Putting Things Into Perspective

Good Morning!

We are almost to a LONG weekend! Woohoo- I cannot wait. We are planning a little trip for the weekend to celebrate the 4th, so I’m definitely looking forward to Friday afternoon getting here! It will be a trip very similar to the one we too last 4th of July..and I’m sure we will have just as much fun…if not more 😉

(Actually July 4th, 2010 was shortly before we got engaged!! 😀 Craig was in the middle of planning the whole engagement (of course- I had NO idea) & he actually purchased my ring that weekend! What good memories :D)

I actually might not have to go into work at all, only because I’m having my CAT scan Friday morning at 8:30am. They say it’s only like a 30 minute test (not too bad!) & if I’m feeling ok after drinking the fluid that you have to drink (it’s chalk-like…oh yummy) then I will head back to work…can’t be too bad since we get out at noon. But I’m not sure how I will be feeling. I have had a CAT scan before, but it was a few years ago so I don’t remember it that well.

Yesterday was a pretty touching day. It really put all of my issues & problems with my Crohn’s disease into perspective. Around 10am yesterday morning I received a text from Craig that said “I love you.” This is not out of the ordinary, as we text each other here and there all day when we are at work. But usually it’s something funny, a reminder, or just a ‘hi & I miss you’ kind of text.

As soon as I got his text, I wrote him back & told him that I loved him too. But then he sent me something that made all of my problems seem like NOTHING. He told me that one of his co-worker’s niece was just diagnosed with leukemia. Not only was she just diagnosed, but it was SUDDEN & she is now on LIFE SUPPORT. …she is not going to live much longer. Not only that…but she is 24 years old, she JUST got married 2 weeks ago…and now she is brain dead. This hit me like a TON OF BRICKS.

It is crazy because it sounds like where I am at in life- I’m 24 years old & I just got married..a little over a month ago. I can’t even wrap my head around this situation for this poor girl & her family..and her brand new husband. It breaks my heart. I just can’t even imagine what I would do…or what my family would do…or what my husband would do.

Not only do I have that story on my mind, but I constantly have Susan on my mind. She was also diagnosed with cancer. A beautiful, healthy, 25 year old battling cancer. It just BLOWS MY MIND. But the good news is that Susan is VERY strong & I know she will fight it!!

Needless to say, this made me think of everything that I’m thankful for…even the smallest things that I tend to overlook on a daily basis. Like how thankful I am just to be able to wake up & go to bed in the comfort of my bed…little things like that. And of course it makes me SO thankful for everyone in my life.

My husband:

^my hubby at my surprise shower…back in December 2010

My family:

My Dad

My Mom & my 2 sisters

My cousins (with my sisters & I) who are are more like sisters

The CUTEST nephew a girl could ask for:


My ‘new’ family- My in-laws 🙂 :

& My friends:

^one of my very best friends- Cori & I

^another one of my best friends- Lea

And SO MANY OTHER people in my life, but of course I do not have enough room on the blog to list them all. But really I am SO grateful. I have SO MANY THINGS to be grateful in my life.

Honestly these recent events have just made me realize that my problems are so small compared to the problems & issues that other people have. I’ve heard the saying ‘There is always someone out there worse off than you are. There are always people with bigger problems that you.‘ That is SO true.

Compared to these other events going on in people’s lives, my Crohn’s disease issues are so small.

Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in your own issues, and you forget that in comparison to things, it’s really only a small issue that you CAN work through. Sometimes it might take a little while, but it’s do-able! With the right people for support, it can make things even easier. 🙂 I’m really lucky to have such a caring husband & parents that are by my side through all of this. I don’t know what I would do without them.

Anyways, sorry, I kind of went on about that…but I guess it just really hit me! I don’t want to make this post too long, so I’ll end it here. If you made it through the whole thing, thanks. 😀 I hope you can relate.

I will catch ya later! Tomorrow is FINALLY Friday- YAY!!

Questions for you:
1. Have you ever had something really hit you hard & kind of put your own life & issues into perspective?
2. Have you ever had a CAT scan? What was it for?
3. What is one thing that happened lately that you are really grateful for?


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  1. Love the post Holly! Sometimes when I get caught up in my own stupid, mundane, issues I think about my mom and aunt who have MS, my grandma who has breast cancer, and my brother who has Crohns. It definitely puts things into perspective for me! I had a cat scan my senior year of high school because I was having some stomach issues, but they didn’t find anything! You look gorgeous in all of your pics 🙂

  2. Great post, girl! Lloyd always puts things in perspective for me too… if I complain he reminds me how much worse it could be. I try to tell myself that, too.

    Feel better! Love ya!

  3. Great post, Holly! The week after my roommate’s 25th birthday, she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin’s disease–she is so strong and will get through this, but it definitely puts my daily issues into perspective.

    I had a cat scan during high school after I fainted unexpectedly, but everything was fine!

    I am really greatful for my dad. We went on a trip last weekend in Pittsburgh and it was so awesome to see him (we are usually 10 hours away from each other). He is always there for me and just being around him made me realize how lucky I am : )

    btw–I love your blog–you are such a beautiful, strong woman!

  4. oh no, I’m sorry to hear about Craig’s co-worker. That is just terrible and my prayers are with them.

    It’s so true, we need to be grateful for everything we have in life as nothing is a guarantee.

  5. Girl I always try to remember that too – on my worst day someone else is probably going through a hell I don’t understand. Of course, that shouldn’t totally diminish what you’re going through you know. Just changes perspective a bit. Makes you reflect and appreciate more (something we should do anyway right?).

    I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow morning.

  6. I am so sorry about Craig’s co-worker. That is just awful. I always try to put things in prospective too. I’m big on telling the people in my life how much I love them and care about them as much as I can. I think that’s important.

    Good luck with you cat scan. I had one of my stomach years ago. Drinking that stuff is definitely no fun.

  7. Oh wow Holly. I’m so sorry to hear about all that. It would have hit me like a ton as well. Actually-I don’t know if you read her blog but Caitlin at logginandbloggin, a good friend of mine just got hit by a baseball and fractured her skull and she can’t play soccer again. It really hit me hard because we were so close.

  8. Great post Holly, and SO true. I find myself guilty of harping on my little, tiny problems and then thinking about others’ much more difficult situations brings me back to earth. My mother always helps me gain perspective. She was diagnosed with breast cancer my senior year of high school and even though she’s in remission, I know it’s a daily struggle living with cancer. Her strength sets a big example for me about how to handle my own problems.

    I’m really grateful for my hometown. Sounds stupid but I havent stopped smiling since I booked my week vacation in Omaha. I just can’t wait to see everyone 🙂

  9. I hate hearing stories like that. It breaks my heart. I always try to be thankful for my healthy and what I have but this weekend I will be extra grateful.

    Good luck with your cat scan and I hope it goes ok!

  10. THank you for sharing this story. I was/am having a crappy day and it definitely does put things into perspective hearing this story. Life is so short and can be lost in a minute. The little things are just blips that we can power through.

    My heart goes out to that girl, her husband, and family…

  11. I think we all get caught up in our “crap” that we forget just how blessed we are. I love that you wrote this and you are truly grateful!

  12. I just wrote today about my grandma being cancer free for 5 years and how I reacted when she was diagnosed. I was in denial and just told myself that everything would be okay and then one day it just hit me that things might not turn out okay and from that day on I was so scared. Thankfully, she beat it but I remember how it made me feel like my world had stopped.

    Good luck with your scan! I’m sending good wishes your way!

  13. Oh I got CHILLS reading this 😦 And then I teared up. My heart and prayers go out to that young girl and her family…gosh. I cannot even imagine or comprehend something so tragic 😦

    Good luck with your CAT scan!!!

  14. Oh my goodness…that DOES put things into perspective! I am so guilty about always talking about fat I think am or how gross I look. It makes me feel like those petty statements are just ridiculous when I think about that poor girl’s situation! 😦

  15. Unfortunately, that really does put things in perspective! 😦 That is suchhhh a sad story! My prayers will be with that family.

    Sure makes me not worry about trivial things……

  16. Ivy

     /  June 30, 2011

    Your husbands co-workers niece is my husbands boss’s sister. Unfortunately she passed away yesterday 😦 She was only 29 years old, such a terrible thing.

    • Hi Ivy! & thank you for letting me know. That is SO sad. I cannot get her story out of my head. I keep thinking about it all of the time. I just cannot even imagine what her family is goin through. If you know of anything I can do, PLEASE PLEASE let me know.

  17. Oh my gosh, I can’t even imagine that. One thing to be diagnosed with leukemia, but it’s a whole other thing to basically be on your way out when you find out. 😦

    I actually put things into perspective all the time. Whenever I’m stressed about something small and silly, I remind myself of all the others in the world who will never even be able to stress about such things.

    Good luck w/ the scan!

  18. Dad/Kevin

     /  July 2, 2011

    That was a very touching post and it makes me grateful I have such a wonderful daughter in my life!

    I love you Holly!

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