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  • January 2011
    M T W T F S S

Kitchen Nerd.

The other day I got a nice surprise from one of my favorite ladies- Courtney! πŸ™‚ She tagged me to do this ‘four things’ survery that has been floating around the blog world. I always loved filling these things out on MySpace. <– haha, do you even remember MySpace?! I deleted mine awhile ago & now only use Facebook. Β 

Anyways, here are my answers to the survey πŸ˜€

Four TV Shows I Watch:

  • Desparte Housewives
  • The Office
  • Football (does this count!? πŸ™‚ )
  • Jersey Shore..ummm, is this ok to admit?! C’mon I know I’m not the ONLY one!

Four Things I’m Passionate About:

  • My relationships- with my fiance, my parents & my friends. Really any relationship in my life is really important to me.
  • Staying in shape/ fit
  • Cooking/ baking/ anything in the kitchen πŸ˜€
  • The Ravens πŸ˜€

Four Words/Phrases I Use Too Much:

  • β€œAmazing.” …even in my comments…I need a new adjective!
  • β€œWhat time do you want dinner?” ..this is an every night kinda thing πŸ˜‰
  • “Hey Babe, will you get my water?” …another almost nightly thing. I tend to just leave it where ever.
  • β€œI love peanut butter.”

Four Things I’ve Learned From The Past:

  • Food is NOT the enemy.
  • My parents onlywanted the best for me. As many times that I thought they were wrong, now I look back & thank them for how they raised me. I wasn’t given everything- I had to work for things- of course I was never deprived of anything, but I wasn’t just given whatever I asked for.
  • Listen to your heart. Don’t stay with someone just to prove to other people that your relationship is going to work, no matter what. If it’s not right, then get out!
  • That whatever your major is in college, you probably will not get a job in that field. Although, you might..and if you loved your major then that is PERFECT πŸ˜€ But, from what I hear, and from experience myself- you will find a job in another field, and hopefully you will love what you do. (I majored in Political Science- Pre Law & I now work in finance- I’m soΒ thankful that I love my job.) That’s another thing- try to LOVE your job. You will have work for a while after college.

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To:

  • My WEDDING!!!!
  • Spending the rest of my life with my best friend. (who is my fiance πŸ™‚ )
  • Having kids one day.
  • Enjoying my life to the absolute fullest.

Four Things I Love About Winter:

  • HOT coffee. Normally I drink iced coffee, but when the cold gets here, it’s all about the hot stuff πŸ˜€
  • Layering on the blankets. I will seriously layer myself with three big blankets before going to bed….and YES, yes I do live in Florida πŸ˜€
  • Pumpkin stuff. Love it.
  • Soups/ stews/ stoups- all of those!

Now it’s my turn to tag four people to take the survery…

Can’t wait to see what you ladies say πŸ˜€ Hope you enjoy!

When I got home yesterday I was greeted with this site:

Some of the items from our registry that we had shipped down from my surprise bridal shower arrived!!! πŸ˜€ It was like Christmas morning! I felt like a little kid. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I also got another surprise that I was not expecting from my favorite recipe lady- Jess! A few weeks back I won her Chocolate Giveaway!! So I was stoked to open this package..

Take a look at the goodies that were in that package:

and SOMEONE got a little anxious to try these chocolates…

THANKS SO MUCH JESS!!!! πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to dig into the chocolate covered pretzels tonight!

I’ll show you some of the other goodies that came that were part of our registry..

notice all of my pig stuff?Β  you better believe I registered for it!:)

Not to play favorites…but I’m TOTALLY going to- my BELOVED Kitchen Aid cameΒ today as well!!!

it might be hard to tell, but the color is pistachio! i love it. it’s like a mint green! huge huge thanks to my soon to be sister in law, steph, and brother in law, mike πŸ˜€

CANNOT wait to try out some recipes using my new Kitchen Aid THIS weekend!! ahhhh! πŸ˜€
Everytime I walk by it, I just smile. I am SO happy that I own one. I feel like such a nerd after saying that, but it’s ok, I don’t mind being called a nerd πŸ˜‰

To top the night off, we enjoyed a DELICIOUS meal! OF COURSE you probably already know where I went to get the recipe- Jess’ blog…duh! πŸ˜‰ Tonight we dined on Buffalo Chicken Burgers. As I’ve said before, anything buffalo is right up my alley- love the flavor.Β But the weird thing is that I HATE chicken wings. Odd, huh?
I copied the recipe from her blog & posted it below.

Buffalo Chicken Burgers

makes 4-6 burgersΒ  (i made 5 burgers out of this recipe)

1 lb ground chicken breast

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1/2 tablespoon italian seasoning

1/4 cup buffalo wing sauce

1/2 cup parmesan cheese

2 ounces sharp cheddar cheese (oops- forgot to add this!)

bacon ranch dressing + buffalo wing sauce for topping (just used regular ranch- since I don’t eat bacon…I know that would kill Jess to know that :D)

4-6 whole wheat buns (I used Bagel Thins– grabbed these because they were buy one, get one at Publix & I like them for breakfast)

Preheat grill or skillet. (I preheated the oven to 450 degrees)

In a large bowl combine ground chicken, salt, pepper, italian seasoning, parmesan and buffalo wing sauce. Mix until just combined. Form into patties.

Grill or pan-fry patties until brown on both sides and cooked through, about 8-10 minutes. (I baked them at 450 degrees for about 17 minutes). In the last 2 minutes, place 1/2 ounce of cheddar cheese on each burger. (forgot the cheese) Place burgers on whole wheat buns and top with a drizzle of bacon ranch (I used Kraft) and buffalo wing dressing.

And all together– I served them with mixed baby vegetables & tator tots-

What a GREAT night!!!!

So happy it’s FRIDAY today πŸ˜€ Woohoo! This weekend will be spent unwinding from our vacation, taking down Christmas decorations, finishing un packing & doing a MAJOR cleaning of the house. Oh and let’s not forgot- LOTS of baking πŸ˜€
I’m actually kind of excited….I think it’s due to all of the new kitchen items πŸ˜€

**don’t forget- tomorrow at noon I will announce the winner of my giveaway! i picked up some more goodies yesterday!**

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  1. Oh yay! I’m so glad it came. Your gift card is now on the way too! πŸ™‚

  2. I had to go back and read your proposal story, love it! What fun gifts. Is it wrong I can’t wait until I can make a registry?!?

  3. Love your answers. What fun gifts. I love just about anything for the kitchen!!! Thanks for passing along the survey. I’ve already got Fun Facts Friday pretty much done for today so I’m totally using this next week! Thanks again sweetie. Hope you have a great Friday!

  4. I admit it…I was totally watching Jersey Shore last night. And was entertained as all get out.

  5. You’re going to love your mixer! Makes whipping up a batch of cookies a breeze!

  6. Love your answers! How fun!! πŸ™‚
    And look at all those goodies…I’d be jumping for joy!

  7. Ah I don’t even know where to begin in my commenting ha. First, I most certainly watch the Jersey shore ha. I’ll have to fill this out soon. πŸ™‚

    But on a side note. Yesterday, I saw the Baltimore Ravens airplane at an airport. I took a picture and I’ll have to post it soon but I thought of you. πŸ™‚

  8. Liz @ Blog is the New Black

     /  January 7, 2011

    Lucky you winning all that swag! πŸ˜‰ JELLY! And, missy… I already bought vanilla beans online just to make those scones for you!

  9. Kaitlyn

     /  January 7, 2011

    Just came across your blog. How cute ! Love all your recipes ! And that you are a runner! And we are both getting married on the same day, how fun πŸ™‚

  10. movesnmunchies

     /  January 7, 2011

    oh man those burgers look good! and YES on jersey shore- you better have watched the premiere last night!

  11. So neat that all of your shower gifts arrived! Can’t wait to see what you whip up in your new mixer!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. your piggy kitchen goodies are so cute! Love it!

  13. Love your kitchen aid! I just got one for christmas and it is sitting on my counter calling out for me to make something!

  14. i LOVE your proposal story! you look SO FREAKING CUTE TOO!!!
    those burgers sound aweesome!

  15. How cute is that proposal story, and what wonderful goodies you have received. You have a fabulous blog and I am your newest follower.


  16. Oh my gosh.. I LOOOOVE Sarris! My grandparent’s first home together was where the chocolate factory/store now is, so I’ve been going there since I was a kid! So cool! πŸ™‚

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