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  • August 2011
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Our Wedding Photos Have Arrived!

Good Morning!

Happy Monday..? Kind of like an oxymoron, right?! πŸ˜‰ We can try to make the best of it though! Happy August 1st! How about that, sounds better! I can’t believe it’s already August- time has FLOWN by this year. In less than 2 weeks it’s my hubby’s birthday!! I cannot wait to reveal all of the surprises that I have planned for him. He has NO idea. I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE birthdays & I love planning a bunch of surprises for birthdays.

Last year I THOUGHT I had planned the best surprise for Craig’s birthday. I got us tickets to fly up to Maryland to attend the Raven’s game on August 12th…well, little did I know he knew that I got the tickets & he ended up proposing to me on the field! πŸ™‚ The only reason that he found out was because he asked his brother about it- and Mike (his brother) ONLY told Craig about the plans because Craig said that he had an idea (because of the day that we were flying up) & that he wanted to propose to me. Otherwise Mike is super good with keeping secrets! πŸ™‚ One thing Craig did not know about was that I had also planned a 30th birthday surprise party at one of the local bars. (MaGurks for all of you Maryland readers πŸ˜‰ )

the group!

Needless to say I have some surprises up my sleeve this year too! πŸ˜‰

Saturday I did an AWESOME leg workout that I have to share. I got it from Naomi at One Fit Foodie. She has some of my very favorite weight workouts. I get a lot of ideas from her…and she really knows how to get your muscles REALLY working.

(Adapted from Naomi’s workout listed above ^. I only changed like 2 things)

1. Leg extension 3×15 reps (I used 50lbs.)
1A. Single leg DB dead lifts 3×15 reps (I used 15lbs. dumbbells- each hand)
2. Leg press (feet a little wider than shoulder width)4×15 reps (I put 90lb. on the machine)
Super Set
2A. Jump squat w/ pulse 4×15 reps
3. Walking Lunges holding 25lb. weight above your head 4x 12-15 reps each leg
3A. Step ups Β 3×15 each leg (I held 10lbs. in each hand)
End with this LEG + ABS circuit (ALL BODY WEIGHT)
  • backwards lunges (20 each leg)
  • Stability ball roll outs: (15)
  • Frontward lunges (20 each leg)
  • Quick squats (20)
  • Plank hold (1 min)
  • Jump Lunges (10 each leg)
  • Russian twists: 20 each side (holding 8lb. medicine ball)
REPEAT 1-3 times
I finished my workout with this ‘core conditioning’ workout from Naomi as well:
1. Mountain Climbers-10 each side
2. Russian Twists-10 each side
3. High Plank Hold On Medicine Ball-10 knee tucks each side
4. High Plank Shoulder Taps-10 each sideREPEAT THE WORKOUT 3x THROUGH!As I was doing this workout I happened to mention to Craig, ‘I won’t be walking tomorrow.’ I was somewhat kidding, but I could ALREADY feel the soreness in my legs AS I was doing the workout. Come to find out, I was NOT kidding. It hurt (in a good way) to walk on Sunday. I looked like a penguin walking around because I was so sore. Climbing the stairs was nearly impossible…and when I did need to climb them it took like 5 minutes to get to the top. Ha! πŸ˜€
This is an AWESOME workout! I would definitely say it’s more intermediate- advanced because of the weight that I have listed, but you could change itΒ to adjust to your own personal needs.

On another note, special special arrivedΒ this weekend:

Our wedding photos!!! It was so fun going through all of them because it felt like we were reliving our wedding & reception. What a fun time πŸ˜€ I could not say enough good things about our photographer. Ashley McCormick was AMAZING (just wait until you see the pictures) & she was also a lot of FUN to work with. She kept things relaxing, and was there when we were having a hair crisis. She is so sweet, and was willing to go out of her way when we really needed it most. I would recommend her to anyone in the local area (central Florida) & people outside of Florida. (she DOES travel! πŸ™‚ ) I honestly cannot say a bad thing about her.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite shots from when I was getting ready:

Here are the photos of the idea that I got from Julie. These were taken before our ceremony, & before we saw each other. They were taken with the door in between us. We just held hands & talked to one another. I started crying happy tears because it felt SO good to hear Craig’s voice..and then have him say ‘You ready to do this H?!’ πŸ˜€ Loved that! It helped calm my nerves because I loved feeling his hand & just knowing that he was RIGHT on the other side of the door waiting to see his wife!

These photos are some of everyone’s favorites. I’m so glad we did these..and THANK you again to Julie for sharing the idea!!

I have a TON more to share with you! These are JUST a FEW of the ones of me getting ready…but I will just share with you my absolute favorite ones. Honestly it’s so hard to pick because I really do LOVE them all!! πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to start making a scrapbook with all of these. We also need to pick out our favorites for a photo book from Ashley. It’s definitely going to be hard to limit our favorites though!

Hope you have a great day! & I hope you are off a good start! πŸ˜€

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  1. That smile on your face is breathtaking. You look so happy and excited.

  2. ittybitsofbalance

     /  August 1, 2011

    You look STUNNING! I hope that my wedding pictures (let alone– my wedding) comes out as beautiful as yours did.

    Happy August 1st to you too, Holly πŸ™‚

  3. Ahh, love the pictures Holly! They’re so vibrant – YOU are so vibrant! Very nice.

    Happy Monday!

  4. Amy

     /  August 1, 2011

    Beautiful wedding photos. Thats an awesome leg workout. I may need to try that one tomorrow.

  5. Aw, Holly, these are absolutely gorgeous! You look amazing and so happy! Are you chomping at the bit to hang these up in your house?! I know I would be!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics! And esp the door pic… loved that idea when I saw it on Julie’s blog! πŸ˜‰

  7. Oh wow, Holly you look absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to see more pictures! That looks like a tough workout…nice job πŸ™‚

  8. How stunning. You look absolutely gorgeous. I really like the photo of you two holding hands. I’ll steal the idea for my wedding, πŸ˜‰

  9. Those pictures are absolutely beautiful! I love your shoes! My favorite picture is of you two smiling and holding each others hands on opposite sides of the door. I loved that idea when I saw it on Julie’s blog too. I am definitely going to add that to a list of must take shots for my wedding. Such a good idea πŸ™‚

  10. I LOVE YOUR SHOES!! you look gorgeous!

  11. You look stunning and the pictures are so flawless! Could your shoes be any cuter at all?!

  12. peanutbutterfingers

     /  August 1, 2011

    you look incredible. the epitome of a beautiful and excited bride. i love your pictures!

  13. LOVE the photos of you guys behind the doors! Cant wait to see more pics πŸ™‚

  14. Awwwwl! These are amazing:) Can’t wait to see more!

  15. Beautiful pictures! I LOVE the shoes!!

  16. BEAUTIFUL photos! Wedding photos are my favorite to look at. Haha.

    We didn’t do parent albums from the photographer but we did purchase the CD and the rights. I made Shutterfly books for our families for Christmas. Just an idea πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to see more!

  17. Gorgeous my love!

    My fave is the shoe shot πŸ˜‰ hehe

  18. You are beautiful!!!! What a gorgeous bride πŸ™‚

  19. I love the pics so far! Can’t wait to see more!

  20. I’m obsessed with that photo of you two at the door. So amazing!

  21. Beautiful pictures! πŸ™‚

    I’ve been meaning to try some of Naomi’s workouts..I always book mark em’, they look awesome!

  22. Beautiful beautiful beautiful pictures! You are stunning!

  23. I love them they are so beautiful! I love the door idea, so sweet!

  24. Bonnie

     /  August 1, 2011

    Your wedding pictures make me want to renew my vows and copy those door pictures!!! So beautiful!

  25. OH MY GOSH YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! how special that is to get your wedding pics back!! I wana see them all!! sooo prettty!!

  26. All of your pictures are amazing!!!! I especially love the one with you and your dad : )

  27. You just made my eyes all teary! You look absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait to marry my boyfriend and we aren’t even engaged yet.. oops. I am definitely doing that door photo too! Congrats newlywed πŸ™‚ -Jamie

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