Day in the Life of Hollie

Hey Guys! I’m off enjoying my honeymoon with my HUSBAND! 😉 I have some guest posts lined up for you though, so I hope that you enjoy all of them!

First post is from a girl who has the best name in the world- Hollie 😀 Yes, we do spell it different, but it’s still the best name ever 😉 Hollie is such a sweetheart & I’m so glad that she was able to write a guest post! Enjoy!!

Hi everyone my name is Hollie (not too be confused with Holly) and I blog at lolzthatswimandrun. 

I’m currently a junior majoring in math and education with a minor in nutrition.  I am also a member of my college’s varsity cross country and swim team.  Both I love dearly and wouldn’t give either up for the world. 

The seasons overlap between late September and mid November.  Between running 50 miles weekly and swimming about 12 hours a day-my bed calls my name every single night.  Although, I have been swimming the majority of my life I have only picked up running over the course of this past year.  Last year was first year participating in both seasons at the same time.

Even with both sports, I was able to maintain above a 3.0 GPA and also maintain my social connections with friends. Although I don’t have many of them, one of my strongest attributes (besides pancake making) is how oraganized and planned that my life is.  I am literally one to say, I’ll pencil you in.  I often get a ton of questions of how I balanced school, swimming, running and my social life alongside actually relaxing and me time.  Don’t forget the blog because I dedicated about an hour to that every night.  M y blog was and still is actually a huge outlet and stress reliever for me.

Most college students are going to bed at 5:30am, but I woke up every weekday at 5:30.  There was one day that I can remember first semester that I slept in, but I followed what my body told me and that was I needed more sleep.  I would wake up (read a few blogs…drink coffee and eat a power bar) then my housemate and I would walk to swim practice at 5:50 and swim from 6-8.  Seriously those 10 minutes of bonding can make you BFFS for life.

From 6-8, I had swim practice.  I would always split the lane with another distance swimmer Kelsey in which we did anywhere from 6000-7000 yards of swimming.  It wasn’t as bad as it sounds and you really become close to someone that way.  People don’t realize that often times your teammates are your closest friends because you see them so much more and you bond through the pain and boredom of practice.

From 8-10, I would make pancakes (everyday) and read blogs and perhaps if I had any last minute homework or studying to do-do that.  It was kind of like open/free time for me.  

From 10-1, I had 3 classes back to back to back.  I liked to just get them over with and all in a row.  I saved me time-walking back and forth from my townhouse and just got them over with.

Then from 1-2, I would normally eat with one of my friends or two or three.  I tried to eat lunch on campus as much as possible because they had healthy food choices and I could see friends I don’t normally get to see that way.

From 2-4 was solid homework time.  No matter what.  I put about two hours of homework in on the weekdays and spent most of my weekends doing homework. 

4-6 was running time.  Granted, we wouldn’t run the two hours completely and got out most of the time at 5:30, but it was supposedly dedicated to running. 

5:30-9, was dedicated to eating and relaxing.  I couldn’t tell you what I normally did because it changed depending on the day-sometimes I would need to finish work, sometimes I seriously spend half the time on blogs.  It all just depended.

9pm, I strived to lay in my bed and just relax.  Just relaxing made the day seem so much better.  When I relaxed I was just overall more happy.

I can’t explain it but being away from technology and just relaxing with my own personal time made me feel so much better and helped to me to continue to put myself through so much stress and pressure.

Feel free to email me anytime about any questions regarding swimming, running and even math! 

Thanks so much Holly for allowing me to do a guest post and I hope you are having a beautiful wedding and honey moon!  🙂

Question for you:

What do you make time for that others may not understand?

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  1. My work shift varies, but the days that i have to get up at 4:30 to get to work… I go to sleep at 8:30. Though I get made fun of called a grandma. I need my sleep.

  2. Some people don’t understand making time for blogging but I’m sure lots of us can relate to that:)

  3. This is a great post!! Right now I’m a nursing student, bodybuilder (hobbyist for now, but still train 5x/week and eat accordingly, which takes about an extra hour a day), part-time office cleaner and I work from home and blog. So YES I am tired at 9pm even on Friday nights! haha! So many people don’t get that and think it’s weird that I’m a student and don’t party. Ummm I do NOT have the energy!

  4. Amy @ countrystrong21

     /  May 30, 2011

    I love Hollie! I need to be more like her and set aside time to work on homework and strictly homework. In the past when I say I’ll work on homework I start doing other things like reading blogs, whoopsie!


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