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  • February 2011
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My Beliefs.

So I’m not too sure how I feel about these next topics on the 30 Day Challenge- they are kind of strange…well, at least some of them. But I’ll do my best to answer 🙂

Day 15: Your Favorite Tumblrs.
I have NO idea what tumblrs are….maybe I should Google it??! Do you know what a Tumblr is?? I guess I’ll be skipping this one since I don’t know even how to begin 🙂

Day 16: Your Views on Mainstream Music.
LOVE it! I always listen to mainstream music. All sorts too- I like things from Britney Spears to 50 cent to Michael Buble. Michael Buble is my FAVORITE. (& good ol’ Frank Sinatra too! Love him!) 

I listen to him on my Pandora station at work almost ALL day. But if you go & look at all of my Pandora stations you will probably laugh- there is such an extreme mix 😀

Day 17: Your highs & lows of this past year.
1. GETTING ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!! (for sure the highest point!)

2. Meeting my NEPHEW!! Born December 16th, 2010.

3. Celebrating Craig’s 30th birthday & our trip to Wildwood, NJ.

4. Dinner with the Ravens 😉 for my birthday weekend in the Inner Harbor (Maryland)

5. Half Marathon in Jacksonville & celebrating Thanksgiving WITH Craig & my family (finally decided to have our holidays TOGETHER, rather than waiting until we are married)

6. Finally landing a CAREER…rather than just a job.

7. Celebrating 2 years with my lover 😉

8. Two surprise bridal showers!

9. Going to the Orioles spring training game & MEETING my favorite baseball player- Lou Montanez…ooo baby- he’s my sports crush 😉 (it’s ok- Craig knows)

10. Just pretty much having one of the BEST years of my life!!!

The Lows:
1. LOTS of issues with my Crohn’s disease. 😦 (*crossing fingers for this new medication)

2. My childhood dog, Buster, passing away 😦 He lived a LONG life though- like 17 years!

3. Thinking that I would never find a career/ decent job- at the beginning of 2010 things were REALLY rough on the job hunt. But it definitely paid off to be patient & KEEP searching! I didn’t give up.

To be totally honest, I can’t think of much more. I definitely consider that a good thing!! I was really blessed in my year last year, I hope it continues all throughout this year 😀

Day 18: Your beliefs.
Whaaaaaa??? What kind of beliefs? My beliefs on life, religion, politics??! I have no idea what they mean exactly, but I’ll just tell you my general beliefs. I will NOT be going into politics or religion…don’t you worry.

1. I believe in love, and lots of it. (are you sick of all of this love talk lately??? 😉 )

2. I believe that you must work hard for what you want. Nothing comes easy. If it was easy then everyone would have it.
3. I believe in forgiveness. BUT just because I forgive, does NOT mean I forget. In my opinion some stuff is just un-forgettable.
4. I believe that you should eat a spoon ful of peanut butter a day. It’s necessary for the soul 😉 (hey, these are my beliefs..don’t make fun 😀 )

5. I believe in God. (ok- I said I wouldn’t go into religion, but this is just a basic comment. 🙂 )
6. I believe that all dogs go to heaven. (well, let me re-phrase that- all ANIMALS go to heaven!)

7. I believe in doing at least one kind favor for someone daily…or just giving them a complement.
8. I believe that family is the MOST important thing in life. NOTHING in life is more important!
9. I believe ice cream should be calorie free. That way I can eat a carton a night….or at least half 😉

10. I believe that the Baltimore Ravens are the best team in the NFL & they should win every Superbowl…I’m just sayin’ 😀

11. I believe that you should live in the moment everyday. You NEVER know what will happen tomorrow..or IF there will even be a tomorrow. Every chance you get, tell those that you love how much you really care for them.
12. I believe that pigs are meant to be pets…not food. (sorry if pork is your favorite food! 🙂 )

13. I believe that a nice run (or walk) a sunny day can help any bad mood.
14. I believe that it is so important to be HAPPY in your life. If you’re not, change it. Immediately. Life is too short not to be happy 😀
15. I believe that I should wrap this post up…otherwise you might be getting bored 😉

What are your beliefs??
Do you know what a Tumblr is??
Tell me a high point & a low point in your life that happened last year.

Happy Hump Day! More recipes coming soon 🙂

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  1. I believe in working hard for what you want to. So many people think that good things should be handed to you when you work hard but i think hard work has no substitution. I really like your engagement pic sooo adorable! I’m hoping you get some better meds for the Crohns disease too Holly!… I believe in eating a spoon full of peanut butter (or any nut butter for that matter) a day too 🙂 Cute post

  2. I LOVE your engagement pic! Who took it! So cute!

    Fingers crossed on the Chron’s disease. No fun 😦 And I think (but not sure) that a Tumbler is a type of blog – kinda like blogger or wordpress maybe??? I dunno – I think I might be up to answering this question on my challenge soon so we’ll see! Have a great day!

  3. I am so glad your year was mostly highs and not lows. I love that you have such a positive outlook. I also think ice cream AND pizza both should be calorie free 😉 I definitely believe in being kind to others, just be considerate, it’s really not that hard (though you wouldn’t know that by the way some people act).

  4. tumblers are like blogs, but shorter. they are really fun 🙂

    this is my favorite lately haha: http://lesbianswholooklikejustinbieber.tumblr.com/

  5. I love all of your beliefs! I believe in almost all of those same things…besides the ravens! But definitely the spoonful of peanut butter and the calorie free ice cream 🙂
    It also makes me happy to see that you had WAY more highs then lows! Your year was a great one…But I’m sure with an upcoming wedding that this one will be even better!!

  6. ahhhh this just confirms my love for you. you are so awesome!

  7. Ahh! I love your engagement story. I just went and read it and it made me oh-so-happy!

    Guess what! Your nephew was born on Christopher’s birthday (12.16)! Such a great day for a birthday! 🙂

    Looks like we have many of the same beliefs! 🙂 I love reading your blog, girl! I think I’m hooked, haha! 🙂

  8. Cute post Holly! Is it weird to say I believe shoes make the world go round? Kidding…sort of.

  9. Cute post Holly!! I believe that a smiling is contagious, take the time to smile at someone…it may just change their day!

  10. Tumblrs are like blogs. I know a lot of people on wordpress just did their favorite blogs.

    I am seriously in love with that photo of the proposal. It is adorable!

  11. 4, 11, 12 and 13 AMEN SISTA.. could not agree more with those ESP 4 😉
    i believe that we can DO ANYTHING we set our minds to.. truly

  12. You had lots of highs! and your nephew is so cute! I also had no idea what tumblr was when I wrote my post=) One of my biggest beliefs is your #13!

  13. That’s a greta pic of your guy proposing, I love it!!!

  14. I don’t know what a Tumblr is (though I’ve seen the word before), but I agree with a lot of your beliefs. Love, PB, and cal free ice cream for everyone!

  15. Amy @ countrystrong21

     /  February 18, 2011

    Absolutely love the picture of your engagement. Who took the picture??

    Glad to hear your year was filled with mostly ups rather than downs 🙂


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