Picking Your Room at Sandals

Good Morning 😀

I love all of the feedback about Jackie Warner’s book & workouts! I am REALLY enjoying them…and the UFC’s are causing some severe quad soreness! Of course it’s a GOOD sore, but DANG those will KILL your quads– 6 sets of 30 reps- YIKES!

Anyways, today I figure I will pick up where I left off about our honeymoon at Sandals Grande St. Lucian. Today I figure I will talk about some TIPS in regards to booking rooms at Sandals. I have gotten quite a few emails (which I LOVE!!) from people that are thinking about going to a Sandals resort, or that are actually going to the same resort that we did. So I figure that this post will be very helpful when you are booking & once you get there.

Regarding the ROOMS:
1. Make sure you get a pool view or a beach view. Inititally we were put in a room in the back of the resort (it actually faced the road that we drove in to get to the resort.) & we were really disappointed. It just didn’t really have that ‘honeymoon vibe’ & it felt like we were back in Florida..honestly. It was a bummer. Craig decided to go up to the front desk & see if there was any way that we could get a room change. He was thinking that maybe they gave away the better room, since we were delayed for a day. LUCKILY one of the ladies that he spoke with was VERY nice & immediately found 2 rooms that were available that had a pool view. We went right over & looked at the first room & loved it. We went back to our old room & packed up right away & headed to our new room.

Here is the view from the NEW room:

2. In our opinion, we did NOT think it would of been worth it to have a room with the swim up pool. I think these rooms that had the swim up pool were like an extra $100- $150 a night. SAVE YOUR MONEY! The only reason that I say this is because, if you are like us & like the idea of a swim up bar & lounge chairs, then you will want to hang out at the big pool. The main pool, which is the big pool, is just more fun & you get more of the vacation vibe. It’s right next to the beach, so you can walk between the pool & the beach whenever you want.

^big pool with the swim up bar

3. We got the honeymoon suite & we were very happy with it! (once we switched to the better room, of course 😉 ) The rooms were really large, with a big king size bed, a flat screen tv, a patio with a small table & chairs, & a big bathroom with 2 sinks & a tub.

4. The electrical outlets ARE different. At first I had NO idea what I was going to do…because I only had things (hair dryer, straightener) that had plugs intended for American outlets. Thankfully Craig came to my rescue and found ONE outlet that had 2 sockets for American hair stylers 😉 Oh, and the resort DID provide a hair dryer that would work in their outlets, but I preferred to use my own.

5. Just so you know, you CAN order room service for breakfast no matter WHAT room you are in,  it does not cost extra. Typically for room service you have to have a certain ‘level’ of room, but for breakfast they will let you order it. You will get a slip of paper that you fill out the night before & then hang it on your door. It’s really good- I mean just basic stuff- like cereal, bagels, toast, fruit, etc. Craig & I did that a few mornings & then we also went out to the restaurants for breakfast a few mornings too. We wanted to experience it all 😀

At the Pool/ Beach Bar:
1. You can set up your ‘spot’ at the pool by just putting towels on the chairs that you want. (I put a magazine in my chair as well) You will probably see people ‘claiming’ their spots as early as 7am! I would be walking back from the gym & see people putting their towels out. We didn’t learn this until like the 3rd day. But once we did, you better believe we had ‘our spot’ every day. 🙂

2. At the pool bar, you already KNOW you have to try the ‘dirty banana’ but I also suggest the ‘No pressure, no problem.’ That was Craig’s drink of choice at the pool.

3. If you can find JIMMY, you HAVE to talk to him. He is always at the pool bar around noon-ish until 4pm-ish & then he goes over to the beach bar. He is AWESOME & you will love him. Also, tell him you want the ‘Jimmy’ to drink…it is SO good! It was my drink of choice before dinner. (it’s quite a mixture of things- wine (pinot grigio), liquor (amaretto & vodka) & soda (sprite)….just ask him if he remembers it 🙂 Sounds like a crazy mix, but it was good!)

4. The beach bar clears out around 7pm because everyone is heading to dinner…so if you want to grab a drink before dinner I suggest 7pm & then eat a later dinner. 🙂

^at the beach bar before dinner

I think that wraps up my tips for choosing your room & other tips about the pool. If you have any questions about any of that- let me know 🙂 I have a few more posts to go about our honeymoon, so stayed tuned 😀 I some step-by-step recipes for a meal that was requested by one of my best friends.

Hope you have a great day! …& yay for Friday Eve 😉

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  1. I would seriously get mad creepy in that room just staring out of the window. The dirty banana sounds like a riot ha.

    I love love love your new blog layout.

  2. Liz @ Blog is the New Black

     /  June 16, 2011

    sO jealous! I wanna go on a romantic vaca!

  3. I loved this review–especially the little things that you wouldn’t otherwise think off like a pool view and outlets! Thanks for posting! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I’m so happy for you guys!!!

  4. SO nice that you guys were able to change rooms! You definitely need a pool\beach view while on your honeymoon! Don’t you miss it already? It’s almost been a year since We got married and I think about our honeymoon almost everyday! I want to go back!!

  5. These are some really great tips! Thank you for posting these. I most definitely want to go to a Sandals resort for my honeymoon. I need a vacation so bad!

  6. Your room is beautiful!!! 🙂

  7. I never would have thought about the electrical outlets. I love having a room with a balcony.

  8. Oh this makes me want to be back on my Honeymoon..fabulous tips too. I highly recommend the ocean view only because I love leaving the french doors open to hear the waves at night.

  9. all my family (sister, brother, and cousins) have gone to Sandals resorts for their honeymoons and LOVED it, too. I’m so jeal of your getaway! 🙂

  10. This is great advice! Your pictures made me long for a vacation! I’d love to go on a honeymoon some time soon. All I need to do is find the groom 🙂

  11. i’m jealous…in a good way! your guys’ honeymoon looks so amazing, and thanks for all inside tips. 🙂 hopefully i’ll be able to make my way to that spot at some point….lol.

    i’ve only been out of the country once, to italy, and the electrical thing totally threw me too! haha, i had to have someone else help me find a way to plug my stuff in. 😛

    also have to say i’m loving the new blog layout! super chic. 🙂

  12. That place looks so nice! I can’t wait til I get married and go on my honeymoon…my bf needs to read this 😉 haha

  13. kaylyn

     /  June 16, 2011

    Your room looks beautiful! Worth the upgrade!
    Did you workout everyday while you were there? How was the gym?
    I love working out on vacation..when possible. I brought my TRX to Hawaii and It was great to workout in the tropical heat..and I mean, you can’t beat the beautiful sceanery and the sounds of the ocean in the background 🙂

  14. Awwwwwwww Holly!!! Reading this post brought back SO many memories! It looks like we had the exact same room type, too! 🙂

    My favorite drink to order was the Miami Vice, but I wish I had gotten that Dirty Banana (YUM!).

    I want to go back…… 😉

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