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Fancy IS Easy

Happy Tuesday- you made it past Monday! That’s an accomplishment, right?! 😉

I can’t tell you how many times that I have heard that cooking a fancy meal is too hard. I have a few friends that absolutely HATE to cook, or say that they cannot cook…well, I have the recipe to prove them wrong 😉 I have one of my favorite go-to quick, easy meals…but it’s also kind of a ‘fancy’ meal.

This meal is also a favorite by many people too, so it’s win-win! 😀 This meal is Chicken Parmesan. Instead of the traditional red sauce, I decided to try it with white sauce. Normally I’m not much of a fan of bottled sauce, but my favorite white sauce that I have found is Ragu’s Light Parmesan. It’s one of those products that I always keep on hand in the kitchen.

To make this meal you only need five ingredients:
-about 1 lb. chicken breasts, sliced very thin
-1 jar Ragu light parmesan
-about 1 cup bread crumbs (any kind will do- seasoned or plain)
-2 egg whites
-1/4 cup- 1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese

Here’s the EASY preparation:
**Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
1. Prepare the chicken- season each side with salt and pepper. Place the chicken on a plate, beat the egg whites in a bowl, and pour the bread crumbs in a bowl.

2. Dip the chicken in the egg whites, then each side in the bread crumbs.

3. Once the chicken breasts are all coated in bread crumbs, preheat a skillet over medium high heat. To the skillet, add about a tablespoon of olive oil (just to make the chicken crispy.) Once the skillet is heated, add the chicken breasts to the pan. (you will probably have to do the chicken breasts in two sets) Cook for about 4 minutes, then flip to the other side- cook until each side is golden brown.

4. Once you are done cooking the chicken, add a little bit of the cheese sauce to the bottom of a baking dish- just enough to coat the bottom. (a little bigger than an 8×8 dish) Add the chicken breasts to the top of the cheese sauce, and then pour about a 1/2 cup- 3/4 cup of the cheese sauce over the top of the chicken breast. (reserve the rest of the sauce to serve along side of the chicken.)

5. Sprinkle the parmesan cheese over the top of the chicken. Bake for about 20 – 25 minutes in your preheated oven.

I served the chicken with some pasta, seasoned bread & mixed veggies.

Easy peasy, right?! Seriously, it is hard to mess this up- so if you are nervous about cooking, or think you ‘can’t cook,’ then try this recipe!

I really love this meal too- it’s a great Sunday meal..or really any night of the week, since it IS so easy! You could also serve this without the pasta, and just keep the veggies with it. It is good that way too- that’s how I liked to eat it for lunch. If I eat pasta for lunch I get SO sleep, and I’m pretty much useless for the rest of the day. I don’t think my boss likes that idea too much 😉

Anyways, I’m looking for some ideas of things that YOU would like to see on this blog. Any topic or question that you would like me to talk about or answer, please just let me know! As you know, I’m very open & honest on here…so I won’t hold things back. Honestly I just want you, as a reader to know that you can ask me anything! (Of course we all know that there is a LINE as to what I will post..but I haven’t gotten any off of the wall requests yet 😉 )

I hope you have a good day 🙂

Did anyone watch the season premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey?? I have it on DVR, so don’t tell me too much about it 😉 But, you have to tell me if you liked it or not!! 🙂

Oh, and one more request- I need some BOOK SUGGESTIONS! I would like some books to bring along with me on our honeymoon- I need some reading material for laying on the beach. 🙂 So far I have Something Blue (the sequel to Something Borrowed), Water for Elephants & The Hunger Games. Any book that you are reading, or have recently that you really enjoyed??

Catch ya later, alligators 😀

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  1. The measure of an easy recipe is if I can make it :-). I think I could definitely make this one so mission accomplished! Something Blue is soooo good. You’ll like that one. I enjoyed the Carrie Diaries (which is actually a young adult novel – it’s the prequel to Sex and the City). I was so curious about where Carrie came from that I found it very interesting! And of course Carrots n Cake. Oh and if you want some magazines, get Food Network magazine. Such a good one.

  2. I set my DVR last night to record The Real Housewives. I can’t wait to see it. All the books I’ve read recently are the ones that you already have 🙂

  3. That Ragu sauce is my favorite jarred pasta sauce! I love it! 🙂 The chicken you made looks really good too!

  4. Good Morning Holly!
    I’ll admit I sometimes complain a fancy meal takes too long or is too difficult… but you proved me wrong with this!
    I really like when you post your workouts, especially the strength training and cardio combination ones. I often print the workouts that you have posted and use them at the gym, they whoop my bum haha
    For more personal stuff, could you talk a bit about how or if your past eating issues (sometimes current ones) affect your relationship with Craig? How open about it are you with him and does he try to help you?
    I obviously have some insecurity issues and the whole disordered eating thing and always having a strict routine makes it hard for me for others (besides family) to become a major part of my life.
    Book recommendations: I actually did a post on this a few days ago, you should check it out! 🙂 I am obsessed with Kristin Hannah stories right now and also Pat Conroy!

  5. Ha this is exactly what I need. I always think my food is not that fancy but this looks so easy. I agree with Tessa-all her ideas about what to post are awesomesauce.

  6. I really like the title of this post for some reason. It just makes me happy. Have you read Something Borrowed and Something Blue?

  7. briana

     /  May 17, 2011

    You should check out Fortune Rocks by Anita Shreve, its really really good!

  8. I used to be such a “I’ll never use canned sauce” snob, but it makes meals like these so quick and easy! Thanks for sharing.

    Book recommendation: Diary Of a South Beach Party Girl. Total beach-trash, but a fun read.

  9. I have been hooked on a series by Lee Child. They are his Jack Reacher novels. A series about an ex- military cop who finds himself in situation after situation. It is really good…action, suspense, love…the perfect combination in my opinion!

  10. I’m not usually a white sauce fan, but knowing this is light has me intrigued.

    As for books…the Emily Griffin series and also the Girl with Dragon Tatoo series

  11. Recipe looks great! Very simple and yet tasty. 🙂 And I am so needing book suggestions too so I am going to go through and read the other comments after I post this! 🙂 Ooh and as for stuff to blog about… I love anything personal. Family, lovey dovey stuff, random stuff that happens throughout the day… and of course recipes. Love those too. Haha! I’m easy to please 😉

  12. Haha…perfect timing for making a shout out to all the cooking inept! We’ll see if even I could pull this one off, I’ll let you know. 🙂

  13. That looks delicious! I always thought that Chicken Parm was so hard to make- but I think that even I could cook it after reading this! As for books, have you read One Day by David Nicholls? It is so, so amazing and the movie-version is coming out in July! (Water for Elephants is also excellent!)

  14. My friends tell me that cooking is too much work and that they would just rather buy something out. It gets me so irritated because I think it’s easier to cook at your house then to get dressed, drive somewhere to pick up food, drive back and spend money. This recipe looks amazing and I love the light parm dressing. That’s the one I buy.
    Btw the real housewives was amazing!! If you like all the drama you will LOVE it 😀

  15. Alright Holly…how about you come over and make that dinner for me. Mmmmkay? 😉 Looks awesome!!

    I just finished Baby Proof by Emily Giffin and loved it. I also read Something Borrowed and Something Blue…now I’m on to try to find Love the One You’re With. I love all of her books!

  16. The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls was awesome. 🙂

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