The Week Wrap Up

Good Morning Smile

Long time no talk! Sorry I have been kind of MIA, I’ve just been recovering from that TERRIBLE Ravens game that we went to last Monday. Sad smile How EMBARASSING! Ok not really…but it was really bad. I have just been enjoying life & kind of disconnecting from the internet. It’s been nice…and it might continue to happen. Most of my extra time has been devoted to studying for the Series 65. It is a LOT of studying- they recommend about 40 hours of pre-studying before going to the class for it. Yesterday I literally locked myself in the bedroom upstairs & studied all day long. It wasn’t that bad though, and I feel like I’m actually really understanding it this time. That’s what I’m going to be doing today too…well, except from 1pm- 4pm when I will have the Ravens game on in the background Winking smile Hopefully they can pull off a win today…they definitely need a bounce back.

Anyways, I thought I would kind of catch you up on my life…lots of pictures, little words.

Despite the terrible Ravens loss, we did have a great time at the tailgate! Smile (Amy: hopefully things work out next time & we can meet up!)



My FAVORITE Player—Lardarius Webb:
I LOVE him! I met him last year when we were in Maryland & I gave him a hug- lol! I was beyond excited!!

My FAVORITE football player of ALL time is Fred Taylor (he’s #28 below). I followed him all throughout college @ UF & then he played for the Jaguars for 10 years..and then the Patriots for 1 year. He ended up retiring with the Jaguars (signed a one day contract just to retire with them). I was SO upset when the Jaguars let him go…I just felt like they gave him a really bad deal when they let him go.


I’ll leave the outcome of the game alone…no need to bring up bad memories!

While we were in Jacksonville for the game, we also spent the weekend with my parents. It was really nice to see them Smile I enjoyed just spending time with them. My Mom also took me shopping..and surprised me when she paid for the outfits that I picked out at Forever 21! I needed some new clothes for ‘winter’ (since it’s really never winter in FL Winking smile ) & then she offered to pay for them when we got to the cashier. She told me it was my Christmas gifts from last year- haha! Open-mouthed smile Since we were in Maryland last year, I never exchanged gifts with my family (honestly I didn’t think we were going to, since my sister just had my nephew Ethan & Craig and I were getting ready for our wedding). Here is one of the dresses that I got:

I LOVE it!! The colors are perfect for fall. Smile

It was a great weekend with my family & it almost made me forgot the Ravens loss. We will just have to make up for it today!!

Craig & I got back home to Orlando on Tuesday. We both took off from work, only because we knew we would only be able to work a half day & we needed to get the house ready for our guests! Craig’s parents arrived in Florida from Maryland on Wednesday afternoon. They were leaving for a cruise on Saturday & decided to come down a bit early to spend some time with us. We had a wonderful time visiting with them & just catching up.

Wednesday we went out to dinner, and Thursday I made them dinner. As usual, you KNOW where I went to get my recipe…Jessica’s blog of course! First I asked her on Facebook if she recommend a certain chicken recipe to make for them & she said Caramelized Chicken with Mushroom Sauce & Grilled Herb Bread. I followed her recipe exactly, except that I actually baked the chicken after I pan seared it for a bit..only because I was making it for four people, instead of two & I wanted to make sure all of the chicken was served hot.

SO SO SO GOOD!!!! We all LOVED this meal! Everything piece of chicken was eaten (I made 8 pieces!!!!) & everyone gave this recipe RAVE reviews. Craig doesn’t even like mushrooms, and he ate every last bite! Jess never steers me wrong when it comes to picking out a fantastic recipe!! Open-mouthed smile

For dessert we had something that I saw on Janae’s blog a few weeks ago. I had been eyeing this ice cream in the store for a while, but I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it. (Normally I just eat frozen yogurt, not ice cream.) But she told me that I HAD to try it, so I did just what she said. Winking smile

RED VELVET ICE CREAM!!!!! Oh my goodness, this stuff is SO good…and SO worth it!! I’m SO glad that Janae recommended it. Open-mouthed smile
It has big chunks of red velvet cake mixed in with the ice cream…it doesn’t get much better!

On Friday we had special plans for Craig’s parents. Since their birthdays were in September & earlier this month, Craig always likes to take them out when they come down in the fall to celebrate them. We decided to take them to The Wine Room in Winter Park for happy hour & then to Shari Sushi for dinner. I have talked about The Wine Room before on here. Craig & I love going; the whole concept of it is just so cool! You can sample a TON of wines..and you don’t have to buy a whole bottle- you can just pick how much you want to sample. (2 oz, 4oz, or 6oz). You get a card to put money on, and then you just go around to all of the ‘stations’ & put your card in the machine to try it.

Hopefully the picture above kind of explains it better. It’s a really cool concept & the place is always packed!
Family picture:
(Mom: Notice the jacket Winking smile I love it! Thank you!)

We also had a great dinner at Shari, I just didn’t take any pictures. It’s really dark in the restaurant & I didn’t want my flash going off. Shari is my FAVORITE sushi restaurant..EVER. Bold statement, but it’s true! The have so many interesting roll combinations, including my favorite roll that has banana in it. I know, I know, that sounds absolutely disgusting, but it’s REALLY good..I promise!

It was a great time spending with his parents! They left on Saturday…and are now cruising away Smile

Well, I figure I should wrap this post up…I have more to share with you, but I really need to start studying & check my fantasy football team..and I should probably eat something for breakfast. Hope you have a great Sunday & of course, as always…GO RAVENS!! Open-mouthed smile

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  1. I’ve missed you! But… I’m glad you’re making progress on the test and enjoying your time away from the computer! 🙂 LOVE the dress and your shoes. You look so pretty in all the pics!

  2. Good for you for disconnecting more. Sounds like things are going well and you’re enjoying life. Way more important than blogging! Sorry the Ravens lost, but at least the tailgating was fun AND super cute dress!

  3. great time disconnecting! i love the dress, i think it makes up for the ravens loss. And of course, you chose wisely with food. sushi and wine should be the way of life on weekends!

  4. Your blazer is to die for. I want it on my body now.

  5. Pamela @ Pamcakes and Coffee

     /  October 30, 2011

    Hope the studying is going well! I love Forever 21 and the outfits that you chose. The dress and shoes look great, and the blazer is so cute! Apparently after all the snow we got yesterday, I have to get some winter clothes ASAP!

  6. I saw that ice cream on Janae’s blog and have been contemplating getting it for awhile now! It sounds so good!

  7. I love the new dress and the tan jacket in the last picture. So cute!! Sushi is my favorite, the banana roll does sound crazy but one of my favorite rolls has french fries & chicken in it & everyone thinks I’m crazy so I’ll take your word for it!

  8. Amy

     /  October 30, 2011

    Cute dress Holly.
    We def missed you guys at the game. The bud zone was so crazy we ended up back at our seats real quick. Next time for sure. It was an awesome game though and the laser and fireworks show were great.

  9. GORGEOUS GIRL….your update made my day!

    1-That dress is stunning on you, I am pretty sure you are A MODEL!
    2- That tailgate looks like it was a blast and I love how into it you get!
    3-YOU TRIED THE ICE CREAM….it really is incredible. I wish I was there eating it with you but we are having it tonight so if we eat it at the same time it is = to us eating it together!


  10. I am in love with that dress! SO cute. And your blazer in the family pic is really cute too! 🙂

  11. Have you tried Dragonfly Sushi in Orlando??? I’ve never been to the Orlando one, but the one in Gainesville is BY FAR my favorite sushi. And I’ve heard that the one in Orlando is just as good. You gotta check it out, so that I may live varciously through you (since I now live in Ohio … )!

  12. Dinner looks delicious!! Loving the dress.

  13. I like that jacket too…go mom!

  14. I LOVE your dress!!!! So cute! Forever 21 is the best, especially when you don’t have to pay ;D sounds like you have an awesome weekend!! It’s nice to unplug sometimes 🙂

  15. I love your dress! Loving all the colors, def perfect for the fall! 🙂

  16. I get the same way when the Chargers lose (LIKE TONIGHT!!!)- I need to see visit that wine place…that concept looks amaaaazing.

  17. Just found your blog. So much to love! 🙂 Loving the dress and really LOVING the ice cream. How have I not seen that anywhere?
    I’ll say “go Ravens” for you, but I’m a So CA gal so Chargers are my team (although they haven’t been looking too good lately). 🙂

  18. that wine place looks like heaven!! so does that chicken and I don’t even eat chicken!! just like craig, ha!


  19. I love, love, LOVE that dress!!! You look gorgeous, Holly! 😀

  20. I’ve missed your posts!!!!! It sounds like everything is going wonderfully for you though 🙂 And that dress is SO cute! Great Christmas present 😉

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