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  • June 2011
    M T W T F S S

How to Enjoy Weight Lifting

Good Morning!

Happy Saturday 😀 Right now I’m just sitting here typing this post, drinking my coffee, & having my typical breakfast.

^Cinnamon Raisin bagel thin with PB & Co cinnamon raisin peanut butter, banana sliced on top & cinnamon sprinkled over it!
(this is typically what I eat every morning. I just love it. Especially after FINALLY finding the cinnamon raisin bagel thins!!)

Mmmmm! Perfect way to start the day. I’ll be headed to the gym soon, but I’m waiting for the hubby to wake up. I’m so envious that he can sleep in on the weekends, I just can’t. My body is up & ready to go like it’s a normal workday. Oh well, at least I can knock out sometimes I needed to get done early. 🙂

Today’s post is a reader request! Amy asked me for tips on making weight training more fun & just some good workout ideas that involve weight training. I totally understand that weight training can sometimes be boring…and it’s hard to start doing it. But I have a few ways to make it more enjoyable & some tips for you!

But first  have to say, bloggers are SO talented. I received my first batch of ‘Healthy Bites’ from Lindsay, and I have to say these little bites are delicious!! I ordered the cookie dough, cherry berry, apple cinnamon, and ‘whey good.’ Lindsay got them made really quickly & sent them super fast!

^those are the cherry berry & the cookie dough

All of the bites are really good & perfect for a little stomach to get in your stomach before a morning workout. Normally I do not eat anything before I workout in the morning, because well I do not have enough time to let whatever I eat digest..and I’m NOT about to get up at 4am. Yikes! 5am is early enough! But the only thing with working out that early is that with nothing in your stomach you can have low energy. So with a little Healthy Bite…or 2, in your belly you can get your metabolism started & not workout on an empty stomach. Not only do they taste good, but they are good for you– made with gluten free and mostly organic ingredients. My favorite flavor out of my batch is the cherry berry! YUM!

You can order some too– just check out Lindsay’s Healthy Bites page on Facebook 🙂
Thanks Lindsay 😀

Now I have some weight training tips for you! Hopefully these will help you enjoy weight training more, or start weight training. I have told you my weight training story before, but I’ll do a little re-cap for ya. 🙂 I used to only do cardio- lots & lots of running all of the time. Then I started reading blogs and read about how much they encouraged weight training. As a female, you always worry that weight training will make you bulk up. It will NOT.

**PLEASE keep in mind, I am NOT a nutritionist or a doctor. What I am writing is my PERSONAL OPINION & what I have noticed in my own experiences.**

Weight training has helped me tone up my muscles & makes me feel STRONG. I’m sure you have heard- ‘strong is the new skinny.’ I LOVE that saying!! There is no reason that you should be afraid to be strong. It’s kind of empowering 😉

Also, if you are trying to lose weight, you should hit the weights rather than just doing repetitive cardio. Seriously. You will lose more weight doing that than running for hours on end. The reason is that the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn. With weight training you will continue to burn calories AFTER your workout, rather than with cardio in which your calorie burn stops right when you are done with your workout.

So, where do you start??
1. My first tip is to go to the gym with a PLAN. I have a big notebook of different workouts, and I even have them ‘tabbed’ off- my tabs are ‘upper body workouts’, ‘lower body workouts’, ‘full body workouts’, & ‘bootcamp workouts.’

I plan my workouts the night before. Sometimes I even plan them on a Sunday night for the entire week…but then mid week I might change my mid, that’s why I usually stick to planning the night before. I HATE walking into the gym without a plan. I feel like I’m lost…and then I typically do a half ass workout. (pardon my French 😉 )

2. Mix in some cardio into your weight training. My favorite kind of strength workout is when I add sprinting in between sets. Here is an example of that:
(this is full body)
Exercise                                                     Reps
Jumping Lunges                                      12 each leg
Push ups with rotation                           12 total (6 each side)
Leg Curls (on machine)                          12 total
Plie Squats with weight                          12 total

5 minutes on treadmill– 1 minute at 6.5, 30 seconds at 9.0- repeat until you reach 5 minutes

3. Do 2 in 1 exercises. I like these because you get double the workout & you only do one move! 2 for 1 always sounds good to me 😉
Here are some examples:
-deadlift with row (targets hamstrings & back)
-plie squat with bicep curl (targets inner thighs & biceps)
-lunge with overhead press (targets quads and shoulders)
-lateral lunge with front raise (targets legs & shoulders)

4. Switch up your workout routine every 2 weeks- 1 month. It’s good to have a plan or a routine that you stick to, that way you have a PLAN when you go to the gym, but make sure that you switch it! You don’t want to keep doing the same thing month after month, only because your body will get used to it & then your workout will not produce the results you want.

5. FOCUS on the muscle that you are working. I know this may sound silly, but honestly I feel like I get a much better workout when I really focus & think about the muscles that I am workout. For instance, if you are working biceps- think about that muscle & how much you would like to have toned arms- think of a person’s biceps that you admire. Really, this helps! 😀

6. Find a style of workout that you enjoy. There are so many different ways that you can plan a strength training routine. Find something that you like & stick with it! That is the key- STICK WITH IT! Just like anything, you will NOT see results right away..you have to give it time. I have been strength training for about a year & a half, and just recently I am really seeing the results of my workouts! Of course I have been seeing them all along, but now I’m seeing them really *pop*, if you know what I mean. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t notice it right away…and DO NOT get nervous when you see the scale get a little higher at first. REMEMBER– MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT! The first thing you will notice is how your clothes FIT! Even if your weight might be up a pound or two…check out how you FEEL in your clothes & how they are fitting. I bet you will start to feel much better about how they fit & how they look! 😀

Below are some of my favorite workouts: (I did not put a weight, I would just recommend using whatever weight you are comfortable with)

Different Grip Workout- for Biceps & Triceps (Upper Body)
I recommend 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise, again you can change the sets & reps to whatever fits YOUR training!

Reverse Barbell Curls (palms are down)
Standing Overhead Rope Extension
*5 minutes on treadmill- 1 min. @ 6.5, 30 sec. @ 9.0 (you can adjust the speed!!)

Bicep Curls from the Side
Bench Dips
*5 minutes on treadmill- 1 min. @ 6.5, 30 sec. @ 9.0 (you can adjust the speed!!)

Incline Dumbbell Hammer Curls
Nose Breakers
*5 minutes on treadmill- 1 min. @ 6.5, 30 sec. @ 9.0 (you can adjust the speed!!)

V-bar Cable Curls
Tricep Pushdowns
*5 minutes on treadmill- 1 min. @ 6.5, 30 sec. @ 9.0 (you can adjust the speed!!)

Alternating Curls
One Arm Overhead Extensions
*5 minutes on treadmill- 1 min. @ 6.5, 30 sec. @ 9.0 (you can adjust the speed!!)
Superset Leg Workout (Legs/ Glutes/ Lower Body)
**Supersetting ses in a row without stopping**
I recommend doing 3 sets of 12 reps of each, but you can change it to your training schedule.

Bulgarian Split Squats
Supersetted with Good Mornings

Plie Squats
Supersetted with Calf Raises on Machine

Single Leg Deadlifts
Supersetted with Side Lunges

Leg Press
Supersetted with Leg Extensions

Leg Curls on Machine
Supersetted with Zercher Squat (one of my favorite moves!)

For some more workout ideas, check out my ‘strength training tab’ & ‘bootcamp workouts tab.’

I hope this has helped!!! 😀  If you have any more questions, or any more requests, just let me know! 🙂

Enjoy your Saturday!!! Looks like the hubby is up & we are off to the gym! 🙂