Surprise Bridal Shower

Hey There πŸ™‚

Again, sorry for the lack of posting. Just no phone, no computer= hard to blog. Thankfully Craig let me steal the computer for a bit, so I can fill ya in on one of the events that has happened while I have been in Maryland.

We fly home tomorrow, and honestly I CANNOT wait to be home. Not that it has not been fun, but ten day is a LONG time to be away. I’m just ready to be back in our house, and just back to the routine. Can ya believe it?! I’m READY to go back to my routine. Hahaha! I guess it’s nice having that once you’ve been out of it for a while.

I am actually really proud of myself over the holidays. I made myself a promise that I would not miss ANY workouts while I have been up here & I have stuck to it!! I have only taken ONE day off the entire time- which was Christmas- and that was because I was told I wouldn’t have enough time to get a workout in. Other than that Craig & I have either hit the gym here, or I have used the treadmill & hand weights at his parents house or at Mike & Steph’s house. I can also say that I really have not indulged too much. I pretty much kept to the same kind of eating while up here…of course different foods, but pretty much the same amount of food. Breakfast has been the same almost everyday- like at home- english muffin & egg whites…my favorite πŸ™‚

I don’t know about you, but I always get kind of anxious around the holidays- just with all of the additional food. But I like to promise myself not to go crazy because then I end up feeling really yucky. (especially with all of my stomach issues anyways) I have not weighed myself while up here either- no access to a scale- but I am curious to see what my weight is when I get home because I feel good. Sometimes it’s nice to just stepΒ  BACK from the scale & go by feeling & how clothes fit, rather than constantly weighing myself. I think that’s important to remember sometimes.

Anyways, sorry that was kind of random, just felt like saying that πŸ™‚ Now, back to my event! πŸ™‚
Last Sunday (the day after Christmas- the 26th) was my 24th birthday! Craig & I were kind of ‘postponing’ it until the next day because Sunday is football day, and I’m sure by now you know how we feel about football. πŸ˜€

That morning I woke up & Craig told me to pick out a special breakfast, instead of the usual- so his Dad made me whole wheat blueberry pancakes! YUM! After that I asked Craig if we could run up to Barnes & Noble so that I could get the newest Chelsea Handler book- Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang.

I have been dying to read it because I LOVE her books. She is hilarious!! He took me up there & I found it, but it was still $25!! That is just crazy to me to pay for a book….I didn’t need to read it THAT bad. But while there I picked up a few other books & magazines.

Once we arrived back at his parents house, I got changed to go & workout.Β  Before I changed his Mom & Dad were getting ready to go to this ‘open house’ party that a friend of theirs was having. I didn’t think much of it because they never mentioned we would be going- I just thought they’d go & then we would watch the Ravens game. Come to find out, his Mom said she wanted us to go too because the lady hosting it was one of her friends & she is invited to our wedding, so she wanted me to meet her before the wedding.

I still had enough time to get my workout in (treadmill & full body weight workout), get showered & ready. As we were driving there, the snow started to really pick up. Not too bad though. They were predicting like 8- 12 inches the night before.
As we pulled up to her house, the snow was really starting to come down, but I guess it wasn’t as bad as predicted. ( I have no idea- we don’t get snow in Florida πŸ™‚ )

As soon as I walked in the front door I hear “SURPRISE!!!!” I had NO idea what was going on- I was totally confused.

Then I looked over & saw Steph & Craig’s cousin Kerri. Well, it was a SURPRISE Bridal shower for me πŸ™‚ How sweet, right?! They totally pulled it off- Steph & Craig’s Mom had planned it- and I had absolutely NO idea.

Here’s a few pictures from the shower:

OF course it was Raven’s themed πŸ˜€ Black & Purple!!

Me & Steph

That was during a question game- they asked Craig questions about me & me questions about Craig to see how many we each got right about the other.

GUESS WHAT I GOT!?!??!? The Kitchen Aid!! πŸ™‚ Actually ordered it in the Pistachio color- was going to get the Tangerine but it is REALLY REALLY bright- but they don’t carry the ‘unusual’ colors in the stores- just black, white, silver & pink.

More present unwrapping πŸ™‚

Time for the cake!! πŸ™‚ Mrs. Carol- the host- made this cake from SCRATCH for us!

Even the ‘ LOVE ‘ flag was HAND stiched!!

Oh so classy, huh!? πŸ˜‰

The whole food spread + Mrs. Carol πŸ™‚

She even bought these especially for me- SUNFLOWERS!! My favorite πŸ™‚

That would be my ADORABLE Flower girl- Nora– in one of two dresses she tried on that day. She picked the other one (I told her it was her choice) but we happened to only get a picture of this one. But she really is TOO cute πŸ™‚ As soon as we asked her if she wanted to be in the wedding she said “That is just PERFECT. I actually have a white dress picked out!” She was so serious about it too! It was too funny πŸ™‚ She now has a count down until May because she is so excited for the wedding…and especially since it is going to be ‘where Cinderalla lives.’

Here’s a picture of our ring bearer, who is Nora’s brother- his name is Liam– he is ADORABLE too πŸ™‚

Well, now I’m off to do some wedding stuff online. The two of us have a LOT to do before May 27th! I think we will pretty much be busy every weekend until the wedding! At least it’s all fun stuff πŸ˜‰

We are all checked in for our flight out tomorrow at 2pm. It will be nice to be home…and to finally have a cell phone πŸ™‚ Although, I can’t say I’ve missed it TOO much πŸ˜‰

I’ll be back sometime later to tell you about more about all of the ‘happenings’ on this trip!!

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  1. Liz @ Blog is the New Black

     /  January 2, 2011

    Are Nora and Liam Craigs’ (your) niece and nephew? They are so cute! And the surprise shower- aw! SO cute. Everything looked gorgeous and YAY to the Kitchenaid. The CH book is HILARIOUS! I own it- if I still have it here I can mail it to you. Let me check my shelves- I might have given it away, but if not, I can send it to you!!

    • Yep- they are his niece & nephew πŸ™‚ They are the cutest kids & SO sweet & well mannered!!
      Ahhh, that would be awesome if you don’t mind me borrowing it!!!
      Oh, and I don’t know why but your comments are going to my ‘spam’ box 😦 I just checked it & was like what the heck, why are Liz’s comments in here?!

  2. How fun on the surprise shower! I am so jealous of the Kitchen Aid by the way πŸ˜‰

  3. Yeah for the surprise shower!! How are you going to get all your gifts back to Florida??

    • I returned them all to the store that they were from & we got them all shipped to us. Bed, Bath & Beyond was REALLY awesome- they waived all of the shipping charges AND they waived the additional taxes that would be charged because of the tax difference between MD & FL. They were so nice about it πŸ™‚

  4. I love Chelsea’s books! I’ve listened to her books on CD (she narrates) and it’s awesome, it’s like my dysfunctional pseudo-mother reading aloud to me.

  5. Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang is hilarious, as are all her books! Yay for a surprise shower

    you totally deserved it!!!
    girl, dont even think about the scale! If you did all your workouts and didnt indulge (thats serious self control there over the holidays.. haha.. i didnt even try!) then the last thing you should worry about is gaining weight!

  7. how fun!!! what a nice surprise!!! haah

  8. YAY!!! surprise! you got a stand mixer!! so jealous! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. What a great family you have! Love it πŸ™‚

    Happy Birthday!

  10. I saw Chelsea Handler live and she was HILARIOUS! I haven’t read the latest book yet, waiting for paperback!

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