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  • June 2011
    M T W T F S S

Pretty Food Always Tastes Better

Happy Friday!!!

So looking forward to 5pm when the work day is over! 😀

Today I will conclude our honeymoon trip. I hope you have enjoyed all of the re-caps, I have enjoyed putting them together. 🙂

One of the best parts about going to an all-inclusive resort is unlimited food & drinks! I was kind of skeptical as to how the food would be. Because it was unlimited & you could get as much as you wanted, I didn’t know if it would be that good. I was definitely surprised at all of the food options & at HOW good the food was!

On the first night we got there we headed to a restaurant, Barefoot by the Sea, & we were presented the menu. The first thing that I noticed was that there was a vegetarian option. Come to find out ALL of the restaurants offered at least one vegetarian option. Most of the time I actually opted FOR the vegetarian option because it sounded so good & I was NOT disappointed!

^Stuffed bell peppers with balsamic vinegar glaze

They also offered a ‘healthy option’ at every restaurant where they listed the nutritional information along with the meal. I really liked that they had so many options, it was nice to know that you could eat healthy if you wanted.

I think our favorite dish that we got there was from the ‘Olde London Pub.’ We found these fried shrimp on the appetizer menu there & figured we would give them a try. Well, they were WAY better than we expected. The shrimp were HUGE & they were lightly battered so you could actually taste the shrimp & not just grease.

We enjoyed those little plump (haha- love that word!) everytime we went to the London Pub…which was frequently 😉

There is ONE food item that I did bring with me to St. Lucia. I did NOT want to be left without it. This should be a pretty easy one to guess….

Peanut butter…of course 🙂 Now, I’m normally a PB & co girl only…but I had to buy this at the resort that our wedding was at before we left, and they only had ONE jar left of any peanut butter..so Peter Pan it was!

They did in fact have peanut butter, but I was prepared…just in case 😉 This girl CANNOT be without her peanut butter…otherwise it’s bad news for those around me 😀

Another one of our favorite restaurants was Josephine’s. It was a French style restaurant that offered a bunch of different brunch options, soups, salads, sandwiches & our favorite pizza!

The pizza was SO good because of the way it was cooked. It was cooked over an open fire & the crust was that perfect kind of crispy thin crust. Normally I am not a thin crust girl, GIMME the thick crust (love my carbs 😉 ), but this thin crust was different & oh so good!

One of the best parts of the food at Sandals was how it was presented. I love when not only does the food taste good (that’s key, right?! 😉 ) but it also comes out looking pretty! I think it’s the blogger in me, I just love pretty pictures of food.

That salmon above was some of the best salmon that I have ever had! It was from Toscanni’s, which is the Italian restaurant at Sandals Grande. In order to go to Toscanni’s, you need to make reservations. It does not cost extra, but space is limited each night so they require reservations. We decided to make reservations to go there on our last night. We wanted to end our honeymoon with something to look forward to, so that’s why we decided on the last night.

Let me tell you, it is SO worth it!! When you first sit down you are presented with a bed basket that had three different types of dipping sauces/ toppings to go with it.

See that long thing sticking up? Those were like long crunchy breadsticks. I demolished both of them- so good! 🙂

We both enjoyed our dinners VERY much, and then it was time to for dessert. I actually did not really order dessert when we were there, but my husband did! He ordered ice cream nearly every night & I only wished that I could have a bite. (stupid stomach!) Actually, most nights I was so STUFFED to even think about dessert. But on our final night, I thought it would be nice to enjoy something sweet & I spotted strawberry shortcake on the dessert menu. I was sold!

Isn’t it so pretty? The ‘strawberry shortcake’ was on the left..I don’t know that I would call it that, but hey it wasn’t too bad. I was hoping for biscuits with strawberries, or angel food cake with strawberries, but I guess puff pastry with strawberries will have to do 😉 I did LOVE the presentation, especially the cute heart 🙂 I do NOT know what the stuff on the right it, I think it was some kind of flan, but I did not eat that. It did entertain me though, I kept shaking the place because the ‘flan stuff’ would jiggle like a boob- HAHAHAHA 😀 Even if I didn’t eat it, it was good for entertainment purposes 😉 It’s the little things that I just find so funny, I swear 😀

Once your bellies are completely stuffed, you can go & lay on one of these until you feel like moving again.

After a beautiful week in St. Lucia, it was finally time to head back home.

^on the plane back home, reading my nook color…love it 😀

Now, I can’t say that I was sad about going home. Of course I wished that we could stay a few more days, but I LOVE home. I LOVED that I got to go home with my HUSBAND. I LOVE that I enjoy my ‘regular life.’

The best advice that I can give you though, is to take the first Monday after you get back from your honeymoon OFF of work. I did that, & boy was I glad. I got to knock out a BAZILLION errands, and I also got to tackle all of the massive amounts of laundry that we had. It wasn’t a day that I just laid around on the couch, I was crazy busy with a ton of stuff on my ‘to-do’ list. It was just nice having that extra day.

Anyways, sorry that I was having WordPress issues earlier…glad that they finally resolved themselves!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Friday! I have a reader request for a post that I will be doing this weekend! It will be about weight lifting & how to make it more enjoyable…and beat the weight lifting boredom. So be on the lookout 😀

Happy FRIDAY 😀


Good Morning!

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to let you all know that I am having MAJOR issues with WordPress.
It keeps deleting my posts. I am getting REALLY frustrated…so I think I’m goin to take the day off from blogging. I don’t want to start my Friday in a bad mood. Hope you understand!

Enjoy your day! I’ll be back when I can…maybe even later today!! 🙂