My 7 Links & Puppy Update

Good Morning!!

So glad it’s past Monday! Woop woop! 😀

Courtney recently ‘tagged’ me in the ‘7 Links’ post, so I thought I would take today to tell you about my 7 links! & so funny because I said the exact same thing that Courtney said- I was hoping someone would tag me, but I really have no idea what I’m going to use for my 7 links! haha 😀 But it is fun to think about each of the categories.

Most Beautiful
I have to say, I think it was our engagement post. 😀

I think if you look through the post, you will see how surprised & excited I am. I was COMPLETELY thrown off guard!! You see the whole trip up to Maryland to go to the Raven’s game was MY birthday gift to Craig. It was his 30th birthday, and I wanted to make sure it was BIG. Well, little did I know he had made plans of his own…which was proposing to me on Raven’s field. BEST day of my life!! Ok, wait, maybe it was a tie for the best day of my life- I think my wedding day was also the best day of my life. 🙂

Most Popular
I can’t say my ‘most popular’ is the ‘most popular’ because it was something absolutely mind blowing that I wrote (haha!), but it was because I did a guest post for Julie! 🙂 It was actually recent- July 9th!

But another popular one that I wrote was for a recipe for Double Strawberry Muffins. (YUM- I need to make those again 😉 )|

Most Controversial
Hmmm, I am trying to think of a controversial post. I don’t know if I really have one. Talking about how I was working out twice a day. And also the affects that it took on my body from working out twice a day. I thought I was doing a GOOD thing by working out twice a day, when in face it was doing more harm than good. Now if I choose to work out twice in a day I will split up my cardio & weight workouts. I will do one in the morning & then the other in the afternoon. Honestly sometimes I just HAVE to get out of my office & do SOMETHING. Rather than going shopping & spending unnessary money, I will head down to the gym at work & just do some LIGHT cardio on the elliptical or treadmill.

Most Helpful
A step by step guide to making a delicious dinner! I made greek style green beans, roasted purple potatos, & ginger soy salmon.

I also did a step by step guide on how to make Stuffed Red Velvet cupcakes…which would be the PERFECT Valentine’s day treat…or any time of the year really. 😀 I know I would appreciate some red velvet cupcakes anytime of the year! 😉

Surprise Success
I think it would really be any workouts that I have posted.

I find that a lot of people like to get new workout ideas on here, which I love!! I am the same way- I find some of the best ideas from other bloggers. If you are looking for some, be sure to check up my newly updated ‘strength training’ tab!

Not Enough Attention
I’m not sure exactly what this what kind of post I should put up for ‘not enough attention.’ But one page that I have been lacking in giving some attention to is my ‘recipes’ page. I know it needs some work. I would like to alphabatize them, and add some pictures here & there. Right now it just looks like a mess! I promise to work on it…& I promise that there really are some awesome recipes listed in there 😀
Things like this–>

Chocolate Peanut Butter Nirvana Cake

& keeping with the chocolate / peanut butter/ bundt cake theme, here’s another one–>
Chocolate PB Bundt Cake

Oh, and let’s not forget these…just because they are funny looking…

Turtle Burgers!! *this picture is of it uncooked.

Most Proud
Definitely would be when I did a post about my past regarding my eating disorder. It was NOT easy, and it was something that I tried to hide when I was going through it, getting help for it & when I was done with the treatment for it. When I finally decided to ‘reveal’ what had happened in my past I was afraid that people might look at me differently, or look at me as a lesser of a person…but much to my surprise, everyone was SO nice & comforting. It is was SO nice to get such sweet, caring comments!

Now I’m supposed to tag 5 people, so here ya go:
Savannah @ Sweet & Savvy
Hollie @ Lolz That Swin & Run
Kristen @ Confessions of a (Not So) Domesticated Newlywed
Lindsay @ In Sweetness & In Health
Jenny @ Fit Girl Foodie

Anyways, a few people have asked for an update on the dogs that I told you about that were in need of a home. Well, all 3 of them are still in need of a home, or at least a foster home. Due to the economy, all of the local shelters & animal rescues are FULL & not accepting any more pets right now. It is SO sad. 😦 She has called EVERY SINGLE shelter & rescue in the area, even places pretty FAR from Orlando, but to no avail. She is working her butt OFF to try to find a shelter or rescue for them, because she does not want to call animal control in fear that they might put the dogs down.

Here are some more pictures of them- after they have been cleaned up:

^that was the one with the wound.

My friend DID take the one with a wound to a local vet. They were able to help her out, and the wound was MUCH better than it looked! Yay for good news 🙂 They had to put a cone on her to keep her from itching or messing with it, but it seems to be heeling just fine. The vet said it looked like the wounds around her neck could of been from a choke collar, or something similar. 😦 It is SO sad. I cannot believe how some people can treat animals. Disgusting. 😦 Oh, and the last one (that had the wound) is already spayed! It is crazy- whoever owned this dog must of spayed it..and then decided to nearly torture it with the choke collar. 😦 😦 Ugh, makes me so depressed.

Thank you to everyone for the advice for the dogs…and PLEASE keep your fingers & toes crossed that we can find them homes ASAP!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

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  1. oh those poor pups! I would scoop them up if I could. I pray they find a home!!! They are beautiful!

  2. Liz @ Blog is the New Black

     /  July 26, 2011

    Loved reading this post! 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing these links Holly 🙂 I have been reading your blog for a while, but there are plenty of posts that I have missed and ones I look forward to going back and reading!
    I wish I could keep all of those puppies! But mom would probably be pretty darn mad…. I am praying they find a home asap!

  4. Aww Thanks SO much for tagging me! I love all your links! I never saw your engagement post or many of those recipes, so I’m excited to have found them! 🙂

  5. Fingers crossed on the pups. That just breaks my heart 😦

  6. Aw those poor puppies! I’m keeping my fingers crossed…I wish I had the means to get one! Thank you so much for tagging me!!! I love that I have read every single post you mentioned :)…they were all really great!

  7. Thank you so much for tagging me, Holly! I feel so honored! I love reading your blog, and I am so going to try those red velvet cupcakes… red velvet is my hubby’s favorite! 🙂

    Have a great day!

  8. gimme that chocolate pb bundt cake. right now.

  9. Amy @ countrystrong21

     /  July 26, 2011

    That chocolate pb bundt cake was definitely a goodie! I need to make it again soon.

    Fingers and toes are crossed for those poor pups. It floors me how people can treat animals so poorly!

  10. Aw, those little dogs make me sad 😦 If I didn’t already have a crazy dog, or live in NC, I would totally scoop up that first one. I hope that someone comes forward who wants a dog!

  11. Amanda @ the beauty notebooks

     /  July 26, 2011

    Hi Holly! I just found your blog, so reading your seven links gave me a great introduction to it! (loved the engagement post, btw! reading about proposals always makes me smile 🙂 )

    Hearing about those puppies though makes my heart break. I am a big dog lover. I will think good thoughts for them that they find loving homes!

    Have a great day 🙂

    • Hi Amanda!
      Thanks for the comment 🙂
      I know, the whole situation with the pups is so sad, but my friend is really doing an awesome job..and I think (*fingers crossed) that she might of found a home for one of them!!!

  12. I just started reading your blog so this was a great way to get caught up! Thank you!
    You and your hubby are the cutest 🙂

  13. Great post, Holly! I’d say you did a good job of figuring out what to write about 😉

  1. My 7 Links « In Sweetness and In Health

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