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  • August 2011
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In Another Life…

Good Morning Friends!

Happy Monday…? I guess that’s ok to say, right?! Hopefully you are off to a great start, that always helps make Monday a bit better. 🙂

This weekend I went a bit ‘pea-crazy!’ As you know, I recently got Mama Pea’s new cookbook, and since receiving it I have NOT been able to put it down. I am determined to make every single reci’pea’ in there. Her cookbook has been a lifesaver since going pescartarian a few weeks ago. She doesn’t have any seafood recipes in there (since she & her family are vegan) but she does have a bunch of other recipes that are SO good. Most of them mimick dishes with meat in them- like lettuce wraps, meatballs & lasagna.

There was one recipe that kept coming across my mind, homestyle chocolate chip cookies with sea salt. The whole idea of putting sea salt on cookies was intriguing. I know sea salt & chocolate is good- it’s that salty/ sweet combination, but I was unsure how it would taste on cookies. Normally I do not make desserts for Craig & I, if we have a sweet tooth after dinner we will typically have a Luigi’s Italian Ice.

(obviously we are pretty stocked up on them 😉 )

We don’t like to keep many sweets in the house because we will keep eating them. But when I saw the recipe for the sea salt chocolate chip cookies, I made an exception…and boy am I glad that I did!

I should of never questioned the recipe….I mean we are talking about Mama Pea here. 😀 Of course it did not disappoint!
(<–can you see the sea salt crystals?)

Oops..how did that one get in there?! Someone by the name of the cookie monster was around them REALLY quick.

I was feeling like a nice wife..and decided to treat Craig to an extra good dessert. I happened to spot this ice cream when I was out at the grocery store this past weekend—>

I know one of Craig’s favorite ice cream flavors is cookies n’ cream, so I KNEW this would be a hit with him. 🙂 I decided to combine both the sea salt cookies & this cream…and then top it off with warm chocolate sauce.

As soon as I brought it over to Craig his eyes lit up. He was one happy camper! I think I won about 1000 wife points this weekend. 😉

The rest of our weekend was spent just hanging out together- catching up on our DVR shows…including the movie ‘The Kids are Alright.’

This movie was SO good! When we first started watching it I was kind of like ‘eh,’ but I figured I would give it a try. I love Julianne Moore- I think she is a fabulous actress. & Mark Ruffalo isn’t too bad on the eyes either 😉

Well as the movie went on, I got more & more hooked. It was AWESOME! I highly recommend it. It has a few twists & turns that you wouldn’t expect!

We also spent time killing some of these…

DIS-GUS-TING. These stupid bugs keep getting inside our house & on our porch. I think it’s from all of the rain that we have been having. But needless to say it’s GROSS. Craig & I walk around with Raid in our hands non-stop. Hopefully these creatures will find a new home soon..because I am NOT a fan.

The rest of the weekend was spent laying out by the pool, cooking new recipes, working out (I did 6 miles with NO bathroom break!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO! That is a HUGE step 😀 & the best part was that I felt like I could keep on running- I wasn’t hurting- I felt strong..but I didn’t want to over do it.), and of course watching SHARK WEEK!!!

We don’t typically watch Discovery Channel, but when it’s shark week it’s fun to watch. Those creatures are fanscinating!! Did you know that if a shark were on land that it’s own body weight would crush itself because they do not have a rib cage? Crazy, huh?! They are ALL muscle!! The only thing about watching the show is that it kind of makes me even more fearful of going into the ocean because of all of the attacks that happen in knee high water. Eek! :/

While we were watching the show Craig kept saying how cool the Great White sharks were.

He said that if he even saw one in the ocean that he would just give up..since he figured he would be dead in about 2 seconds. (I was like ‘babeeeee whatt!?! Don’t say that!!’ ) He said that Shark week just goes to show that Jaws (the movie) was no joke. I totally agree!

That got me thinking….I don’t know why, but I had to ask Craig that if he were to come back in another life as an animal, what would he want to be? I assumed because of all of the comments about the Great White shark that he was going to say that…but nope, he caught me off guard. You know what he said…

A German Shepherd. I have NO idea where he pulled that one from…? He’s not even a big dog person. (only because he is HIGHLY allergic) So your guess is as good as mine 😉 I’m thinking maybe it’s because German shepherd are pretty bad a** dogs! 😀

It’s funny because if I were to come back in another life as an animal, I always said I would be a golden retriver.

Just because they are always super happy, fun dogs to be around. I love their personalities and how much they just adore their owners. 🙂 (I used to have a golden retriver & she looked JUST like the one on the right. Her name was Pancake & she was the BEST golden in the entire WORLD!)

So now my question is to you…if you were ever able to come back in another life what animal would you want to be??

Well I’m off to get ready for work! Have a great day & I’ll catch up with ya later 😀

PS: If you are looking for an awesome read on weight training, check out this post! I could not agree MORE! & Meg rocks 😀

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  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

     /  August 8, 2011

    I’ve been seeing cockroaches around my house too lately– they come out and try to make friends with me during the summer months

    If I could come back in another life I’m pretty positive it would be as an anteater or something random.. haha

  2. oh the golden retrievers are adorable. I might come back as a chocolate lab, well thats because my pup is a lab. teehee.

  3. Gahh cockroaches make me flip out to say the least…yuck
    What a great weekend you had, and I LOVEEE that kind of Italian ice! Good old lemon is the best flavor 🙂
    I would want to come back as a wild horse- horses have always been my favorite animals, they are such gorgeous creatures

  4. They have watermelon Luigi’s?! Ah, I must find this asap!

  5. Shark week is fascinating! Even if it does kind of disturb me.. those things are some crazy creatures!

    Mama Pea’s cookies look AMAZING. I am also super jealous of your ability to take them out of the oven at the right time. My cookies always either end up goopy and not done at all [ which I’m okay with ] or burnt. Your cookies look perfect!

  6. So I bought brownie bits with sea salt from Trader Joes last week and they were the most delicious brownies I’ve ever had. I officially want sea salt on all of my desserts.

  7. I can’t watch shark week right now because I’m doing a long open water swim soon and god knows I will never get into the water watching it.

    Those cookies look so good. Nomtastic.

    I think I would come back as a cheetah. They are fast and at the top of the food chain. HA. 😉

  8. I wondered about that movie. Good to know it’s worth watching. Jason has been watching shark week. Of course, he’ll watch pretty much anything 😉

  9. Hooray for 6 miles without a bathroom break! That is so exciting Holly!!

  10. I’ve been thinking about making those cookies too! They sound awesome :). In another life, I would like to come back as a loved dog of some sort- preferably a small one that gets lots of tummy rubs and attention!

  11. I’ve never heard of that movie, but I think it looks like something I’d like =)

    My hubby would also go nuts over the ice cream bowl…mmmm….

    We have a german shephard mix and she’s pretty awesome 😉

  12. I didn’t know they made the watermelon Luigi’s! I used to eat the Cherry allll the time as a kid. I may have to find me some watermelon flavor though!!!

    My parents have had german shepards my whole life (6 since I was little), I think they are such pretty dogs!

  13. My husband said he would come back as a honey badger – youtube it and see if your hubby doesn’t change his mind. HAAH.

    I have a purebred German Shepherd and she is pretty bad a**. AND a huge snuggler. 🙂

    Those cookies (and ice cream) look fabulous!

  14. 1. I love Meg.
    2. CHOCOLATE OREO IS MY FAVORITE. I always get chocolate oreo blizzards from Dairy Queen!

  15. I love german sheps!!! 🙂 and golden retrievers! And every other kind of dog. haha!

  16. Lele

     /  August 8, 2011

    I love pancake I remember her. Beautiful n super hyper &fun. 🙂 I think I agree with you on coming back as a golden retriever- is that suppose to be me next to you? I think so. 🙂

    Shark week went downhill I am so fascinated by sharks though. Please excuse my grammatical errors ( I’m typing to you from my iPad and trying to correct everything is w little frustrating),nvm. Love you. Xoxoxoxo u r my favorite holly Molly 🙂

    • You are so funny 🙂 I miss little Pancake- she was the best!
      Of course that’s you- bff’s even in afterlife 😉
      I agree- shark week was WAY better earlier in the week..I don’t know what happened, but it just got kind of dumb. Boo!
      Love you!!!

  17. Um, can you be MY wife? That ice cream/cookie combo looks heavenly!


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