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7 Random Facts.

**If you read this earlier, I have NO idea why the comments were ‘turned off’- I did not do that! WordPress is acting REALLY weird lately- for instance it turned the comments off automatically AND it keeps putting all of my pictures at the top of my post when I am writing it- Is this happening to anyone else?!?**

Good Morning & Happy Friday Eve!!!  

A week or so ago Tessa tagged me in the ‘Versatile Blogger award’, so I figure I will do a post about it today! 🙂

The only requirements are that you list 7 random facts about yourself & then tag 7 other bloggers to do the same thing.

1. I think I have told you this before, but my pinky toes cross over my 4th toe.

They are invading the other toes space! 🙂 There is no ‘fix’ to this besides the doctor breaking my toes. Umm, no thanks! I was born this way..and supposidily they say it’s because I kicked too much inside the stomach. Who knows how much truth there is to that…but maybe it’s where my running obsession started 😉

It doesn’t bother me & it doesn’t hurt..it just looks kind of funny. Honestly most of the time I forget about them until someone mentions something like ‘whoa! look at your toes!’..like I’ve never noticed them before- lol!

2. Lately I have been really into accessories. I want to try to get a few more cute long necklaces. I really like how they look. They can really liven up an outfit, especially a plain top. I also think it’s pretty funny that yesterday I decided to wear a fish charm necklace.

Must be all of the fish that I have been eating lately. Not only did we have it for dinner the other night, but I have been eating the leftovers everyday- I crumble them on top of my salads. Not that I’m complaining..I love fish! & it’s healthy- win win!

3. I do not listen to music while weight lifting, well really I do not listen to music during any workouts except while running.

I don’t know why I choose not to, I just always have. I guess I feel like I just zone out enough on my own, I really don’t need additional music. I really just focus on what I’m working. I learned that is the best way to lift- is to really focus on that body part.

4. I really look forward to getting home everyday after work because Craig & I will lay in bed & just talk for like 10 minutes before we go downstairs & I start making dinner. It’s a nice way to just unwind & see how each other’s day was..and what we have to look forward to! (One BIG thing being our wedding 😉 )

You may call us nerds…that’s totally fine 😉

5. I feel like I can never find sunglasses that fit my face right.

I don’t know why, but I don’t feel like any shape fits my face correctly. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pair! Do you have a favorite brand of sunglasses??

6. I honestly cannot wait to have kids & have a cute little family! 🙂 Craig feels the same way, actually he wants kids like yesterday. He is so excited to become a Dad. I cannot wait to be a Mom either, I just want to make sure that I can be the best Mom possible! I think with my sister having Ethan it makes me want to have kids even more!

Sometimes I worry that I will get paranoid about the baby weight, but honestly I think I know once there is a living being inside of me then I will have NO problem what so ever with it! I know that most OBGYN offices actually offer counselors to help people who have issues with the weight gain. It’s a nice feeling to know that they do offer that, but hopefully I will not need it.

I often think of someone like Bethenny Frankel (LOVE HER!), who also had eating issues as a child, but once she knew she was pregnant she put aside those issues & did what was the absolute best for the baby…which included eating more, but sticking to healthy food.

Also blogs, like Tina’s, show you what pregnancy is REALLY like & how to get the baby weight off- the HEALTHY way!

7. Ok, this is really random..but, hey this IS supposed to be 7 random things..right?! 😉 My last fact is that I LOVE my vehicle & it is my dream vehicle. I actually would not trade it for any other vehicle/ car/ SUV/ etc.

I am not going to post an exact picture of my vehicle, but I have a Mazda CX-7 Grand Touring edition. I absolutely LOVE my SUV. If you are ever in the market for an SUV, you should definitely check out the CX-7’s. They are the perfect size (well, in my opinion) – plenty of room for 5 people & a HUGE trunk..perfect for all of your shopping needs 😉

Before this I always had a car, but I am positive that I will never drive a car again. I think you get so used to driving an SUV, that a car just feels so low.

I’m just amazed at how far Mazda has come in the recent years! They have really been producing some really good looking vehicles & they are really reliable too. (**knock on wood!! 🙂 )

Anyways, I hope you have enjoyed my 7 random facts!

Now I am tagging 7 bloggers–
Hollie @ Lolz That Swim & Run
Sable @ Squat Like a Lady
Hope @ With A Side of Hope

Alyssa @ http://fashionfitnessfoodie.wordpress.com/
Karen @ http://www.healthinreallife.com/
Grace @http://yourdailygrace.com/
Jen @ http://fitgirlfoodie.wordpress.com/

Enjoy ladies! 😀 Can’t wait to hear your 7 random facts!!

DON’T FORGET– Tonight is Steve Carrell’s LAST night on The Office 😦

Also, do you know what else starts tonight?!?! The NFL DRAFT! 😀 You better believe we will be watching that! (& I will be taking a ‘draft break’ so that I can see The Office @ 9pm!) I hope the Ravens get some really good picks this year! 🙂

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  1. Aw! Thank you SO much for tagging me! That was so nice of you! I can’t wait to come up with 7 random facts about myself! 🙂

    I am totally having the same problems with WordPress as you are! I thought there was something wrong with my computer or something! I don’t know how to fix it! Let me know if you figure out how to fix the picture thing. I managed to fix the comments.

  2. My pinky toes do that too! no joke! everyone thinks it’s weird. hahah 🙂 glad to know im not the only one.
    my friend just had her baby and she kept running right up until she was in labor! lol it’s possibly to stay really fit while pregnant. 😀

  3. Love that you guys have that chill time in the evenings! My niece’s toes were that way when she was a baby, but they seem to have straightened out now. My sister did mess with them A LOT when A was an infant – trying to unhook them. Not sure if that’s what corrected them or not. I love listening to my music when lifting. Helps me focus and tune everyone and everything else out.

  4. Thanks for the tag Holly!! Too funny how people point out your toe like if you didn’t already know haha
    And I think you’re going to be a wonderful mommy. It’s so awesome reading how you want to settle down and have a family 🙂 Some of my friends are already getting married and for some reason I just feel too young for that now but maybe in a few more years it’ll start to hit me 🙂 You and Craig are way too cute

  5. Awww yay thank you! =)

    I also don’t listen to music while lifting! Max (hubs) thinks I’m weird but I just feel like it would distract me when I’m so in-tune with my body. I CANNOT do cardio without a distraction like music though lol. Otherwise I start to focus on how much my feet/legs/shins hurt and I stop earlier than I want!

  6. OH and re. the whole pregnancy thing… I was pregnant two years ago (lost the pregnancy) and I can tell ya that at first, when I *first* gained that like 3-4 lbs of water weight just from hormones, the little ED inside of me was freaking out — but then I peed on a stick, got my two little lines and it was ALL about that baby. I printed off a chart of what I was supposed to be eating and marked off my daily servings of protein, dairy, fats, etc. and followed it to a T. It was like I didn’t even care anymore — all I wanted was to have the healthiest baby EVER haha.

  7. i really love that yall come home and just lay together for 10 min. sometimes you just need a few moments to reconnect and hash out your day! that’s so sweet.

  8. I love Bethenny as well 😉

    As for sunglasses, if you go to a regular glasses store (for eyeglasses), they will help you find the fit for you face. It’s great.

    I’m loving my new Prada sunglasses from the hubby!

  9. ahh all of my pictures have been going to the top of my post too! It’s been making me nuts!!! It only does it when I’m on my PC though, not on my MAC…weird!

  10. She tagged me too! I need to do the post but I have to figure out which 7 blogs to list. That is the hold up for me 😦 Of course random facts is easy because as you know, I’m quite random 😉

    I love your facts but I love more how adorable you and your future husband are. I think it’s soooo cute you get home and sit down for 10 minutes in bed to catch up. You two seem so happy together and I’m sure your wedding will be amaaaazing!

  11. I loved the random facts! Such a fun post to learn more about people! I love that!!

  12. Aw thanks so much for tagging me 🙂 I’ll definitely do it!!

    I love that you are sporting ravens AND orioles in these pictures. Yay Baltimore!!

  13. Ya know, I don’t listen to music while lifting either! I think it’s cause I don’t like arm bands and don’t wanna carry around my pod. 🙂

  14. I love the random facts! I am so sad about Steve Carrell leaving the Office…. the previews look so sad and dramatic, so chances are I might even cry. However, I have found that Parks and Rec will probably fill that void, since the Office is dying down and that show is hilarious!

  15. Oh wow! How can this be the end of Michael Scott?? I can hardly believe it!

    Love your little fishy necklace – so cute!

    I can’t wait to see the little cuties you and Craig make. You guys will have such a beautiful family!

  16. Girl! I’m going to have to finally post a picture of my feet as one of my randoms because the are really weird, too! Thanks for tagging me this looks fun!

  17. Joe Petrullo

     /  June 20, 2011

    FYI, I’ve got the same pinky toes that you have! small world huh 😉

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