My Wedding Day Hair!

GOOD AFTERNOON!! Happy Saturday 😀

Sorry, this is a little later than my normal post…that’s because this morning has been BUSY! (& that’s definitely an understatement!)

First things first, I knew I wanted to get in a good workout today, so I was up around 5:30am- then headed to the gym around 6:30am. Craig wanted to go with me, so I waited for him to get up. I seriously wish I could of slept in a bit…but right now I have some SERIOUS wedding brain & it is NO joke! I know if you are married, or are getting married, then you know exactly what I am talking about. You will randomly think of things in the middle of the night..& then not be able to get back to bed for an hour or so. The best thing to help this is to keep a pad of paper by your bed & then write down any thoughts that may pop inside your head..then you can relax & try to get some sleep!

Anyways, at the gym today I did a workout that I found in the latest addition of Muscle & Fitness Hers.

Normally I only read Oxygen magazine, but I figured that I would check out the new Muscle & Fitness Hers & it ROCKS! There are some really awesome workouts in there, for weight lifting! I am definitely subscribing to this magazine as well. 🙂 I will post the workout later for you, I know you will like it if you like really good weight lifting workouts. After I was done with my weight workout, I did 15 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill.

It was an awesome workout! After I finished, I ran home & took a quick shower & then headed to my hair stylist for my hair trial for my wedding on FRIDAY! On my drive, I ran by Starbucks to get something to eat for breakfast & some necessary coffee.
I decided to try the egg white, spinach & feta wrap since I had never had it before.

This wrap has some awesome stats– only 280 calories & 18 grams of protein!!! Not too shabby for a quick breakfast, huh?!

And of course I opted for iced coffee– black:

Safety first– gotta wear that seat belt! 🙂

I got to my hair stylist’s at 9am & she started my hair. First she had to touch up my high lights, then do a treatment on my hair (to help make it stronger- this treatment is AWESOME- it has helped my hair SO much), and finally she did a little trim on it. After that was all done, it was time to start the hair trial. I knew I wanted my hair to look something like this:

And, I wanted the bun to be on the side, not directly in the middle of my head. Here’s what it looks like:

Picture of the bun close up:

I LOVE it!! She did exactly what I pictured 🙂 My hair stylist ROCKS!! She is seriously the best in Orlando, in my opinion 🙂

When I got done, which was around 12:30pm, I was SUPER hungry. On my way home, I happened to pass one of my favorite restaurants- Tijuana Flats. I haven’t had it in FOREVER, so I decided to pick up lunch for Craig & I.
One of my favorite parts about the restaurant is the extensive hot sauce bar, look at this thing:

Mmmm soooo good! I love hot sauce 😀
For lunch I got ‘dos tacos’ with lettuce, tomatos & fat free cheese.

(see, I was too hungry to wait to take a picture…I already ate one- oops! 🙂 )
Along with the tacos they give you chips sprinkled with seasoning made from the gods of seasoning. Seriously whatever is in that seasoning that they put on those chips is addictive. I alone could eat a whole bag…that’s why I don’t go to Tijuana Flats often 😉

It was a delicious lunch, and it hit the spot! The rest of the day will be spent working on last minute wedding stuff with the mister. I think I might need some more coffee though…I’m starting to feel that afternoon slump coming on.

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday too! 🙂 I will be back soon with LOTS of goodies to share with you!

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  1. Wow, so I’ll be the creeper who is first to comment. 😛 FRIDAY!!! Wow, so crazy for you and it’s wonder you are up at the crack of dawn with excitement. Looking forward to hearing about this awesome weight routine, I’ll admit I don’t usually read Oxygen, but maybe I’ll have to check it out.

    For the hair, I think you look stunning! I like it a lot better with the bun on the side too, that way you’ll be able to see it better in all of your photos and from the front.

    And for the foodage, that hot sauce bar is something insane! Too bad we don’t have one of those over here on the West coast. Hope the rest of your day is going great! 🙂

  2. It looks exquisite. I love it!

  3. ok i need to try that wrap. your hair looks gorgeous! you are going to make such a pretty bride!

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous. You are going to be such a stunning bride Holly, I can’t wait to see photos.

    I love the spinach and feta wrap. So freaking good.

  5. Love the hair!!! And I actually like Muscle & Fitness Hers probably better than Oxygen Mag.

  6. THAT HAIR IS PERFECT!! It’s so classy and elegant and makes your eyes really pop! How exciting 🙂 And those tacos look good toooo! Happy wedding week!

  7. Your hair looks so gorgeous! That wrap from Starbucks looks so yummy and I totally agree with you about the Flatts seasoning:)

  8. Ooooh Holly your hair is beautiful!! I can’t wait to see pics of the hair and dress and everything 🙂 You must be so excited!

  9. Your hair looks GORGEOUS, I love the side bun!

  10. Your hair looks absolutely stunning! You are going to be a gorgeous bride!

  11. Amy @ countrystrong21

     /  May 24, 2011

    Absolutely love your hair! Can’t wait to see some pictures of the whole deal 🙂

    Hair stylists that do what you want them to do, or at least explain why they won’t do what you bring a picture of are awesome. My usual guy would never cut my hair how the pictures looked. I went some where else but didn’t love that place either. Finding a good hair person is tough!

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