Wait to Try?! Not me.

TGIF TGIF TGIF TGIF!! (you know, from that new Katy Perry song- Last Friday Night)

I love singing that song, especially when it actually IS Friday πŸ˜€ As you know, we are going to Jacksonville this weekend for a friend’s wedding. We are leaving after work today, and we will be staying with my parents. I can’t wait to get there! It will be nice to see my parents too- this will be the first time we have seen them since our wedding.

Anyways, this morning I have a new recipe to share with you! πŸ™‚ But first I have to show you what arrived at my doorstep yesterday..

GRANOLA from Love Grown Foods!! They sent me four different flavors: Cocoa Goodness, Sweet Cranberry Pecan, Raisin Almond Crunch & Simply Oats.

I was SO excited to receive this granola because it’s GLUTEN FREE! I don’t know if I have mentioned it, but I have been trying to eat more gluten free foods. I know I’m not allergic to gluten, it’s nothing like that, but I have also heard that eating less gluten can help with my Crohn’s disease. Honestly, at this post, I’m ready to try anything to help the disease. I know gluten is hard to digest for anyone, so I figure it might be even harder for my body with the Crohn’s disease.

Not only is it gluten free, but here are some other details about the granola. (I found the information below from the Love Grown Foods website)

  • Free of Refined Sugar
  • Free of High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Free of Trans Fats
  • Free of Hydrogenated Oils
  • Free of Artificial Flavors
  • Free of Preservatives
  • Free of Gluten
  • Free of Genetically Modified Ingredients

When you read the ingredients on the back of the packages of granola, you actually KNOW what they are made with. There is no mystery to what you are eating! That is such a nice change!! πŸ˜€

I also love how the company got started, you can read the story here. Love Grown Foods just seems so family-oriented, and the kind of business that you WANT to see succeed! They seem so personal too! Look at the note that was enclosed in my package:

So nice, right?! Thanks again Laura for sending me the granola πŸ˜€

Now, I’m not one to wait when it comes to trying new food…so of course I had to break into it RIGHT away. I wanted to think of a recipe that I could use the granola with, and one thing came to mind- Pancakes!

I don’t know why, but I have been craving pancakes lately & I don’t have time in the morning before work to make them. I also was late getting home yesterday because I had an eye appointment right after work. I asked Craig if he would mind having breakfast for dinner, and he said he actually really liked the idea! So the decision was made- pancakes for dinner it was! πŸ˜€

But not just ANY pancakes- the pancakes that I made were TRIPLE berry pancakes! Let me explain…

Here are the necessary ingredients:
-1 & 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
-3 tsp. baking powder
-1 tsp. salt
-1 tbsp. sugar
-1 & 1/4 cups unsweetened almond milk
-6 oz. Black Cherry Chobani Greek Yogurt
-1 egg (or egg substitute)
-1 tsp. oil
-1 cup blueberries

-1/4 cup Sweet Cranberry Pecan Love Grown Granola
-2 tbsp. Mighty Maple Peanut Butter
-Maple Syrup (as much as you want)

Here are the EASY steps:
1. Combine the first 8 ingredients in a large bowl. (the flourΒ through the oil) Mix well. (I used a hand blender to make it easier)
2. Once you have the batter, stir in the blueberries.
3. Heat a griddle over medium heat & spray with non stick cooking spray.
4. Once griddle is heated, pour equal amounts of batter (I used a 1/4 cup measuring cup just so that they were about the same size) onto the griddle. Cook until browned on both side.

Once the pancakes are cooked, now comes the fun part! πŸ˜€
Take a stack of pancakes & place them on a plate.

Then take your Mighty Maple peanut butter & melt it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. (The time will depend on your microwave) Once it is all nice & melted, pour it over your stack of pancakes.

Next sprinkle some of your granola over the top of the pancakes, so that it gets all nice & stuck in the peanut butter. πŸ™‚ Then top with syrup, if desired.

Last but definitely NOT least, DIVE into your creation!! πŸ˜€

SO EASY & SO Delicious πŸ˜€ I think it would be perfect to try it out this weekend….just saying πŸ˜‰

Anyways, I’m off….I still need to get ready for this weekend. Ekk! I always wait until the last minute to pack. Oops!

Hope you have a great day! & HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY πŸ˜€

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  1. Ahhh, mighty maple over pancakes, what an awesome idea! And the granola in there must make them delicious, too. They sent me granola about a month ago and I’m still enjoying it! I’ve been eating nearly gluten free for a couple weeks now, so the granola is great for topping yogurt, or you know, eating bowls full for dinner. πŸ˜‰

  2. Yummo. That looks so crunchy and delicious. I really want to try it. Since I can’t have normal maple syrup-maybe I’ll have to try your PB creation. nom.com.

  3. Their granola is so good. I love that it’s not loaded with trans fats and pounds of sugar.

  4. Liz @ Blog is the New Black

     /  July 8, 2011

    Ohhh, love the idea of topping the pancakes with melted pb & granola! You fancy!!!! πŸ˜‰

  5. Those pancakes look delicious! I haven’t made some in too long. I usually get too lazy to make them on the weekends when I’m hungry and want something fast! But they really don’t take that long to make!

  6. Amy @ countrystrong21

     /  July 8, 2011

    I love how creative you are with food! And I’m uber jealous of your PB&Co peanut butter…I can’t get in here unless I order it but when the shipping is more than the peanut butter and I don’t even know if I’ll like it makes it hard to take the plunge.

  7. Nicole Soffian

     /  July 8, 2011

    Hi Holly!
    I LOVE reading your posts and those pancakes do look absolutely delicious. And I am a peanut butter fanatic myself so DEFINITELY need to go and get some of that peanut butter.

    But, I just wanted to let you know that I have a friend that has Chron’s as well and she has recently gone gluten free and she says she has never felt better and it’s really working! I hope you get to see the same results as well.


  8. I keep getting that song stuck in my head each day!!

  9. I. want. peanut butter. pancakes.

    so badly right now.

  10. Those pancakes look amazing! Mighty Maple is one of the flavors that I have yet to try….must find it ASAP!

  11. oh wow those pancakes look amazing! Have such an awesome weekend at the wedding!!

  12. Yumm I have been dying to try that granola actually and I do believe your pictures alone have convinced me to give it a whirl! This is my first time visiting your blog, and I subscribed πŸ™‚ can’t wait to read more!

  13. Yum! Those pancakes look seriously delicious!

  14. I just read your post on PB Fingers and am happy to have found your blog! I just heated up the griddle for these pancakes πŸ™‚ they look amazing!

    I live in Baltimore and have to ask how you became such a fan of the Ravens and O’s?? Love it!

    • Hi πŸ™‚
      Did you try the pancakes?? Did you like them?
      So cool that you live up there! My husband is originally from MD, that’s how I became hooked πŸ˜€ Now I’m OBSESSED..to say the least. haha!

      • Stasa

         /  July 11, 2011

        My husband and I both love the pancakes! The recipe made a lot and this morning I put two in the toaster so they got a little crispy. Very good πŸ™‚ The Greek yogurt adds just enough protein that my blood sugar doesn’t spike. I will be making these often!

  15. Those pancakes look amazing! I am definitely going to have to try making them! πŸ™‚

  16. wow! I totally have to try this out! I always have chobani yogurts lying around (we get packs at costco that come with blueberry, strawberry, and peach flavor) so this would be perfect. I love what yogurt does to the texture of pancakes!

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