Humira Injections

Good Morning & Happy Friday Eve!!

Sorry for the delay in getting my post up this morning, but I thought I would do something different. Typically I kind of dread Thursday mornings…but I’ll tell you why. It is because I have to get my Humira injection for my Crohn’s disease. I was only getting one every other Thursday, but I went to my Gastro yesterday & because of all of the issues that I have been dealing with lately, he told me to up the dose to one EVERY week. Which means that every Thursday I will be getting one now.

While at the doctor yesterday, he also wants me to go back on Lialda, which is the medication I was taking for years before I started the Humira injections. I will be taking 3 pills a DAY, along with the once a week injection.

It is a lot of medication to be taking for the Crohn’s disease, but I need to get it under control. Not to be gross, but my symptoms have been pretty bad lately- like lots of bloating, blood (I think you know where :/ YIKES), & just an overall ‘blah’ kind of feeling.

Hopefully upping my dosage of the Humira & adding the Lialda pills will help get this under control! But I wanted to show you how I get the injections. I have had a few questions about it, so I thought I would kind of do a play-by-play of the injection.

1. Get set- up.

^you will see my ice pack- to numb the spot of injection, an alcohol swab- to santize the spot of injection, a cotton ball- to stop the bleeding & the Humira pen. (<–that is what they call the needle, a ‘pen’)

2. Take the two ‘caps’ off of the Humira pen. You see the maroon colored top- that is the button you press to release the needle into my leg.

3. ICE ICE, BABY! Get the spot of injection ready with an ice pack to numb the area. I lay in our bed while I do this & turn on the TV..just to kind of distract myself.

^Oh look, is that a Dairy Queen Blizzard commericial in the background?!?! Instead of needles, think of ice cream 😉

4. Get Craig to do the injection. First he has to grab a chunk of skin on my upper thigh. (the outer part of it.) You can also do injections in your stomach area, but I do not have enough body fat to do it there. You have to be able to grab a ‘chunk’ of skin to do the injection. My doctor told me that my only option was doing it in my thigh, because there is no ‘chunk’ in my stomach area to grab.

^that would be Craig’s hands- getting ready to do the injection. I was like “whoaaa! wait babe- I gotta get a picture for the blog!!” haha 😀

5. Stick your head in the pillows & scream while he does the shot…oh wait, is that only me?! (sorry, no picture- didn’t think you wanted to see me in pain!)I’m SUCH a baby with it- but I have to admit, I have gotten SO much better! It used to take 20 minutes for him to kind of ‘pump me up’ before I would like him do the shot. He would have to turn on rap music that would get me pumped & he would typically walk around going “Let’s Do This H! You got this!” I wish I had a video of would laugh! We are quite the pair 😉

6. Grab a cotton ball & blot the spot of injection. Then put a band aid on the spot…if need be.

^it’s really not too bad, huh?! Just a little spot.

See, not too bad- totally managable…IF you have someone else do the shot. I really could NEVER do it myself. It’s just against human nature to hurt yourself! I give MAJOR props to anyone that can do this themselves!!!! Seriously. And everyone that has diabetes & have to give yourself shots of insulin– MAJOR PROPS! I am in awe of you!

Here is a picture of the needle- kind of hard to see it…but I thought I would show you as best as I could:

^The little point in the middle is the needle- it’s pretty small.

At first I was sad, because it hurt- it just stings when it goes in.

But…then I was HAPPY 😀

Because I remembered….
1. That I feel SO MUCH better after the shot!
2. That I get to wear my NEW shoes today- that I just received yesterday in the mail 🙂


3. That I had a breakfast cookie waiting for me in the fridge for breakfast!!

(1/3 cup old fashioned oats, 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 smashed banana, 1 tbsp. peanut butter, LOTS of cinnamon & 1 splenda packet)

So, in fact, it was not such a bad morning after all 😉

I just try to remind myself HOW much it really helps all of the symptoms of the Crohn’s disease! It is so important that I get these shots.

Do you know anyone that has to give themselves shots, or get injections for a condition that they may have?

I hope you have a GREAT Thursday!!!! I CANNOT wait for tomorrow!

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  1. Amy @ countrystrong21

     /  April 7, 2011

    I don’t know anyone, at least I don’t think I do, that has to give themselves shots or anything. I am with you 100% though, I couldn’t give myself a shot. It’s bad enough going to a doctor’s office to get a shot done by someone else so why would I want to give myself a shot in the comfort of my own home lol??

    Happy Friday Eve!

  2. I’m glad those shots are helpful for you. My dad has Crohn’s and takes 16 pills a day that his GI doc said were practically experimental when he started taking them ~10 years ago, but his symptoms have been incredibly well controlled (knock on wood). I hope you feel better!

  3. So sorry you have to go through that every week now :-/ I hope you get your Crohn’s under control soon. My good friends fiance has Crohn’s, but I don’t think he has to give himself shots.. Hang in there!

  4. LOVE the shoes! I’m sorry you have to go through all of that. I really don’t know that I could give myself an injection either.

  5. Wow, I didn’t realize that you had to get shots weekly. At least it makes you feel better and keeps the Crohn’s under control. My friend’s fiancee has Crohn’s but I don’t know the details of his treatmeant.

    Those shoes are SO cute! Where did you get them from?

  6. Aww hon, I feel for you. I would have a very tough time with that. Way to go brave girl!

    And I LOVE the shoes. Tell me more about them!!!

  7. Kudos to you for keeping a smile on your face among something that is NOT so easy. Your bright outlook shines through in your blog, and I’ll bet that’s what keeps your readers coming back for more 🙂 I know that’s one of the things that I love (in addition to your recipes). Hope you have a great Thursday – It’s almost Friday!

  8. I want to make that brekkie! What was the consistency like?

  9. Wow you are so strong Holly. I could never in 1 million years do it and you keep a smile and positive outlook.


  10. I used to! But mine were baby needles, I could put ’em in my shoulder or even just sub-cutaneously in a pocket of oblique or under-the-bum fat and those didn’t hurt at all.

    A woman I used to nanny for had to give herself shots of a fertility drug (Clomid) — directly in her stomach a little bit below her belly button. THAT I don’t think I could handle! OUCH.

    • OUCH! Yes, the stomach shots are awful! I tried to do it- but when I told my doctor that it didn’t work- he was like why in the heck would you put your shot their? You have no fat there. It was good to hear that I don’t have fat there, but it sucked that I wasted a whole shot!

  11. Glad that those shots work for you! My mom has had Chron’s for so many years now. She used to get Remicade treatments and those worked real well but then our health ins changed & it doesn’t get covered anymore.
    Super SUPER cute heels =)

    • My very first gastro tried to get me to go on Remicade, but I was too scared- the way he described it to me just sounded terrible! Did she have to go in for weekly drips into her blood stream?
      & thank you! I love the shoes 😉

  12. A friend of mine was born with Type 1 diabetes so she gives herself finger pricks to check her blood sugar level, but nothing like you have to do! I’m so glad it’s helping you deal with the Chron’s disease though
    And I LOVE those shoes! I so wish I could wear heels like that but then I would be about 6 1/2 feet tall! 🙂

  13. YOU are a champ, girlfriend. I get bi-weekly allergy shots, but they are most certainly not in my thigh. I thought I was a rockstar for not caring about my measly little shots!

  14. I have those plates 🙂
    Shots are the worst… I feel your pain though! I just lost a friend to the disease and it was very upsetting. I didnt know much about it until you started posting about how you feel etc. Please keep up the posts its very interesting!
    You look great Holly!!

  15. I love that he would walk around chanting for you, that’s so cute lol. My friend donated eggs once and gave herself the injections in her stomach. It grossed me out.. I’m with you, I could never do it to myself.

    Side note: The blizzard commercial made me really excited for tomorrow because I reward myself with a small one every single Friday. I swear it’s my favorite day 🙂

  16. I am so sorry you have to go through that every single Thursday. Poor thing. I hope this helps you get it uder control. Props to Craig for doing it for you…that is a sweet husband. There is NO way Keith would do it! Ever. I have to give HIM allergy shots and I have to give our dog his artheritis shots. And those shoes are fierce! Rock on!

  17. You are one tough cookie, I admire people like you that have such a strong heart and are so brave 🙂
    Great shoes, I am in loveeeee and I’ve been dying to make Gina’s cookie for the longest. I think your post might have been a sign 😉

  18. Your hair makes me want to cut mine again! So cute!! And that cookie looks so good!

  19. Wow…that looks like quite the process! It’s so great that Craig is willing to give you those shots! You are such a strong person for doing that every week! I can’t imagine how tough it is but since it’s for your health it is 100% worth it!

  20. I love your hair like that and your shoes are adorable! And hope you start feeling better soon with the medication adjustment.

  21. That certainly doesn’t look fun! But like you said, worth it if it helps you feel better. 🙂

    Those shoes are HOT!

  22. Susie

     /  November 13, 2011

    I’m glad that Humira works for you. It didn’t for me. Long story, but I’ve been on Remicade since April 2002 (among various other things) but we thought it wasn’t working and so we switched to Humira. And I lost 20 lbs in 4 months…. But back on Remicade and pushing on like usual. I’m glad that Humira is successful for you! I was in the unlucky few, unfortunately

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