Wedding Invitations

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, I was just traveling & we didn’t get home until later. I didn’t have a chance to write up a post…but I’m back today πŸ™‚

This past weekend was spent tackling all of our wedding invitations! We decided to make our own invitations, rather than order them. We figured this was one area that we could save some money for our wedding. Before deciding this, we got a few quotes..and they were pretty crazy, if you ask me. The prices ranged from about $2.50- $3 PER invitation..this didn’t even include the response cards, or any other details we might want to include. Then I started looking into making our own. The BEST part of it all was that Michaels was having a sale for buy one set of invitations, get one free! That worked out even better! So, for a total for the invitations, response cards, & envelopes we paid about $85.00. Not too shabby! We will actually end up paying more for postage than for the actual invites. The postage is about $90!!..which is freakin’ nuts! But, hey, you gotta pay it.

Here’s some pictures of what the invitations look like & our process….
(Just an FYI- I forgot my camera at the house 😦 , so these are all taken from my Blackberry)

^comparing invitation colors & text colors. (yes, they are intentionally scratched out- gotta be safe πŸ˜‰Β  )

^My Mom working on the invites for us. We owe her a HUGE thank you. She worked so hard on these for us!!

^more invitations, & response cards πŸ˜€

^the whole thing- invite, response card, & info on booking hotel rooms

^ in the envelopes & ready to be mailed out tomorrow!

We are inviting about 150 people total. We are expecting close to 100 people to actually come. We have to send out our invitations much earlier than most people world (they say to typically send them out 8 weeks before), but since our wedding will be a destination wedding for most people we wanted to make sure they have plenty of time to book flights, rooms & time to schedule off from work/ get a babysitter. Most of Craig’s family & friends are not in the state of Florida. It felt really good to get all of these made & ready to be mailed. Can’t wait to start getting all of the responses πŸ™‚

Now for some more fun pictures from the weekend….
My parents have 3 cats- two that are known as Heckel & Jeckle because they like alike, are always together, and are ALWAYS getting into trouble.

^the real heckle & jeckle

^the wanna be heckle & jeckle…aka Bradley & Sandy

They are too much sometimes. Bradley was trying to attack the printer the entire time that we were printing out the invitations..

^I swear he thought something was going to come out of the BACK of the printer. It was hilarious to watch him πŸ™‚

This picture is really kind of creepy, but funny at the same time. It looks like Bradley’s eyes are headlights–>

While we were there we also enjoyed a few goodies. Some of them being my FAVORITE cookies that my Mom makes. I will have to share the recipe sometime with you. They are just TOO good!!

^ in those babies are milk chocolate chips, pecans & GOLDEN raisins. I swear the golden raisins make them. You really can’t eat just one πŸ˜‰

We also went to Fresh Market because whenever I am in town I HAVE to stock up on my Carba Nada noodle supply. It is the only grocery store in Florida that I have found them in, so I always buy all that they have in stock. Trust me, even at $4.79 a bag, it’s still cheaper than ordering them online.

And, since it’s only tradition to get a ‘treat’ for Craig while we are there, he picked out a black & white cookie this time.

He was kind enough to share A bit with me πŸ˜‰

My parents also got a new ‘toy’ the weekend before we came up- a new Keurig coffee maker!

I LOVE these coffee makers. I really want to put one on our registry, but Craig isn’t convinced yet. He said we JUST got the coffee maker we have (not really- it was in December 2009) & that it works fine. But I love the convinence of brewing just one cup of coffee at a time. I make it every morning for myself before work- just one cup to take with me. He only drinks coffee from the house on the weekends. So it would be SO much nicer to just have to pop one of those ‘k-cups’ in for my coffee in the morning rather than having to prep it all the night before. Ok, maybe you can call me lazy πŸ˜‰ but I just think it’s such a good idea. I’m thinking I might just put it on there..he’ll never know & he’ll probably end up liking it more than me πŸ˜€

That’s my weekend re cap! I’m still trying to catch up on my blog reading…my Google reader is looking a bit scary right now.

Tell me:
What was your favorite thing about this past weekend? Any exciting events coming up?
Do you have a Keuring coffee maker? ThoughtΒ & opinions on it?

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  1. We just got a wedding invite in the mail on Saturday for a destination wedding in Florida! I’m the nerd who already sent her response card back, but I am so excited for the couple and to see family in just a couple of months!

    Cute invites by the way!!!

  2. The invitations look GREAT!

  3. Holly these look lovely! Love the purple πŸ˜‰

  4. I love the invites – that purple is great.

    I just got a Keurig for Christmas, and I love it. It is 100% worth the investment!

  5. Liz

     /  January 24, 2011

    OMG, my roommate bought me (…well, us, she uses it too!) a Keurig for Christmas and I can honestly say, unless I have company over for brunch or something, I will NEVER go back to brewing a pot of coffee. It is SO convenient – I’ll make one cup while I’m getting dressed and by the time I’m done, it is super hot and ready to go. PLUS, there’s no hassle of throwing away the filters, having to measure everything out, etc. AND you can get teas too! I think it’s really worth it and definitely keep your regular coffee pot for those times when you have company over and you need to brew a lot at once. But if you only drink one cup in the morning, it’s so so worth it!

    YAY for wedding planning as well! πŸ™‚

  6. Your cat is adorable. I love the purple and white invites, what a classy combination. You two are going to have the most perfect and beautiful wedding.

    My housemate has a Keurig, it’s nice but a pain in the butt if you like having more than one cup. The coffee is also A LOT more expensive and with less variety.

  7. I definitely need a new coffee maker! Yours look so nice. I love the purple color your using for your cards and I need to try the Carba Nada, have you ever tried Shirataki noodles (they are made of tofu and are like 30 calories per bag!!! πŸ™‚
    look for them

  8. THOSE ARE PERFECT AND ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! i love ’em.

  9. You HAVE to get the Keurig! I got one for Christmas and use it AT LEAST once a day. I love all the varieties they have, and with summer coming up, I love that they have iced coffee and teas as well! It is incredible!

  10. Love the invitations! I think that’s a great way to save money. I’ll keep that in mind when I get married one day!

    I have not tried that coffee maker, but I hear they are good!

  11. fsugirl!

     /  January 24, 2011

    I love ’em! Purple is my fave color! By the way, Keurigs are AMAZING! My friend has one & I love it! Def. get one πŸ˜€

  12. I need to get the carbanada noodles! I was looking them up online on Saturday but wanted to see if I could find them in a grocery store locally first. Your wedding invitations look great – and such a great price πŸ™‚

  13. Love the invitations! They looks amazing!! I have a Keurig and I love it so much I just might marry it ; ) I’m the only coffee drinker in my house so when I used to brew a pot it would go to waste if I made too much. Now I just make a cup when I need it. I do find that I’m drinking more coffee during the days when I’m home…it’s just so easy to make a cup. It also makes tea, hot cocoa, and iced coffee. I would definitely put it on the registry…if someone get’s it for you that’s awesome, if not, no loss!

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