Looking Forward To The Weekend

TGIF Open-mouthed smile

Woohoo for Friday! I’m looking forward to this weekend because it is supposed to be perfect weather in Florida this weekend. October is usually some of the best weather in Florida, but this month has been more like summer with our high in the 90’s. This weekend is only supposed to get into the low 80’s- NICE!! Smile

Other things I’m looking forward to this weekend:

1. Catching up on blogs. I am SO far behind & my Google reader is out of control.

I’m so sorry if you have noticed that I have not been commenting lately. I have just been really busy at work, which is a REALLY good thing so I’m not complaining, but I just wanted to let you all know! I still love reading, & I will definitely be back to my normal commenting soon. Smile

2. Maybe drinking some more of this….

Raspberry Merlot. Yum. Perfect Friday night treat!

3. Watch some movies that we have heard some great things about.
Can you believe we still haven’t seen this yet?! I have heard it’s hilarious! I can’t wait to watch it. I actually might get it for us tonight if it’s available at Redbox.


And of course Horrible Bosses…because I love Jennifer Aniston!

4. Coming up with a recipe for a Red Velvet donut.

Something like that. OMG…how good does that look?!

5. Watching football.

Rooting for the Ravens, of course Winking smile

6. Getting in a good workout.

I always like going to the gym on the weekend even more because it’s usually pretty empty in the morning..and I don’t have to worry about time like I do during the week. I can stay as long as I want.

7. Last but not least, spending time with my best friend.
He looks extra special with cake all over his face. Winking smile

Have a great weekend! I hope to be back soon with that new donut recipe.

Question: What are YOU looking forward to this weekend??

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  1. same here! perfect weekend. But yesterday I pushed READ ALL in my reader, no need to catch up. Start fresh friend. It feels good!

  2. TGIF! Sounds like you have a great weekend in store! 🙂

    I’m looking forward to relaxing and doing some things around the house. This has been a very long and stressful week.

  3. Aw sounds like a great weekend! And I totally hope that you are successful with those donuts :D. I’m actually not really looking forward to the weekend (crazy right?) because I have so much school work and studying to do…oh well!

  4. My google reader is out of control too! I also adore jennifer aniston!

    Looking forward to GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW!

  5. both of those movies are good!

    yes on the red velvet donut!!!

    im looking forward to going away with my bf this weekend 🙂

  6. I’m actually headed to Orlando this week for a work conference all week. I’m glad you mentioned that it’s that hot…I’lll definitely have to rethink my clothes! That’s still summer. 🙂

  7. mmmm can’t wait to see the donut! I’m looking forward to relaxing and baking because I’ve been on the road for 10 days!

  8. Looks like you have a great and fun weekend planned! I’m looking forward to spending some time with the fam! 🙂

  9. ummm I want those donuts so you HAVE to deliver an awesome recipe for them…please! 🙂

  10. The other day I just had to mark all as read in my reader…i was feeling overwhelemed….silly isn’t it? Reading blogs should be fun, not stressful. Thats my type A for ya! Looking forward to packing for my Trans-Atlantic cruise next week! xoxo from Trinidad

  11. OMG you are going to LOVE bridesmaids. freaking hilarious. and yes, come up with a red velvet donut!! happy weekend to both you and craig!

  12. Wow those red velvet donuts look awesome. I hope you can create the best recipe for those. Red velvet is the best. I have my first XC championship race tomorrow so I can’t wait to see how that goes.

  13. Sarah D.

     /  October 14, 2011

    I am totally pumped for item #4!!!!! My co-workers are hounding me for some pumpkin donuts. Thanks again for getting back to me about that recipe. Have a great weekend!

  14. Sounds like you have the perfect weekend to look forward to! I am looking forward to spending time with my family at my niece’s 7th bday party tomorrow, then my sis is coming to stay the night. Also supposed to go to a neighborhood festival. Should be lots of fun – especially since we’re supposed to have really great weather too.

  15. I can’t wait to see your Red Velvet Donut recipe! I hope you’re successful! 😉

    I’m looking forward to celebrating my husband’s birthday (if he ever gets home from work!), running 11 miles tomorrow morning with him, and doing a lot of relaxing!! 🙂

  16. I can’t wait for the red velvet donuts!! My birthday is coming up in a few weeks, so even more reason to bake a bunch (like the Funfetti ones)! 🙂

  17. Dinner tonight with friends!!!

  18. You’re going to have to rename your blog ‘greek yogurt, apple slices, and donuts’ 🙂 I looked for a donut pan and couldn’t find it, boo! I’ve got a few more stores to check out though, I won’t give up!!

  19. Those donuts!! Man!
    And look at you in your wedding dress – love it!!

  20. Aww, that pic of you guys at the end is priceless! Love it! 😉

  21. Elizabeth

     /  October 15, 2011

    I was actually disappointed by Bridesmaids. I thought it more sad than it was fun. The people I watched it with thought the same thing. I think it’s been too hyped up.

  22. Bridesmaids and Horrible Bosses are HILARIOUS!! And those donuts look DELISH! Can’t wait for the recipe! (:

  23. I still haven’t seen brides maids yet!! I am dying to see it though, I heard it was hilarious. I saw horrible bosses and it was alright. HAve a great weekend!

  24. Hey beautiful! I got your tweet about my blog- it went under commission for a little but its back now! LOVE YOUR WEDDING PICS as always! You are seriously such a beautiful bride! Have a great weekend love!

  25. Pamela @ Pamcakes and Coffee

     /  October 16, 2011

    I noticed your mention about Google Reader. I just started using it this weekend (where have I been?), and I noticed that my posts don’t seem to be showing up in the feed. Do you know whether there is a setting to enable or any troubleshooting? 🙂 By the way, I’m baking your Funfetti donuts next weekend – can’t wait!!

  26. I hope that you had the best weekend ever and that the weather was perfect. I NEED those donuts and I need to see those movies too!

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