Burger Bar.

Good Morning Friends 😀 Happy Sunday!!

How was your Saturday? Mine was actually REALLY busy. I felt like I got a lot accomplished though, love that feeling. I picked up some stuff for the wedding & then I did our grocery shopping. I loved getting it all done before 10 am 🙂 You always miss all of the crazy crowds!!

After we ate breakfast, we headed to the gym to get our workout on! Normally I don’t share workouts in posts, but this one was a must share! It was awesome & I’m feeling it today.

I started out with a deltoid workout– you can find it HERE. I like all of Janae’s names for the exercises, so I’m just going to ‘borrow’ them 🙂 But you should go to her blog to see the moves!

I did 3 rounds of 12 reps, each.
 “Makes Me Want to Cry and Curl Up in a Ball by the 7th Rep” move
 “Good Thing I Shaved My Armpits” move
“Make Sure Not to Hit Anything on the Way Up, Not that I Would Know” move
“Janae Only Uses Her Own Body Weight Instead of Hand Weights Because It Is So Hard” move
 “Show off Your Ripped Arms to the Whole Gym” move
(you can tell how funny she is just by reading the names of these moves 😉 )

Then I ran for 5 minutes on the treadmill– HIIT style– 1 min. at 6.5, 30 sec. at 9.0, repeat until you get to 5 minutes.

Next was a chest workout. I did 3 sets of each of these, 12 reps each.
Cable Crossovers

Dumbbell Bench Press (laying flat on bench)
Dumbbell flyes (laying flat on bench)

Then I ran for 5 minutes on the treadmill– HIIT style– 1 min. at 6.5, 30 sec. at 9.0, repeat until you get to 5 minutes.

Followed by a biceps/ triceps workout– 3 sets of 12 reps.
Cable rope bicep curl
Straight bar pushdown (on cable machine)
Tricep Kickbacks

Then I ran for 5 minutes on the treadmill– HIIT style– 1 min. at 6.5, 30 sec. at 9.0, repeat until you get to 5 minutes.

Finally I did an ab workout- 3 sets of 15 reps.
Stability Ball Passes
Stability Ball Rollouts
Put stability ball between legs & put legs straight in the air- crunch up to ball.

Then 25 stability ball jack knife rolls outs.

Finished with 25 oblique crunches, each side.

The rest of the afternoon we laid out at the pool. It was a PERFECT day to lay out- they breeze was blowing just a tad & the sun felt so good 🙂

Yesterday I also picked up a bathing suit while I was running my errands. Old Navy was in the shopping center that I was in, & I remembered they were having a 4 hour bathing suit sale on Saturday– all bathing suits were 60% off!!! Crazy, right!?! I picked this up for only $7.50 each piece!! $15 for a bathing suit= a STEAL! 😀

(the strings are removeable, so it can be strap less!)

While we were laying out yesterday, I asked Craig if he had any requests for dinner. He immediately replied ‘burgers.’ I figured he was craving some beef, since I never cook it. I ran to the store to pick some up & made him hamburgers for dinner. I kind of set up a ‘burger bar.’

^choice of toppings!

Instead of a hamburger, I had a Morningstar Asian veggie burger.

^his & hers burgers 😉

^served them with broccoli & tater tots 🙂 I just LOVE tater tots. (OH- MOM- they have the crowns again, I know they stopped selling them for a while, but I saw them yesterday @ Target 🙂 )

Delish 😀 Perfect, relaxing Saturday dinner!

On today’s agenda is a workout- probably a long run…or a HIIT with plyometrics..haven’t decided yet 😉

And also, lots of arts & crafts for the wedding- including lots of time using this:

^that would be spray paint…and it’s black & purple, even though it looks blue.

I’ll give you a hint, it’s part of what we are doing for our aisle decorations. I will have to show you the finished product a bit later 🙂 I have NEVER seen it done before…and it’s something I just randomly thought of one night. I don’t know about you (if you are married, or are currently engaged) but I am having the hardest time sleeping. It’s not nerves or anything like that, it’s just I have a MILLION ideas running through my head. I just think of everything I need for my latest arts & crafts projects, and then I can’t fall back asleep. So for the past week I have been waking up for about 2 hours every night…just thinking of ideas.  I’m definitely lacking on sleep, but I don’t really feel it- I think I’m just SUPER excited 😀

Anyways, do you have any fun plans today?? I hope you have a wonderful day!! I’ll catch up with you later!

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  1. Wow Holly! That is a KILLER workout! Awesome! You know I am going to be doing this ASAP! Have a great Sunday!!

  2. Phew that workout looks fierce! I am attempting a rest day today but will be back at the gym tomorrow with this workout planned! Thanks for the routine 🙂
    And that bathing suit is so cute and the price makes it even better! Finding deals is so fulfilling

  3. I love Morningstar’s Asian burgers.
    I’m sorry I missed the 60% off bathing suit sale. I love Old Navy. They have the best sales.

  4. Amy @ countrystrong21

     /  April 17, 2011

    That work out sounds like a killer! Glad you’re having a productive weekend, I’m not lol. I know how you feel about having a million thoughts/ideas running through your head so you can’t sleep even though I’m not engaged lol. It’s tough…maybe keep pen and paper by your bed so you can write them down so you don’t have to worry about forgetting them by morning.

  5. I ran a half marathon today. Does that count as fun ha?

    I love that bathing suit as well. I’m not one for a bandeu tops since I already have a rather flat chest but I love the print.

    Morning star patties=the bomb.com.

  6. Love that bikini!! Too cute. And love doing both rollins and pikes on the ball. I like to combine them and do a rollin then a pike. Killer (in a good way).

  7. Looks like a great workout! Love the suit too…totally cute!!

    Tater tots rock!!! Whenever I make the girls some tater tots for dinner, I always make some extra for myself : )

  8. OHHHH i love that bikini! i bet you look HOT in it! i loveee shoulder workouts!

  9. KILLER WORKOUTS!!!! I LOVE YOUR SWIMSUIT and I want that burger:) Hope you are having an amazing weekend gorgeous girl!

  10. I’ve been thinking about tots for like 2 weeks and now that I see them on your blog I am so jealous!! Tots and burgers? I feel like I need to go to Sonics 🙂 That bathing suit is so hottt, I love that style. It’s really flattering 😀

  11. MMMM….those burgers look delish. My brother just got engaged, and from being so close with his fiance, I know what an exciting, yet busy time this must be. I’ll bet you can’t wait! Wish I could say such a happy occasion is the reason I can’t sleep but sadly it’s not. I just saw a spider in my apt. RIGHT before bed. Now, see this is where I would think having a fiance/husband comes in handy!

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