Holly’s Bake Shop!

As you know, I had quite the BUSY weekend this past weekend. Not only was I getting ready for my wedding, but I was also baking up a storm!!

Craig’s group at asked me to cater their breakfast yesterday, and I was MORE than happy to do it! I actually felt pretty honored. They asked me about a week before the event, so I had plenty of time to plan out my menu. The only thing that I did not have to worry about were the eggs & coffee because their cafeteria provided those. (I was grateful for this because you can’t really cook eggs an hour before the event…soggy, cold eggs- yuck!)

I figured that I would share with you what I made– get prepared for LOTS of pictures! 😉 Of course the first page that I hit up was Jessica’s blog. (duh! 🙂 ) I actually used three of Jessica’s recipes! She NEVER disappoints, so even though I have only tried one of the recipes before I was NOT at all worried that they wouldn’t taste good. Love that about her recipes!

First up: Better than Crack Brownies. I made these at Christmas time for Craig’s family’s party & they were the HIT of the party. EVERYONE was asking me for the recipe & just raving at how good they were. I only wanted to make one ‘treat’ for the work breakfast…because it was just that- a breakfast. But, I knew that they would appreciate something sweet 😉
Is this not the best site you have ever seen…

Peanuts & Reese’s. OH YUM!

Take a look at these babies up close and personal– OMG. Are you drooling yet?! And, I used Dark Chocolate brownies for the base. Delish!!

I also made Jessica’s Peanut Butter & Jelly Muffins. I did use white flour instead of wheat, just in case of allergies.

I used grape jelly for the middle.

I also made Peach Pie Muffins, another Jess recipe 🙂 (again, I used regular flour, not whole wheat..just in case of allergies)

And here are both the PB & J muffins & peach pie muffins baked & ready to go:

Not gonna lie, I definitely had to steal a little piece off of each of these types of muffins….and I wish I had made MORE for Craig & I. SO GOOD! I especially LOVED the peanut muffin muffin. (go figure, right?! 😉 ) I think they would be perfect as cupcakes too-with MORE peanut butter frosting 😀 Mmmmmm!! I’m going to keep that in mind for some cupcakes in the future.

I wanted to make ONE more type of muffin, so I picked out a recipe that I found on Tasty KitchenDouble Chocolate Cream Cheese Filled Muffins….for the chocolate lovers 🙂

I wish I could of cut one of these open to show you the inside…but I didn’t want to ruin them before they got them for the breakfast. (& I didn’t have any extras 😦 )

I did have a special request for Mixed Berry Coffee Cake. I had made this before for Craig’s co-workers & they LOVED it. One lady actually asked me to make this particular recipe & she would pay me for it…that’s HOW much she liked it! Of course this recipe had to go on the list of items to bring 🙂

Here is a step by step post about making this coffee cake.

Another requst that I got was for Monkey Bread. I’m SURE you have heard of it & probably even had it, right?!! If not, you NEED to go to your kitchen & make this IMMEDIATELY. It’s one of those recipes that you just want to share with everyone because not only is it SO good, but it’s SO easy! It is NOT a healthy recipe, but it’s SO worth the calories 😉

Mmmmmm ooooooey gooooey goodness 😀

I made this back when I made the Mixed Berry Coffee Cake for Craig’s office & they devoured it. This is also one of Craig’s favorite breakfast foods. I had to keep a watchful eye on him to make sure he didn’t sneak any 😉

I figured that I would make something pretty basic too, so I whipped up some banana nut bread. (I just used a recipe in my Betty Crocker cook book)

Another really easy recipe I found is for Chocolate Chip Filled Crescent Rolls. I followed that recipe, and then I added chocolate drizzle to the top of each crescent roll. (About 2/3 cup chocolate chips + 1 1/2 teaspoons shortening- do NOT replace shortening with butter or oil, it will NOT turn out right.)

(I made 2 batches- this is batch #1)

Last but NOT least, I made two loves of bread- one white bread & one whole wheat bread.

Here are all of the items lined up & ready to go- as you can see they COVERED our kitchen table.

Needless to say, my Kitchen Aid mixer DEFINITELY got a workout this weekend!! I really enjoyed making all of these things for his co workers. I think one of my favorite parts is picking out all of the recipes. I love trying new things & kind of testing as I go along.

Craig was texting me through out the breakfast & he said it was AWESOME & that everyone was enjoying all of the food. The BEST part of the whole thing was that I got ANOTHER order for catering!!!!!!!! One of Craig’s co-workers came up & said that she would like me to cater a party for 50 people!!!!! I was SO happy 😀 😀 It is such a complement to have someone ask for ME to cater their party! He’s going to get me all of the information soon (of course it’s after our wedding & honeymoon 🙂 ) & then I can start planning the menu! I told him this could be my side job 🙂

Well, I’m off! It’s my last day of work for almost 2 weeks!!! Hard to believe that today is already here..I remember looking at my work calendar just a little while ago thinking how LONG it would be until I got my short 2 day week..and now it’s HERE! Ahh!!

My sister is also flying in tonight from Buffalo, NY- so I’m going to pick her up & then maybe take her to dinner…or do whatever she wants. She is staying with us tonight! I’m looking forward to a fun girl’s night 😀 I haven’t seen her since October, so it will be VERY nice to catch up!!!

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  1. Everything looks amazing, Holly! What a fun way to kick off a very memorable week. 🙂

  2. Umm wow, everything looks so decadent, I am drooling over the key board haha
    I have made the better than crack brownies before too, and they were certainly a hit of the party 🙂
    I hope you have a wonderful time with your sister!

  3. Everything looks awesome! Good for you for doing that the week of your wedding 🙂
    I think about you EVERY day, because I still remember the week before mine, and it was most anticipation of my life…and trust me, it’s worth it! It only gets better from here 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness they much have been in sweets heaven! Congrats on the second order-you’re awesome!

  5. Wow – you were kitchen queen!!!

  6. So much stuff!! I’d be really happy with a pb&j muffin right now…

  7. Oh wow, I would pass out after baking 3 of those recipes. You’re superwoman!

  8. Monkey bread is by far one of my favorite recipes ever. That looks so good and nomtastic. If you lived closer, I would ask you to cater every single event for me.

  9. That is so awesome Holly!!! You could TOTALLY have a side business and who knows…maybe one day a whole full-time gig! 🙂

  10. Oh dear god. I want all of it…the monkey bread, the coffee cake, the PB muffins. I’m dying here. This all looks so incredibly drool-worthy. Craig’s group of engineers are insanely lucky =P

  11. You are one baking fiend! Everything looks amazing!!!! 😀

  12. you are SO right.. Jessica is a rockstar, and her recipes are like the bible to me. ALLL of your delish eats look fantastic!

  13. It all looks amazing!! Girl, I am so excited for you!

  14. Wow you are one busy baker! Everything looks so good. I remember a lot of these recipes from Jessica’s blog before. Always wanted to try the PB and J muffins. They look mmmm mmm good. I can’t believe you did all this the week before your wedding. Super woman!

  15. Holy crap. So many baked goods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  16. Amy @ countrystrong21

     /  May 24, 2011

    Wow! Everything looks soooo good! Once again you have made me drool at work while looking at all of your amazing pictures of amazing food.

    Definitely will be coming back to this to get some recipes after I’m home tonight!

  17. That looks like an incredible spread! Props to you, that is awesome! I would love to do that, I’ve always thought catering as a small side job would be fun! I can’t wait to try some of these recipes!

  18. Excellent!! That looks amazing!! Now you have me craving monkey bread!! 🙂

  19. I have literally been drooling throughout this post — everything looks INCREDIBLE.

  20. HOLY COW, how can I get in Craig’s group??!! haha…seriously, you’re the best soon-to-be-wifey on the planet. Everything looks insanely delicious, but I’d have to say that my top pick would be to go straight for the monkey bread, that is one of my fav treats!
    It’s amazing you found the time to do the baking marathon on top of all other things. Only three more days!! 🙂

  21. Wow! All your food looks amazing. People at work are going to wonder why I’m drooling over my computer 🙂

  22. I’m literally drooling. Breakfast is my favorite and this looks like heaven on earth.

  23. You are a blessing with patience. I would mess up all of those. Can you come bake for me:)

  24. That is a crazy amount of baking but everything looks amazing!!! Who knows where this catering on the side could take you… : )


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