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  • November 2011
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HAPPY RAVENS WON MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Guess who’s wearing this shirt today?!

Hope you all are had a great weekend! THANK YOU ALL for your kind/ caring/ thoughtful comments on my last post. I really do appreciate it SO much! I am going for a follow up on Wednesday.

My weekend has been a bit traumatic…to say the least. Ok, so I might be a bit of a drama queen but for me it really was traumatic. It all happened on Saturday. Craig & I went to the gym around noon (where I did an awesome lower body + ab workout- posted a bit further down on this post!) then I spent the rest of the afternoon studying for my Series 65 test. After my brain was full to it’s capacity, I decided to come downstairs & do some chores. First things first was to clean the fish tank. Everything was going fine until my fish was in the DRAIN. YES, the drain! The side of the kitchen sink with the garbage disposal. (SO stupid of me to dump the water in that side. From now on I will ONLY be dumping the water in the other side WITHOUT the disposal. I swear I don’t know where my brain was! Probably just fried from studying) OH MY GOSH. I was having a PANIC attack. Craig came running into the kitchen probably thinking that I had chopped my finger off. Then I told him what happened…that I had been dumping some of the water out in the sink in order to clean the tank. My fish ALWAYS stays at the bottom of the tank, so it’s really hard to fish (pun not intended Winking smile ) him out. So I just dump some of the top water off & then get him with the fish net. Well yesterday was different. He swam up to the top of the water WHILE I was dumping the water out & then all of the sudden I saw him flow into the sink! EEK!!!!!!

I started balling my eyes out & Craig was doing his best to get my fish. He was reaching his hand down the drain, but his hands were too big. He went to grab a spoon & continued to try to get him. Finally he was like ‘H! You HAVE to calm down! Your hands are smaller & can fit down the sink to get him out.’ He held the flash light & I reached my hand down there. I felt my fish & I grabbed him. THANKFULLY he was ok! I put him back into some water immediately. Poor 27 (that’s his name) was ALL shaken up!


After that experience, I spent the rest of the night on the couch relaxing & watching football with Craig. I had enough studying…and my thoughts were elsewhere anyways, so I figured I needed a break.

I woke up at 7am today…my body is still used to waking up early despite the extra hour that we got. I had some coffee & caught up on some of my DVR-ed shows. About an hour or so later, Craig came downstairs. That’s when it all started to go downhill from there. I made breakfast & had a TON of pictures to share with you..but something bad happened. VERY bad. My SD card was FORMATTED. Yep, formatted Sad smile ALL 175 pictures that I had on the card are GONE..and I can’t use the card anymore. I put it in my camera & it won’t read it…just keeps saying there is a ‘Card Error’.’ I really don’t know what happened…or what I did. I swear I did exactly the same thing that I always do when I upload pictures. I do NOT remember clicking or pressing another button. I am SO bummed…to say the least. SO BUMMED. Crying face I don’t know what else to do…except pay about $40 to get all of the pictures back from one of those ‘card recovery’ sites. I know they can be recovered, since I downloaded the ‘free software’ to see if the pictures were even there & they are. I just really don’t want to pay $40…ugh.I had about 4 new recipes to share with you..and some other random things. Sad smile

BUMMER. ANY suggestions/ help/ advice on what I can do to get the pictures back?! I’ll send you a big batch of homemade cookies if you can help me out Smile

Nothing that a little bit of coffee can’t help fix right??

And Starbucks has their red cups out now! Yay! It just puts me in a better mood thinking about the upcoming holidays! Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can really just make you feel better Smile

Anyways, enough with the boo-hoo-ing. It’s Monday & today starts a NEW week! For most of us there are only 2 full weeks of work left until the Thanksgiving holidays. That’s definitely something to look forward to, right??

You know what else helped with my not so great mood yesterday?? Finding THIS in the store recently:

It is TOTALLY worth it too. Not quite the healthiest thing on the plant, but OH so tasty! (Oh MOM: Guess what I found?? the cinnamon butter you have been looking for- have you found it yet?? I can stock up for you if you want Winking smile )

I like it on plain toast.

Or if you want a REAL treat…have it on Cinnamon Pumpkin bread. Oh yes…it’s definitely a GREAT treat Open-mouthed smile

Oh & one more thing that helped my not so good weekend was this:

Chocolate Chip Biscotti that my Father in Law brought down for us when they were visiting. This stuff is AWESOME! I have to say that I think it may just be my favorite biscotti ever. He has the recipe down to a science…he doesn’t even need to follow a recipe anymore- he has it locked in his head. Smile He told me that one of the ingredients that he added was rum. Just a tad, but just to bring out more flavor. DELICIOUS..especially in my morning coffee!


So here’s that workout that I promised you. It is a lower body/ leg/ glute workout & I recommend doing it on a day before a rest day because the next day you will be SORE. I guarantee it.

The first part of the workout I got from HEREMuscle & Fitness Hers & I added the last part of the leg workout & the abs part.

–Leg Superset #1–
4 x 20 Leg extensions(weight 50 lbs)
4 x 20 Narrow squats with dumbbells (weight 15 lbs. each hand)

–Leg Superset #2–
4 x 20 Hamstring curls (weight 60 lbs)
4 x 20 Good mornings (weight 30 lbs)

–Leg Superset #3–
4 x 20 Leg Press (weight 140 lbs)
4 x 30 Calf press on leg press machine (weight 140 lbs)

–Leg Superset #4–
4 x 15 (each leg) Walking Lunges with dumbbells (weight 20lb. barbell on back)
4 x 20 Switch lunge with medicine ball (weight 10 lbs)
4 x 20 (each leg) Cable kick backs for glutes and hamstrings (weight 20 lbs)

–Leg Superset #5–
4×20 Inner Thigh Machine (weight 40- 50lbs)
4×20 Outer Thigh Machine (weight 50lbs)

–Ab Superset #1–
4×20 Stability Overhead Ball Pass
4×20 Crunches with legs in the air (holding stability ball in your feet)
4×20 Crunches with legs ON stability ball

–Ab Superset #2–
4x20Weighted Russian Twists (weight 10lbs medicine ball)
4×20 Leg Raises

–Ab Superset #3–
30 sec side plank hold (right)
30 sec side plank hold (left)
1 min plank hold

The whole workout took me a bit over an hour. But when I left the gym I felt GREAT..and I could already feel the soreness coming on. Good soreness though. I LOVE the feeling!

Speaking of workouts, I’ve decided to delete my ‘Daily Workouts’ tab for now. It’s just too much to try to keep up with. Even when I was posting daily I would forget about it. I might bring it back eventually..I’m not too sure. My routine is pretty much the same every week- I workout 6 days a week (typically 5 days of strength training (45 minutes) + 20 minutes of cardio & then the other day I do an hour or more of cardio). I still have my ‘strength training’ & ‘running’ tabs though, so you can find some good ideas for workoutsSmile

Anyways, this is getting REALLLLLY long, so I better go & get ready for a new work day! Hope you have a great Monday!

If you have any idea of how I can get my pictures off of my SD card, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know!!
What was the best part of your weekend??
Anything that you are looking forward to this week?

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  1. you poor thing, thats an emotional weekend. Not to mention studying! Hope your brain gets a littler break today.

  2. Amy

     /  November 7, 2011

    I’m def going to try this workout this week.
    Well, my steelers lost so I was sad but at least it was to the Ravens my other team.

  3. Wow that is seriously an emotional weekend, good heavens Holly. I’m really glad the Ravens won though to make it a good one. 🙂

  4. That is a lot of trauma!! Two summers ago we were camping with other families and I volunteered to take all the cameras and combine all the photos on to CDs for everyone but I somehow also deleted ALL the photos from one friend’s camera. I still feel bad and will never volunteer to do that again!!

    Fish can handle a lot. I had a fish jump out of a tank once and I found it stuck to the carpet. It had clearly been there a while. I peeled it off, picked it up, put it in the tank, and it continued on!!

    Here’s hoping you have a calm week!

  5. I’ve been looking for a new leg workout, so I can’t wait to try this one!! Glad 27 survived. 🙂

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about your weekend but at least the RAVENS WIN hopefully made up for some of it!!! Glad 27 survived!! 🙂

    And that pumpkin butter…ahh it looks amazing!

  7. Oh dear! What a weekend you had! That poory fishy, but I’m glad you were able to capture him 😉

    Pumpkin spice butter? Really! Wow! I’m not a huge butter fan (or margarine) in the least, but THIS I could definitely give a whirl. Neat!
    Best part of my weekend was having fun with all my different friends!

  8. Oh my goodness…you’re poor fish. I am glad he was okay!!! Yikes!

  9. Sorry for your crazy weekend!

    And P.S. I have to tell you … after my run yesterday, I can finally relate to you and some of the … ahem, “difficulties” you face!! My poor husband … I had to stop in a local CVS TWICE! It was miserable haha!

    (And I can tell you this because I know you understand! :P)

  10. Girl that is totally something I would do. Sometimes I just space out like that. At least he ended up being ok. Sorry about the pictures. I have no ideas on how to help you 😦

  11. Aw Holly! That is kinda scary 😦 At least the Ravens won – Good game!!

  12. oh my gosh, you DID have a traumatic weekend. thank goodness your fishy was saved…and i’m sure the pumpkin spice butter made up for it! that sounds DELICIOUS!!

  13. Yay for your Ravens! 🙂

    And I am so sorry about the emotional weekend! I’m glad your fishy is okay. And hopefully you’ll be able to get your photos off the card! I know my SD card said something like that one time and when I pulled it out of the camera there was a little yellow “knob” on the side that had accidentally been slid up. So I slid it back down and the card worked fine again. Not sure if that helps at all or not. But hopefully you will figure it out!

    And finally pumpkin spice butter?! Sounds amazing!

  14. Is it weird that I literally looked for your blog in my Google reader to comment about your Ravens’ big win? Pretty stellar. And good find on the pumpkin spice butter…i need to go get that…now.

  15. I am so glad that 27 was rescued!! GREAT WORKOUT GORGEOUS GIRL!!! Now I am a Ravens fan just because you are ha!

  16. Oh no! I hope today and the rest of the week will be much better! 🙂 I love everything pumpkin right now-have you tried pumpkin spice bagels yet? Heaven!

  17. I’m catching up on posts but I just had to comment! I am so glad that you rescued your fish! Poor little guy!


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