaha

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the article — I’m glad those blogs have helped you!

    So funny about Craig getting bothered at work — I know my husband got picked on by his female coworkers whenever he’d forget to wear his wedding ring (it was lost for a few months — we eventually found it in his office) and for a while he didn’t have pics of me on his desk. Now he does 🙂

    And those garlic knots look so amazing!


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