Whole Mix Of Stuff

Hello 🙂 Don’t mind the title, I really had NO idea what to call this post…there is just so much in it & no real consistent topic thru out it.

I’m SO glad it’s Thursday- told ya, I love Thursdays! Knowing that there is a new Office on tonight just makes me smile!

This morning I woke up to a very sore body. I don’t know why, but my upper back is really sore for some odd reason- it’s like my biceps/ triceps workout yesterday almost worked my upper back too. No clue what’s going on there. Just in general my body was feeling a bit achy, but I REALLY wanted to get a long run in. I had not done one in about a week in a half, since last weekend I was at Epcot & then preparing for the colonoscopy. I figured I would knock one out this morning.

I ended up doing 6 miles, but I was totally feeling it the whole time. I was not running my normal pace- I was doing about 9 minute miles, which is about 30 seconds slower than normal. I was kind of bummed about that, but hey, at least it’s done & over.

I’m thinking tomorrow might be a rest day. I think I should listen to my body, which is clearly telling me that it’s time for one of those. I know that rest is important to build & repair any damaged muscle, which means bigger muscles 🙂

I really like the idea of quality v. quantity when thinking about workouts. I know that I used to believe it was ALL about quantity, the MORE I worked out the better- so screw the rest days. SO WRONG!! When it comes to workouts who cares if you do 2 hours a day with no rest days. First, you are probably doing some serious damage to your body (depending on the exercise) and second, the QUALITY of your workout is probably lacking. (of course, if you are training for something like a marathon & you are running 20 miles then this is NOT lacking in quality and you need to get those miles in 🙂 ) Some people (including myself sometimes) fail to realize that working out is SO much about quality. This is what causes you to push yourself harder & build stronger muscles.

Moving on- so, this morning’s run was no all that I had hoped it to be. I’m glad that I got a ‘long-er’ run in, but it was definitely lacking in quality…at least I feel like it. 9 minute miles are just kind of slow for me….maybe I should have listened to my body & taken a rest day today. But, I’m going to listen to it tomorrow & see how it feels 🙂

Another thing I have really been TRYING to learn lately is LISTENING to my body. Sometimes I REALLY struggle with it- I try to push myself so hard sometimes, that it really is NOT benefiting myself. Hence going back to the quality v. quantity idea.

I found this article on listening to your body & I found it pretty spot on. Your body TALKS TO YOU & you should listen…if you don’t, you will suffer the consequences.

SO, rewind a bit- and back to dinner last night. Craig had softball, so we had to eat a bit later than normal- at 8pm, we typically eat between 7pm & 7:30pm. I really had no idea what I was going to make, so I just hunted thru the kitchen for a bit trying to think of ideas. I really wanted macaroni & cheese, but I knew we couldn’t just eat that…so I added some marinated chicken & veggies to the mix to create some kind of cheesy, chicken, veggie casserole.

Ok, I know it looks pretty gross, but it was good! It satisfied my mac & cheese craving, but I also got my veggies & protein!

Speaking of protein, I found this article on the ‘The Truth About Protein” the other day while I was looking at some of my favorite health websites. Here are the 5 ‘truths’:

1. You need MORE
The recommended intake for adults is 56 grams, but in fact you can benefit from taking in more.

2. It’s NOT all the Same
You know that beans, soy, and other vegetarian- friendly sources do provide protein, but the most COMPLETE form of protein is animal protein- beef, fish, chicken.

3. Timing is EVERYTHING
When do you eat the most protein? I know for me it’s typically at dinner. It’s important to include a good source of protein at EVERY meal. If you start your day off with a protein filled breakfast, you are less likely to consume as many calories thru out the day.

4. Workouts REQUIRE Fuel
This particular article states that you should consume protein within 30 minutes after you work out. I know that not everyone agrees with this, but I honestly felt a lot better after my workout when I would drink a protein shake immediately when I got home. Now, I have been slacking in this area, but I need to get back on track. You break down muscle when you workout, and you need protein to repair & build it!

5. Powders are for Everyone
Protein powder typically appears in your bloodstream within 15 minutes of taking it! I actually really love protein powders & have learned the value of them- so handy, easy to take with you, and tasty 🙂

I actually just got my blood test results yesterday from my annual check up at the doctor- and my heart is in EXCELLENT health!! WOOHOO! But, I was looking at all of the other things that they check- like potassium, sodium, etc, etc- and I happened to notice my protein count, and that was a bit low. It’s partly due to the Crohn’s disease, but I also believe that since I KNOW I have this disease & it affects my nutrition absorbance, that I really need to focus on upping my protein intake.

So, let’s hear it for some protein!!! 🙂 Build those muscles!

Ok, back to this morning- I told you about my run..breakfast- well, that was kind of a mish mosh. I wasn’t initially hungry, but then it HIT me like a ton of bricks- I went from not even thinking about food to STARVING! Before I left for work I had a half of a cup of fiber one & a half of a cup of Special K- cinnamon & pecan (<– my favorite) along with some Almond Milk. That held me over for a bit.

On my way to work I got this: (I have a tradition of getting Starbucks on Thursdays, I know, it’s kind of a waste of money, but I just love that coffee)

Grande Iced coffee with one pump of pumpkin flavor, but NO ice. See- that’s my trick- I don’t get ice in my iced coffee because by the time I get to work it’s all watery- YUCK! So, when I get to work I enjoy my NON-watery coffee with ice from the office fridge 😉 Oh, and you get like DOUBLE your coffee— wooo hooo! (you buy a grande, but you get the same amount of coffee as a venti if you don’t add the ice!)

Around 10:30am, hunger hit again…this time I rumaged thru my lunch bag & found a Fuji apple. (<–those are the BEST)

And I ate my apple with some peanut butter. I really like chopping my apples into tiny slices. It’s just so much easier to eat them that way. Sometimes Craig will ask my to cut up an apple so that he can take it into work with him for an afternoon snack & I have spoiled him with the small slices. If I cut them in ‘regular’ slices he always makes sure to tell me that he prefers them cut smaller- spoiled lil’ thang! 😉

Then it was time for my lunch break. I happened to swing into Old Navy- it’s SUPER close to my office…which CAN be a bad thing.

But, I happened to find the cutest pair of jeans that fit me PERFECTLY! I was AMAZED! It is SO hard for me to find jeans that I like & fit right…and these were the ones.

Do you have trouble finding jeans? What is your favorite brand?? Any help I can get for jean shopping is FANTASTIC 😀

I also happened to spot some ‘jeggings’- have you heard of those? The leggings that looks like jeans, but they are leggings. (wow, what a description, huh?!! lol) I snagged a pair of those too because they were pretty cheap. I figure I will give them a shot…and I thought they looked cute on.

here you have 'em- 'jeggings'

I love these too because you can dress them up or down!

Now, any tips on how to ROCK the jegging look????? That would also be appreciated!! 🙂

I’m back at the office now, eating my usual lunch- you guessed it- Chobani Raspberry Greek yogurt, 1/2 a banana (cut up into it) & some fiber one & special k mixed up in this yummy yogurt mess:

I seriously have NO idea how I do not get sick of having a yogurt mess for lunch everyday. I actually even LOOK FORWARD to my lunch everyday…I swear there is something in that greek yogurt 😉

Well, I’m off to accomplish some stuff at work…and study study study for that Series 65.

Have a great rest of your day & I’ll be back tomorrow for Wedding Friday!! 😀

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  1. I have a yogurt mess almost every day for breakfast, I never get sick of them either 🙂

    Jeggings: I just bought some and love them. The thing is that you can’t exactly wear them as pants, you have to wear a shirt that at least comes to your hips or longer to pull them off. I like ones that come to the top of my thighs. I wore them out this weekend with a tight shirt like that with heels, and then to work this week with a long flowy shirt and flats. Very versatile, definitely get a pair!

  2. It sounds like you might have needed the rest day. I know a 9-minute mile might not be where you’re normally at, but it’s still not bad for a longer run especially if you’re not in top form. So you should be pretty proud of that! I hate trying to find jeans. I’m short and thin. You’d think this would be in my favor, but it’s not. They seem to think that if you’re thin you’re someone 6′ tall with legs the size of toothpicks. I am neither 6 feet tall and my legs are soooo not toothpicks 😉

  3. Thanks for the links to the articles! I am off to check them both out. I have a hard time with jeans b/c my legs are pretty big. Muscley thighs but a small waist. I buy True Religion jeans and MEK. But I hear J Brand jeans makes a cut for gals with bigger legs.. I am looking into it!

  4. I have two pairs of jeggings and love wearing them when I’m feeling like something tight! I still wear something longer and baggier on top though.

    Can’t say I have a favorite pair of jeans..it seems to change all the time! 7 Jeans are good. American Rag is good. Hmm…that’s all I can think of…

  5. I agree with quality vs. quantity when it comes to workouts too. I eat a Chobani with cereal everyday too…it never gets old. Sometimes I eat two a day : )

  6. Liz @ Blog is the New Black

     /  October 14, 2010

    Great points on the protein- my doc told me I was severely lacking to the point it was worrisome earlier this year. Now I am very mindful of how much protein I get. I’m big on protein powder because of the nutritional bang and like you said, it hits your bloodstream quickly! I’m going to try to make a “healthy” mac and cheese this weekend- I’ll obvi share the recipe if it’s good! 😉

  7. hey girl!! GOOD for you about the rest days. seriously- who are we trying to “prove” to by having to work out EVERY day with just ONE rest day? It makes NO difference! Listening to our body is the best thing we can do for it! and girl- your body has been through a lot lately with your tummy, its begging for more rest..honor that and it will honor you back!! 🙂 you rock!

  8. Just found your blog – love it! I’m in Daytona, so hi from another Florida bloggie!
    This was a great informative post. I’m all about the rest days, and all about the protein powders. Good for you for listening to your body and giving it the break it’s asking for.

    Chobani + kashi + banana is a daily must for me. And jeggings are the best with high boots – I just bought a pair that look like riding boots and they rock with dark dark blue “denim.”

    Looking forward to reading more! I just started my blog myself (like.. today, haha) 🙂 Come check it out!

  1. VOTE VOTE VOTE!! « Greek Yogurt & Apple Slices

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