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Oatmeal & Apple Chunks

First, check out Lindsey’s AWESOME post today! I swear she knows exactly what is on my mind sometimes 🙂

Today I have been SO tired & I really can’t figure out why- I mean, I was sleeping by 10:15pm (which is late for me…but we caught last night’s repeat of The Hills at 9:30pm) and I sleep thru the night- well, only one wake up call to go to the bathroom.- due to my copious amounts of water consumption lately. But today I have been DRAGGGGGING…I hate this feeling. Definitely going to need my afternoon coffee today. I have been trying not to drink it lately, unless I’m REALLY feelin’ the afternoon slump…& today is the day!

Afternoon Slump

but, with a little iced coffee, I shall hopefully feel like this:

Anyways, today was a new lunch. When I got home from the gym this morning, I was not sure what I wanted to bring with me for lunch. I was not feeling a salad, and I am planning to have my Chobani greek yogurt for lunch… I didn’t want apples & greek yogurt. So I went back to one of my favorite…typically a breakfast meal, but I figured I’d try it for lunch today- OATMEAL!!

I had one package of low sugar brown sugar oatmeal, some apple slices & animal crackers.

At first, I started munching on the apples..

and then I heated up the oatmeal..

spoonful of oatmeal..mmmm

and I thought I would try dipping the apple slices into the oatmeal…since I dip apple slices into nearly everything 🙂

I really liked the flavor, so I just did this:

chunks of apple pieces in my oatmeal...problem solved 🙂

and for ‘dessert’ I had some animal crackers:

and that was lunch 🙂 I like switching my lunch up- I was planning to bring in the rest of the roasted veggies & sweet potato fries from last night, but I wasn’t in the mood. The oatmeal hit the spot 😉

What is your favorite lunch? Do you like to switch it up or do you keep it pretty consistent?

I think I might just keep switching it up- although sometimes I make my lunch the night before work so that I don’t have to rush & do it after the gym. But last night I knew I was not going to want salad for lunch today.

Well, that’s all for now 🙂 Just waiting for the clock to hit 5pm!! (or maybe a few minutes earlier ;))

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  1. If you are dragging in energy, you may wanna take a look at your diet and activity level. If you are doing to much and eating too little that can really make ya exhausted!

    I definitely change up my lunches throughout the week. My breakfasts are pretty standard though!

    I watched the Hills last night too!

    • What’s weird though, is that is just today- this whole week I have been great- no energy issues what so ever. And, I just had my coffee & feel MUCH better. I guess it’s just one of those days, ya know? 🙂

      Oh my goodness- did you see Spencer- he is SERIOUSLY SO CRAZY!! I think he has a problem & Heidi is addicted to plastic surgery- what an interesting pair they are- huh?! lol!

      • I know, I just HOPE he is acting for the show and that is not how he is in real life…if it is, than that is so SAD! He’s a very mean person!

        Heidi is strange…she just lets Spencer tell her what to do, it’s like she has no brain! very weird!

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