Funky Friday

Good Morning!
HAPPY FRIDAY πŸ˜€ Are you as stoked as I am that it’s Friday?!
& Happy FIRST Day of July! Where has the time gone?!

Today, since it IS Friday..and it IS a long weekend, I thought I would do a really random post. None of the topics really ‘go together,’ but I thought it would be fun to be random!

The only thing that I’m not so stoked about is having to down these two bottles of barium for my CAT scan this morning.

Not just one, but two bottles of this deliciousness.

Don’t I look delighted?! (& safety first, gotta wear my seatbelt! πŸ™‚ )I had to run & pick them up on my lunch break yesterday.

Remember when I was telling you yesterday about being grateful? Well, you should be grateful that you don’t have to drink this for your ‘breakfast.’ πŸ˜‰ haha! No food, no coffee (MAJORΒ Ugh!), no nothing until after the test is over. Honestly, it’s not too bad-Β my appointment is at 8:30am…so after that I can have coffee, and you bet your bottom dollar that I will! Maybe even coffee from my favorite place- Starbucks, of course.

(oh how I’m dreaming of that delicious coffee that I will be consuming once I leave the Doctor’s office πŸ˜€ )

Although it does some other things to me as well, but I won’t go there today πŸ˜‰

If you are ever looking for the perfect summer meal..I have one for you. I made Jessica’s ‘A Good Fish Sandwich’ recipe the other night, & with every bite it just screamed summer! Love when food does that!

Although I didn’t make it into a sandwich, I just ate the fish by itself. We didn’t have any buns & I was REALLY craving this recipe, so I made it & enjoyed it without the buns. You really don’t need them, but I guess the buns can just make it more fun to eat. πŸ™‚

With every bite you get a crunch from the salt & vinegar chips that you use for your coating. Talk about a PERFECT fish dish! I think Jess should re-name this to ‘The Best Fish Sandwich You Will EVER Eat.’Β I would ofΒ never thought to use chips as a coating…that girl is brilliant I tell ya! πŸ˜€
Along with the fish I made some roasted garlic risotto & green beans..basic sides, but they did the trick.

In “Holly world” news…I bought an ice cream maker. Oh yes, I did. And not just any ice cream maker, I bought the Cusinart Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker.

I blame it ALL on this girl. Liz wrote on her Facebook wall that she was considering buying an ice cream maker. Well, as soon as I read that, I remembered that I really wanted one too. That sounds kind of funny, huh!? I remembered that I wanted one?! Like it was something I would forget. πŸ˜‰

I also got a REALLY good deal on it. You see, I had a $25 gift card that I won from Jess back in December..and I was waiting for the perfect time to use it. I also had an email offering me free shipping (one weekend better believed I jumped all over that- ice cream makers are HEAVY!), and with the purchase I also got a $25 Williams Sonoma gift card back! HARD to beat! I only paid $40, and essentially (well, this is what I tell Craig anyways…) I REALLY only paid $15 dollars for it!! ($40 minus the free $25 gift card!) So it was kind of like I HAD to buy it, ya know?! πŸ˜€

& yes, I immediately added the bowl to the freezer so that I could use it right away!

Please, please don’t make fun of my freezer. It’s a MESS! (& yes, we LOVE Luigi’s…so if you have any extra, send ’em this way!) But, you see that gray bowl in the bottom right corner? Well, that is the freezer bowl for the ice cream maker!

The ice cream maker has a new home too…

Right next to our “gi-normous” containers of protein. Perfect spot, right?! πŸ˜€
Stay tuned for a post about the concoction that I come up with!!

Speaking of my blog best friend, Liz, guess what she sent me??

Oh ya!! Homemade cookies!!!!!!!! She rocks. For real. I told her that if I could ship ice cream, then she would be the first person I mail my homemade ice cream too..but I don’t think that would work too well. πŸ˜€

Speaking of packages in the mail…told you this post was random…look what else we got yesterday.

Craig’s cousin, Steven & his wife Kristen, sent this little sign to us. Apparently they ‘borrowed’ it from the golf course at the resort that we got married at. As you all know, we got married at Disney, so this sign was perfect! I’m not sure where we are going to put it yet, but I definitely want to display it. Kristen said maybe the front or back yard..I’m thinking that’s a good idea! πŸ˜€

I LOVE packages in the mail…they always brighten up my day!

& last but not least…here is one of my absolute favorite lunches.

I normally always bring my lunch with me, because I hate wasting money & eating out or getting take out. But if I do happen to go to Publix on my lunch break…I like to pick these up sometimes. They are just vegetables wrapped in rice paper, but they are oh so good! I think it might have to do with the chili sauce they are served with. πŸ™‚

Random side note: When I was at Publix getting a few things (ice cream supplies!) it started pouring. I was on my lunch break, and I really needed to go so that I could get back to work..the only problem was that I had on white pants. UGH! I asked the cashier if they had any umbrellas, and he said he wasn’t sure…but that he could find a bag bowl to follow me out with an umbrella…or he could just carry me. Lol! Luckily right when I left it stopped…but only for like 5 minutes. Perfect timing! Publix gets major points from me.

Have a WONDERFUL Friday!! πŸ˜€
I’m not sure if I will be posting this weekend, only because we will not be in town. Just a heads up!

PS: Just an update- about the girl I was telling you about yesterday…she passed away Wednesday. (thanks, Ivy for letting me know that it was on Wednesday.)Β So tragic. Please just remember to be grateful & thankful for everything that you have. You should go &Β hug someone you love & tell them how much they mean to you. ❀

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  1. Have a great time over the holiday, Holly! Best of luck with the CAT scan. That stuff did not look too appetizing.

    NOW, the ice cream maker, that definitely looked appetizing. Like the placement next to the protein powder. You should make protein ice cream. I’ll bet it would be goooood.

    I’m so sorry to hear that girl passed away. Such a sad story and definitely reminds me to be grateful for everything I’ve got.

  2. Oh my goodness that is so sad that she passed. It reminds me of how much I truly have even when I don’t realize it.

    I really want to figure out how to ship ice-cream. It is on my life long to do list bahaha.

  3. Hope everything goes well today! Have an awesome holiday weekend :). Btw, if we’re ever close in Florida- I want to meet you!! Lovin’ the ice cream maker…I think I would make ice cream every freaking day if I had one haha

  4. Good luck with your CAT scan this morning. I hope you get some answers. That sign from Disney is so cute!! It would make a great addition to your yard : )

  5. good luck with the CAT scan! and HOLY COW i can’t wait to see how the homemade ice cream turns out. that would be so dangerous for me.

    aaand… haahah to the rain/white pants. the bad part? I would have totally just run through the rain not thinking about the consequences.

  6. Well besides the ending of the post being sad, I loved your funky friday post! πŸ™‚ Those rice wraps look delicious – sometimes I wish we had Publix, bc I always love going there when I’m vacationing in Florida. But, we do have Wegmans, which is just as good!

    Happy 4th Holly!

  7. best of luck with the rest of that CAT scan…wow, u’re a champ for downing those two bottles!

    ummm, so an ice cream maker, that is in a word awesome. i also have to say it’s funny that it’s home is right by the protein powder, so it’ll be choc-chip cookie dough with a shot of protein. πŸ˜‰

    i’m so sorry to hear about the girl’s passing, and you’re right it really helps put our own troubles and things in perspective. makes us grateful for every day we have!

    take care and have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

  8. Ughhhh I hate that CAT scan drink.

  9. Amy

     /  July 9, 2011

    I just had a catscan where I had to drink the same stuff and then get the iodine IV I had an allergic reaction to the iodine and was hospitalized for 4 days. Next week I have to have another one where I drink the stuff there and they watch it go through ur system. They think I may possibly have chrohns. Since cutting out gluten though I feel lots better. I don’t think I have Chrohns cause I hear it makes u have to run to the bathroom. I have the opposite problem.

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