TV Shows I Can’t Live Without!

I totally forgot to show you what I got Craig for Valentine’s day! You see I took a picture when we were in Maryland over the Christmas holidays & Craig kept commenting how much he liked it & that he really wished we could enlarge it & put it on the wall. He said it was a perfect picture of the Maryland skyline.

I kept this thought in the back of my head to use for a later present to get him! Valentine’s day sounded like the perfect holiday to get this made for him. I actually found a website- Canvas on Demand that will take any picture that you have & print it onto a canvas. I was kind of hesistant because I didn’t know how good of a job they would do, but I figured I would give it a try.

I ordered him a 16 x 23 canvas & it turned out SO well!!

Now, don’t mind the quality of that’s a picture of a picture & the flash kind of messed it up. But if you were to see it in person you would be impressed 🙂 I HIGHLY recommend the company if you are ever looking for a gift idea…OR if you have a picture that you would like to make a canvas.

Dinner last night was something easy, but super tasty- chicken salad.
I used shredded chicken, chopped celery, chopped onions, dried cranberries, diced apples, 2 boiled egg whites & garlic powder to make my salad.

& instead of using mayonaise for my chicken salad (because it TOTALLY grosses me out!) I used light Ranch dressing- just like 2 tablespoons- the stuff goes a long way.

SUPER easy & quick! Perfect weeknight kind of meal!
Because I’m like a 2 year old at times…I like my sandwiches cut into fours 🙂

Now on to Day 21 of the Challenge: One of your favorite shows.
This is WAY too hard. I seriously have too many. Am I allowed to do my Top 5 favorite shows instead?! 😉

1. Desparate Housewives.

I have watched this show since Season 1, not missing an episode! Ok, well, I take that back- if I miss an episode my good ol’ trusty DVR records it for me 🙂 My favorite character is Gabby. I think it’s because I just love Eva Longoria. She just seems like a cool person to hang out with…don’t ya think?! But I really like Bree’s character as well…especially this season- so scandalous!

If you watch Desparate Housewives, who is your favorite character??

2. The Office

Ok, if you do not watch this show you are seriously MISSING OUT! I look forward to my Thursday nights JUST for this reason. Now, I have to admit, I didn’t watch the show from the beginning. I actually remember watching a few episodes & thinking ‘what the heck?! this is dumb!’ BOY have I changed my mind on that one! It is HILARIOUS! I die laughing every.single.episode!

I am bummed that Steve Carell is leaving, but I hope that with the addition of Will Ferrell to the cast that it is just as funny. Like I said, it’s the high light of my Thursday. I think the reason that I like it so much now is that I associate each of the characters with people I work with.

We have our very own Michael Scott &Dwight Schrute. HAHA!!

3. Jersey Shore (yes, yes, I hate to admit it..but who doesn’t watch this show?!;) )

My favorite person is Pauly D..he is the only one that I would really want to hang out in real life- lol! Sammy used to be my favorite girl, and I still really like her…but she just needs to get some SPACE between her & Ron. And I honestly wish that I could be as blunt as JWOWW sometimes. She speaks the truth & doesn’t hold anything back. I have a problem doing that sometimes.

Did you hear the next season will be filmed in ITALY?? I’m wondering if Deena will be apart of that season, or if they are going to kick her out. (I wouldn’t mind if they do- I like keeping it the ‘core’ group!)

4. The Bachelor/ The Bachelorette.

Even though I KNOW most of it is staged & just for entertainment purposes, I LOVE it! 😀 This season my favorite girl is Shawntel<–she is the funeral director, I just really like her attitude & how she is with the other girls. She seems like such a sweetheart. Now, I did found out from a friend who actually wins it- it was information leaked- but DON’T WORRY- I won’t tell!!

My favorite season overall is the one where Ali was the bachelorette.

She was my favorite girl when she was just a contestant on the bachelor..and I was SOOO excited when she was chosen to be the bachelorette! The BEST part was that she picked the guy that I wanted her to from the VERY beginning! I LOVED Roberto! (Craig said I had a little crush on him..but I did really like him for her! & it definitely helped that he was SUCH a cutie 😉 )

OMG! How cute are they?!

5. Dexter.

I actually JUST got into watching this show & I LOVE it. We just finished Season 2 & are now on to Season 3!! I could literally just sit around all day & watch it…which is what I typically like to do on the weekends 😀

What is YOUR favorite show? Do you like any of the shows I like?

I can FINALLY say it- HAPPY FRIDAY! This week has felt like FOREVER. I don’t know why but I’ve really been in a funk this week. SO happy to get to the weekend. Hopefully next week I will be back in my groove 🙂

Do you have any fun plans this weekend??
Enjoy your day 😀

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  1. I am obsessed with the bachelor! I watch it every monday while running on the treadmill too! 🙂 jersey shore is also just so entertaining but I didn’t catch last nights episode!

    • Haha- that’s what I do 🙂 I usually wait until Tuesday, or until I do my long run to watch it that way I can fast forward thru the commercials! (I’m actually doing that today after work- my long run while catching up on the Bachelor! wooohooo!)

  2. I love Dexter! My most favorite show is Grey’s Anatomy though 🙂

  3. Sadly, I watch none of those. I really don’t watch much tv. I tend to like some of the comedies like Modern Family, Cougar Town, How I Met Your Mother. I’m not much on the “reality” shows at all. Now if Real Housewives just happens to be on randomly, I’ll sit and watch it, but I don’t really keep up.

  4. That is such a cool valentines day gift!!! What an awesome picture!

    I totally watch the jersey shore, I can’t lie 😉

  5. Haha! I cut my sandwiches in four too. Makes them easier to eat!
    I like House, 30 Rock, *Gossip Girl*, What Not to Wear, and anything on HGTV, or the Food Network.

  6. I just started getting into Dexter too! I DVR Grey’s, Private Practice, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, and Oprah—don’t judge me. I often don’t have time to watch TV during the week though so I’ll watch a bunch on a lazy sunday or catch up while riding the stationary bike.

    The past couple weeks have seemed so long to me. I’m starting yoga teacher training this weekend! Kinda nervous…

  7. Amy @ countrystrong21

     /  February 18, 2011

    I watch the Jersey Shore… definitely agree with you the Sammy needs space from Ron…and I don’t like Ron.

    Other shows I watch are 90210, Hellcats, The Vampire Diaries, Nikita (mmm Shane West 🙂 ), Grey’s Antomy, Private Practice, NCIS, NCIS: LA, Big Bang Theory, and some half hour shows on Mondays and Thursdays. I don’t know what I would do without my DVR now that I have it!

  8. i love the office but always forget to watch it. i haven’t watched desperate housewives in so long! : ( i should have a marathon. you know i’m obsessed with golden girls and the nanny. and lately, martha stewart. i am a freaking old lady.

  9. Emily

     /  February 18, 2011

    New reader here…
    I love The Office and Jersey Shore (i know, i know) also–I didn’t know that Will Farrell was going to be added to the cast!

    Another show that I LOVE LOVE LOVE is Modern Family (dare I say more so than The Office?!?!)–so hilarious!

  10. I LOVE DEXTER! so glad some one else appreciates it 😉

  11. OMG YES TO Desperate H… Jersey Shore and Bachelor!! i also could not live without the british Skins or anything on MTV!

  12. Love Desperate Housewives! Gabby is definitely my favorite. Even when she went through her period of being less than glamorous (when Carlos was blind), she was still gorgeous.

    I SO love The Office! Like you, the first time I saw an episode I just kind of shrugged it off as not that great. But all my friends watched it so I finally sat down and watched a few episodes and next thing I knew, I was addicted.

    The Bachelor/Bachelorette is great! Ali was one of my favorites too. She just has that sweet hometown girl look about her. 🙂

    Lately I’ve really been loving Modern Family. Cracks me up so much!

  13. Anne

     /  February 18, 2011

    your present to Greg was so sentimental 🙂
    and omg, i heard about the jersey cast going to italy too!! i cannotttt wait haha!
    and is it just me or is sammi and ron getting a littttlee’s like all they do is fight, make up, fight, make up, BLAH. and now ron’s moving out!? crazzyy.

  14. I havent seen that many Jersey Shore episodes this year – I need a catch up day! I love the bachelor/bachelorette show too-my sis was on it so i got super into it last year even though I’ve always watched!
    I love chicken salad with apples & grapes…soooo good

  15. I actually cut my girls’ sandwiches into quarters like that : ) They always request triangle sandwiches!! My favorite show on TV right now is How I Met Your Mother – I never miss an episode! My favorite TV show of all time is probably Friends – I could watch those episodes for hours!!

    Happy Friday!

  16. I love TV shows so much I had trouble too! I’m pretty busy this weekend but I am going to see a play tonight at UCF! I tagged you in my 7 facts blog award!

  17. wow that chicken salad looks so good and nice idea to use ranch instead of mayo..i can deal with a little bit of the mayo made w/olive oil but any other type is disgusting….and i love the office too dwight will always be my favorite

    when jim dresses as dwight is my favorite!! hahahahaa 🙂


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