TGIF!!! Another week, DONE! Woohoo! And NO colonoscopy to dread on Monday- haha!!

Last night I had a pizza craving hit me, so I listened to my craving & made pizza for the two of us. I did it half & half- the whole thing had bell peppers, onions, & a bit of cheese..but then my side was COVERED in mushrooms, tomatos & turkey bacon. Craig’s side has real bacon, artichoke hearts & extra cheese.

whole pizza

my plate (x2)

Oh mushrooms, how I LOVE them. I seriously ate about half of the can before I managed to put them on the pizza. Craig always thinks it’s disgusting that I eat them straight outta the can, but they are just THAT good to me! 🙂

Our two bellies were STARVIN’ MARVINS, so we finished the whole pizza….Craig helped me out a bit. 😉

We finished our night with some of my favorite tv shows- which, might I add that The Office was freaking HILARIOUS last night!! I could NOT stop laughing. 😀 Then I called it a night around 10pm.

Like I said yesterday, my body was SCREAMING for a rest day, so I obligued & took the morning off. I got a bit more sleep & woke up feeling good to go! (& hey, it’s Friday, so that always helps 😉 )

When I got to work, I started out with some coffee & old fashioned oats:

In the mix:
-1/3 cup oats
-about 2/3 cup water
-1/2 of a banana
-1 tbsp. peanut butter
-lots of cinnamon
-some splenda for sweetner

It was SO yummy because I cooked the bananas with the oatmeal, I did not add them AFTER I cooked it, so it made it so creamy & delicious.

This morning is a special day here in Central Florida- it is known as “PINKTOBER”. My favorite radio station that I listen to every morning- xl 106.7- sponsors this event each year & it is to “turn the city pink” to help breast cancer awareness. 

Pretty awesome, right?!!?! This is SUPER important to me, as you all know my story with breast cancer & how it runs in my genes..

SO I was all about supporting this cause- I broke out my pink shirt 😀 (excuse the ‘hello, just woke up’ just kind of look 😉 )

uhh, kind of fuzzy, sorry!

In case you can’t tell, here’s a picture of the actual shirt:

pink ribbon 🙂

It’s really cool because when you walk around you see all of these people in pink! The radio station also managed to get the people at the new Amway Arena to change the sign to PINK for the day! Pretty sweet, right?!? 😀

For my lunch break, I decided to do a little mini workout around Lake Eola. It’s SO beautiful this time of year in Florida, as I’ve said before, that I HATE to waste the time just sitting in the office. I broke out my 3lb. dumbbells & headed out for some laps around the lake.
-1 lap fast walking with weights
-20 lunges with weights, 10 tricep dips on park bench
-1 lap jogging/ running with weights
-20 lunges with weights, 10 tricep dips on park bench
-1 lap fast walking with weights

I would of ran some more, but I can’t get too sweaty, I still have to go back to work! 🙂 But the nice breeze helped cool me off.

I’m going to eat my lunch soon- you guessed it- the usual! Won’t bother to put up pictures..I’m pretty sure that would be a bit boring 😉

Now on to more fun stuff- since it IS Friday- that means WEDDING FRIDAY! Woohoo! Since I have slacked on these the last two weeks, I gotta make up for it.
First we have the flower girl basket & the ring bearer pillow:

kind of hard to see, but it's white with two bows on each side by the handle

ring bearer pillow

As I’ve said before, I like to pick up stuff that I might see on sale, or for a decent price whenever I’m out. It’s not like we WON’T be needing this stuff 🙂

Now the MOST important- our flower girl & ring bearer:

Flower girl on the left, ring bearer on the right- that's there Dad- he is one of the groomsmen too 🙂

Cutest kids ever, right?!?! I think they are so adorable!!

We have to supply our own cake cutting utensils too- so I picked these up:

I picked most of this stuff up at Hobby Lobby– there is a new one that just opened by by work..and OH MY GOSH- it’s seriously an addiction!! That’s another reason I take my afternoon walks- to avoid spending money at this place- LOL!! 😀 But when they first opened, pretty much the entire store was half off, so I got a bunch of wedding stuff there- all for AWESOME prices.

The last thing is our reception table cards (like where people will sit)- I had an idea to just get a bunch of fake sunflowers, & glue like a card or something similar with their names on it & stick them in the middle of the flower.
Kind of like this- but where the ‘8’ is will be a card with a person’s name. (and I’m just going to use the actual flower, not stem)

To get these ready, I picked up a TON of fake sunflowers- also got these guys on sale too 😉

big bag of sunflowers

That is all I have for wedding Friday 🙂 Any other ideas for the table markers?

Now, I have one more request for ideas- my sister’s baby shower is next Saturday- YAYYYYYY! I’m SO excited 😀 😀 I get to see a bunch of my family that I never get to see, AND that means that Baby Boy Ethan is getting even closer to being born! 😀 (I seriously just got a ton of goose bumps when I wrote that, I’m BEYOND excited to meet my nephew!!) Anyways, my sister who is having the baby, would like to get everyone to write Ethan a little message while they are at the shower. I decided to take on this project because I would like to make these little notes into a scrapbook- along with pictures from the shower. I picked up a scrapbook along with special paper (for people to write their messages on) & would just love any other ideas you might have to make this scrapbook even more special. 🙂

I hope you enjoy your weekend!! We have special plans tonight…which I might just reveal tomorrow 😉

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  1. Gosh if you look that great right after you woke up, I’m super jealous!

    I love October and all the support towards breast cancer. Up here, everyone wears the pink hair streaks in support and we have big fund-raising drives.

  2. I love your idea for the place cards…I think that is really cute!

  3. I love all the wedding stuff. Sunflowers are so beautiful. And what cute kids for the ring bearer and flower girl!

    I eat mushrooms out of the can too — but my favorite topping is black olives and I could easily eat a whole can before topping the pizza!

  4. Hobby Lobby is the best isn’t it. I got tons of my wedding stuff there too. Love that shirt by the way. I’ll be doing my job to support breast cancer awareness tomorrow in the Arkansas Komen Race. Oddly enough, it’s one of the biggest in the country. I’m a nervous wreck 😉

  5. i LOVE HOBBY LOBBY!!! my fav girl 🙂 they have so much stuff!
    do you work out twice a day everyday?? hot dang.
    love cooking naners in my oats!

  6. Ahhh hobby lobby needs to get with it and come to Maryland, or at least my area, haha! You are gorgeous girl, no matter how blurry the picture is!

    Wedding stuff = so excited, and you’re so creative, I love it. Have a beautiful Sunday!

  7. I read the post and then went and read all of your other wedding posts straightaway – now I’m in the BEST mood ever!! Love that your tackling wedding stuff steadily along, that’s a great idea. So are your centerpieces, ps, sunflowers are my fave.

    You look gorgeous in that shirt, ps, and so is the cause you’re supporting. Good for you! Have a great rest of your weekend.


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