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Good Morning!

Sorry for the little mis-hap yesterday, I was just in a funk! I think I may of figured out what it was- almond milk. It wasn’t expired (expires August 31, 2011), but it was opened for longer than 10 days…and I read on the carton that it only lasts for 7- 10 days once it is open. There was no chunks in it..and it didn’t really smell weird, but that is the ONLY thing that I could think of that would of caused the stomach/ nauceous feeling. Or maybe I was just having an ‘off’ day…or a case of the ‘Mondays.’ 😉

I kind of have a little issue with the whole pescarian diet. I am having a problem getting enough protein in my diet. I know that protein is a MUST for anyone’s diet, but especially for someone that is really active. I know that I can eat fish, shrimp, and all other things seafood…but most of the other protein that you should eat would come from alternative sources- like beans.

The problem with beans is that I do NOT get along with them. Yes, I love them! I always have..even when I was a little girl. The only thing that I would not eat (& will still not eat) is my Dad’s pintos & cheese. He used to make it every year for New Years Day (& he still does) & my entire family loved it. I was the only odd ball that refused to eat it. I don’t know why, but I just do NOT like the flavors together. (sorry Dad 🙂 )
*Side note- I just tried ‘googling’ pintos & cheese for a picture & the only thing that came up was a TON of pictures of Taco Bell’s pintos & cheese. Haha! 😀 I was hoping for a picture of ‘real’ pintos & cheese, but was unsuccessful.

The reason that beans & I do not get along is because of my Crohn’s disease. The LAST thing that I need is help with going to the bathroom…if ya know what I mean. I actually try to avoid a bunch of fiber (besides my daily salad for lunch) to the best of my ability. Although I have a love for these:

I know that they are full of fiber, but they are seriously SO good! Have you tried them yet?? If not, you definitely should! 🙂

Anyways, I’m looking for ideas for other protein sources. I found this article about alternative protein sources on one of my favorite websites, but again it is FILLED with beans as the main sources. Of course I know that I can eat seafood, but eating seafood can be a little much to try to eat it at EVERY single meal. I love seafood, but I don’t think I would want to eat it at every would kind of ruin my love for it.

^I actually wish that I could have that meal RIGHT now. how good does that look?!

So, my fellow readers, do you have any suggestions for me? I would appreciate any advice or help that you can offer. 🙂 I have honestly considered just adding chicken back to my diet, but buying ONLY organic (free range) chicken.

I just don’t know what else to do…I’m kind of at a loss. I KNOW without a doubt that I need more protein in my diet…I’m already starting to feel the effects without it. But I’m not sure how to add it without being able to eat more beans.

Speaking of vegetarian, I made an awesome meal the other night- from none other than Mama Pea! I’m sure you could of even guessed that it was one of her recipes before I even told ya. 😉 I’ve been getting so many recipes off of her site & book lately. The one that caught my eye the other day was the ‘Cheese’ Stuffed Bean Burgers.

I followed the recipe exactly how Mama Pea wrote it, the only thing that I had to change was to use lime juice instead of lemon juice for the ‘cheese sauce’ because I didn’t have any lemon juice. (oops! better add it to the grocery list!)

The reason that this recipe seemed to stick out to me was the ingredients in the burger. Part of the burger considered of quinoa (yum!) & whole wheat pasta!

She said that the pasta is to help the burger ‘stick’ together better. Let me tell you- that was KEY! Mama Pea is so smart! Seriously! I would of never thought of that. You have to overcook the pasta to get it to the right consistency.

I also have always liked how quinoa looks when you cook it.

It looks like little seeds with sprouts! 🙂

Assembling the burgers was really easy too. Like I said, the pasta is the key.

How much does that last picture make you want a burger right now?!

The other thing that I really like about this recipe was how much the consistency was just like a real burger. Another thing was the worcestershire sauce in the burger- that really makes it more ‘burger-ish’ (<–yep, totally just made that word up 😉 ) tasting.

Needless to say it was a much enjoyed meal- both by myself & Craig. Halfway through eating it, he said ‘is there cheese in this?’ I just answered ‘yep!’ The ‘cheese’ sauce that was in the middle of the burger was really good- and it even smelled like cheese. It’s crazy how a few ingredients can much a cheese substitute.

Well, hope you have a great day!! 🙂 Half way through the week guys, we can make it!! 😀

Questions for ya:
1. Any suggestions for protein besides beans and seafood?
2. If you eat chicken, do you eat organic cage-free/ free-range chicken?
3. Have you ever tried nutritional yeast flakes? I got some recently & have been experimenting with them. They add a nice flavor to a lot of dishes- like a cheesy/ nutty flavor. Yum!

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  1. What about the incredible edible egg? 😉

  2. I just tried tempeh for the first time this week and it was really good! It has the consistency of a veggie/black bean burger. I also eat eggs when I’m feeling low on protein.

  3. Protein poweder, quinoa… more tofu/tempeh since I think you said you really like both? (Weirdo, cough, weirdo… KIDDING! LOVE YOU!)

  4. what about smoothies with protein powder? And add spinach to sneak some veggies in…winner!

  5. You know – almond milk upsets my sister’s tummy fresh or not fresh. Have you ever had probs with it before?

  6. I like tempeh (hate tofu) but I am not a vegetarain so I really am no help. I love love nutritional yeast though and it has a lot of protein in it.

  7. Tofu and cottage cheese! I went vegetarian for a short period of time and had to give it up because I also wasn’t getting enough protein and I hated it. There are other options though, it’ll just take getting used to it!

  8. If I remember correctly you’re lactose intolerant? Do any of the soy yogurts have protein in them? Other sources of protein- tofu, eggs, nut butters, protein powder, high protein bread, and edamame!

  9. OOOOH. I so need to try making a quinoa burger!

  10. Getting enough protein is hard for me right now too since it’s so high for preggers women.

    Honestly I am actually a big fan of protein bars. I know some people scoff at them, but I’m loving the Think Thin PB, Nugo Dark, and ProMax.

    Also try SmartDogs — they are tofu hotdogs and I love them. I eat them as a snack…2 hotdogs = 90 calories and 14g of protein!

  11. Amanda

     /  August 10, 2011

    Nutritional yeast, tofu, tempeh, eggs, seitan (vegetarian meat substitute made from
    wheat protein), nuts and sunflower seeds, adding brown rice protein powder to smoothies or oatmeal.
    I’ve been trying to eat more protein also – I’m not a vegetarian – but I just wanted to ask, How do you feel different? Are you more sluggish and tired? I know that protein is great but I love
    My fruits and veggies more and sometimes
    Convince myself that protein intake doesn’t make a difference.

  12. Bahhh. Those fiber ones are my favorite seriously. I think I consume at least 1 or 2 daily. For protein, have you thought of using protein powder-maybe a scoop daily. I know it can mess with peoples insides too though. Just a thought. 😉 Promax bars like Shanna suggested are my favorites though seriously.

  13. I agree on the eggs…I could eat eggs at any meal – not just breakfast!

  14. That burger does look good! And this is coming from a girl who loves “real” burgers, haha! 🙂

  15. You might have addressed this in other posts that I have not read, but what are your reasons for being a pescatarian? If they are just nutritional, then it seems like for you it might not make sense to just have fish as a source of protein, since you may be risking your own health. If they are ethical, instead of totally cutting other sources of protein out of your diet, maybe just cut back on them. Its good to support a cause, but not if you are compromising your own health and well-being! Especially with the active lifestyle you live!

  16. mmmm that recipe looks delicious!

    For other protein sources, I guess tofu, greek yogurt and egg whites are always an option…although I’m sure that you already knew that 🙂


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